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June 17, 2008



the thing i hate about most christians is we're all supposed to live by their beliefs, rules, laws. they have the audicity to think they are right and everyone else is wrong. this drives me crazy. i don't go around telling people they are wrong because they aren't living what i believe. incredibly frustrating!

i had a bumper sticker one time that said, jesus save me from your followers. i loved that sticker!


wow! Thats incredible. Did you sign?

murry kate

judge judy + judge reinhold =
judge rudy/judge reindy

wake up, it's 2008!


The sheer arrogance of the Catholic church never ceases to amaze me.

Since it's almost Pride Week in New York, please see "A Jihad for Love", a documentary about gay/lesbian Muslims, and "Trembling Before G-d", about gay/lesbian Orthodox Jews. Both good!!!

As time goes on (at least in my personal life) more and more people I never thought would embrace or accept homosexuality are doing just that. I'm hyper sensitive about it because my mom is a lesbian, but I know things are changing when my ultra-macho Puerto Rican boyfriend gets into a heated debate with a gay man about shoes and proper accessorizing. I think it's the little things that will take us where we need to be; at least I hope so....


Fighting the fascists AND slipping in a Judge Reinhold joke? Amazing.

Michael R. Jackson

It's funny too because on another tangent, every time I see those ads for here tv, I always being to re-realize how ugly, unhot, unwhite and inferior to all other gay men I am and it's usually how I know I've arrived in Chelsea.


I wish I knew where this was. I want to go to it and put an arrow to the mouth and the eyes saying, "His mouth may say no, but his eyes say yes!"

I have a lot of free time.


scorzi, why do you say that the Catholic Church is being arrogant here? There is no indication on the billboard that says that the people who are criticizing homosexuals are necessarily Catholics. The church also isn't one of the denominations of Christianity that state that all homosexuals are damned to hell. It's rather arrogant of you to label the Catholic Church as arrogant when it doesn't state that being a homosexual is evil. In fact, I believe there are more than several homosexual priests and bishops who are very open about their sexual orientation.

Iver Jane

i spent a lot of time in chelsea the other night walking around ripping down mean homophobic posters.

i hate people.


Andrew --

The Catholic church is cool with gay people? I know the Unitarian church has leaders who are out but I have never heard the same about the Catholic church. The Catholic church doesn't seem to be as vocal about homosexuality when compared to, say, the fervor of evangelicals and fundies of that nature, but I've never heard/read/saw an open door policy from the Pope, you know?


sally- you didn't see the open door policy because it's posted on the back door, silly!


I think they were simply saying that the continued career of Reichen is what is an abomination in God's eyes. Also: cheesy gay TV series, regardless of how much hot man-on-man action there is. I mean, let's play Devil's Advocate here - raise your hand if you've ever wanted to a scrawl NO! over that star-fucker/attention whore's picture? Seriously, tho - the fact that these assholes have resorted to defacing posters of basic cable tv shows makes my heart soar. What a switch in cultural dominance! Who's prowling the shadows now, fuckers?!? It wasn't too long ago that the whole "It's wrong in God's eyes" crowd had center stage and you had as much of a chance of seeing two half naked gay men on a public poster as you had a chance of seeing a donkey playing 3-Card Monte on a Manhattan street corner. To quote Nelson Muntz, "HA HA!"


i'm still waiting to meet a christian i actually like.

c'mon to california, same sex marriage is legal here... TODAY!!


Wow--they have ads like this all over the place here (San Francisco), but I thought it was just an SF thing. Surprised to see them elsewhere as well.

It was a beautiful day for marriage here today though, despite the usual crowd of hicks and their brainwashed kids holding "GO HOME FAGS" and "REPENT!" signs. Blegh.


Catina...are you serious? If so, then your wait is over because I am super likable AND a Christian!

Anyway...The stuff some uneducated Christians wrote on this billboard is completely out of line with Christian theology. If they opened up the Bible they want to follow, they would learn that - SURPRISE! - God Loves Gays! AND Muslims, and other maligned minority groups!!! Hooray!

Please, please, please don't think those God Hates Fags idiots are an accurate representation of Christ. He would probably punch them in the face if he was here.


What I think is funny is that on any other poster someone would have drawn a cock and balls next to their mouths.


What upsets me the most (right after the horrid use of God as justification for homophobia, of course) is the image it creates for Christians. As a Christian, I hate seeing other "Christians" who brainwash children, graffiti posters, and the like, despite their blatantly erroneous logic because people get the feeling that all Christians are homophobes. While I am upset by the generalizations and assumptions and hurtful comments some people have left (particularly catina's comment), I can't say I'm surprised. But please, people, don't let the idiots who do shit like this dictate what Christianity is about just because they are more vocal in their (awful) beliefs than others are.


Kelsey, I will be giggling to myself all day now. Jesus punching someone in the face is funny on too many levels to go into here. But thank you! And I agree. Tee hee!


I stated the Roman Catholic church because I was raised in it for 18 years of my life.

I did not including Quakers, Unitarians, Muslims, Jews or other religious groups because I did not have first hand knowledge of how the leaders/congregation treated homosexuals.

But growing up in Boston, where 60% of the city is Irish Roman Catholic, I can tell you that the overwhelming majority of
those who stood at the pulpit were very much vocally anti-gay, and when my mother came out of the closet we were shunned from our congregation because our family was not ashamed.

Some major strides have been made, but the arrogance and unflinching doctrine coming from the Pope and the Vatican (the ones who trickle down their hatred to the people filling the churches) has not changed.

I stand by what I say.


Prime candidate for passiveaggressivenotes.com


Hah, loving the Judge Judy remark.


Those posters received similar treatment in Chelsea (maybe around 7th & 18th), but the focus was on gays spreading syphilis. Pretty sure syphilis was spelled incorrectly too (Christian homeschooling, no doubt).


I have to say while I agree that the official Catholic policy on homosexuals is to be anti-gay, most of the people I know who are openly vocally homophobic are Christians of a non-Catholic faith. They tend to be the ones holding signs, chanting stupid phrases, and defaming posters, not the Catholics. But that is my experience. Personally, I was raised Catholic and while I still believe in God, I no longer believe in the church because of its stance on homosexuality (or most organized religion for that matter). My younger brother is gay and any group that doesn't support him, is not worth being a part of, in my eyes. And I am from Boston as well, scorzi, and I am sorry that you and your mom were treated like that. That is really awful.


Hmm... I'm not necessarily sure that the Catholic Church even has a very explicit anti-gay stance. As I mentioned before, there are gay Catholic bishops and priests and you don't exactly see the Pope going around condemning them you know? I mean yeah maybe the Church itself is leaning towards an anti-gay stance (since I read somewhere: "The guidelines condemn discrimination against gays and say it's not a sin to be attracted to someone of the same sex — only to act on those feelings."). Seems to me more like the middle path. And scorzi: sorry you went through that, but you still can't assume that all Catholics are like that. There are a good deal of Catholics like me who accept gays along with several gay Catholic groups.

And Gigi, this is off topic you remind me of Anne Hathaway who became a nondenominational Christian for that exact reason.


i have two things to say:

1.) I love Judge Judy and she loves all of her people in kind

2.) The Catholic Church isn't the only one with a God, or the only one with psychos.

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