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June 26, 2008



and im rocking....one leg!


amy poehler is queen.


Bless you for bringing this to my attention. You = culture curator of awesome.


Oh dear God. That's it. I'm officially sick of ANTM rip offs...

I'm lying.


I was nonplussed when I found this via the comments on the new jill post. I don't want to be insensitive, but I had no idea there was a legitimate demand out there for disabled models. I mean, it just doesn't seem like the ideal way to sell a garment. Nothing against the disabled, but I've always thought a model was supposed to be a prototype with a body that says "This is as good as this outfit can possibly look". I guess maybe this is just my own closed-mindedness; these ladies may wind up making a chunk of change.


Wasn't this Wholahay's mom's idea?


Well, I'd like to think you found this from my heads up on the Jill post, Rich, but you probably already knew about it. I also thought of Amy Poehler jumping around on her one leg. It's just so fucking unbelievable. Love the pictures that accompany the show. I do hope you'll be providing a commentary for all of us Hell in a Handbasket types. ;o)


no fucking way
too good to be true
i wouldn't be able to sit thru an episode

ps: i'll require recaps, of course


Yeah, I farted.


Wait a minute, what?!
House of Jules


Oh God, I need a banana likeā€¦ oh RIGHT NOW!


So glad you posted about this. I saw it on ONTD and was like, WHAT.


that is just wrong!! that is just total exploitation! whoever wins, I think, would have even a WORST career than ANTM winners. How is that even possible? No idea but I really cant see them booking jobs at castings :(


Wait, next season Tyra will have a shoot where they have to understand what its like to be disabled and shoot a shot like they only have one leg or something and she will be like "on my show i spent a day being homeless and it was like being disabled."


OMG. I just thought about it further. If she did it, imagine the Tyra vanity shot right before judging. I need this to happen.


Can I just say that the fact you're leaky over this doesnt disgust me at all...it turns me on. You're hot...


I like this photo because you're smiling with your eye.


Jealous?! *fart fart fart*

Love it, and am torrenting along with you!


At first I was like "wow, this is revolutionary" but then I was like "WHOA THAT DUDE TOTALLY DEEP-THROATED THAT BANANA!!!"


The edgier designers like McQueen & Gaultier have been known to use disabled models on the runway. While it's done to "show different types of beauty," I always wind up feeling like they're being trotted out as tokens.

P.S. Am I totally, totally evil for looking forward to the go-see episode?


I can not even wait for this. TyTy is crying straight up into her 2005 weave right now. She can't bare not being able to spin the 'disablilty' card anymore on ANTM. Having memory loss is nothing on having a missing arm.


i'm disabled and will be watching the shit out of this. fuck the TAB haters.


Hey have you already seen this ?


I live in Amsterdam, maybe I see the girls or tyra some time :)


this is such a beautiful idea, I love that pictures
but it does not look like an ANTM kind of program, rather artsy BBC style.can't miss it


Eh, there are types of modeling. It's not all couture and runway. However, Tyra is probably slapping her fivehead about this. Also, has anyone heard that she and Miley Cyrus are talking about Tyra producing a talkshow for Miley? That's more disturbing than amputee models.

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