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June 27, 2008


k. crow

Anaphora at its finest. Thank you.


There's a dance remix somewhere in the audio loops... :-)

What's American Family Association doing monitoring commercial in the UK?

Drew Miller

Her "moral fiber" is TOTALLY polyester. Who's offending whom now, lady?


When I first heard and saw the Heinz commercial (on a newscast, not as an actual commercial) I wondered the same thing Spiffy mentioned above. The ignorance and intolerance in the video you made for this post makes me ill. I'm mad & shaking right along with you, Rich! Keep "harping"!
House of Jules


yeah, this is how my week has been going, too, except to my face as well as on the news, and i am so very very done with it. thanks for posting this.


Should I feel so stupid and so weak if all I can do is cry about it? It still stings.


preach rich!!

those types of americans, with such misguided senses of entitlement and moral superiority, scare the crap out of me.


That was amazing. Great point well made. Thank you.


I wonder if these people with their ever so strong convictions realize that your sexuality is NOT a personal vendetta against them?

I'd like to see these ppl being put in a situation where every standard regarding their sexual/romantic interaction is based on something they don't relate to.

I'd like for them to feel what it's like to live in a society where the very core of who they are, is looked upon as so wrong that it goes against the law.

I'd like for them to get hounded, spit on and fear for their lives just for loving (LOVING, not hating) who they love.

I wonder if they wouldn't have more understanding if they'd live just an hour in the world gay ppl are forced to live in every single day of their lives.

How simpler wouldn't life be for these hating ppl if they focused on love instead of hate?

Keep your head high Rich, and know that you are worth nothing but love!


Hatred and ignorance affects MY very moral fiber.

Iver Jane

Fucking brilliant.


Every time I see Al Sharpton I still think of part of a quote from Chappelle's Show: "we're losing the war against Al Sharpton!" I feel that Dave Chappelle was poking fun of racism in that moment but there are so many things that bother me about Al Sharpton. That comment towards Anderson Cooper is another reason why I don't like the man.


Ugh... I don't even know what to say. The lady in the adoption clip sounds so stupid and irrational. As George Carlin would say, the "invisible man who lives in the sky" spoke to her and told her to stop innocent people from loving unwanted children.



I still haven't heard a good reason why openly gay people shouldn't be allowed in combat situations or raise children. I'm not sure what advantage being heterosexual is supposed to afford in those situations.


Rich, you are awesome. That was excellent. A good friend of my parents' is the new head of marketing over at Heinz, so he had to have greenlit that ad. I wonder what he has to say about the subsequent pussying-out of the company. I'll try to find his contact info if anyone is interested in writing him for an explanation.


this is like video art. rich, i love you.


I have to believe that these people are the minority.


Rich, I've commented and have been a reader of your site for some time. I am straight, however, many of my beloved friends are not. I am repulsed and disconcerted and am so grateful that you are here. You are an eloquent example and come across as the voice of sanity in a time where I personally feel that my tolerance regarding extremists and racists have come to a close. Thank you so much for this. Wishing you a wonderful weekend. We need more posts like this.


Oh Rich, this makes my heart hurt.

Michael in DC

Well done.


Ok, so Sharpton IS calling Anderson gay?


Rock on, Rich! A depressing way to start the day, but your message at the end made me cheer.


Seriously, that made me cry. I can't even explain how much I adore you - You're beautiful, brilliant, have a fantastic best friend - You're IMPORTANT, your voice we all need it hetero and homo. I was discussing with my husband how I will never buy Heinz again, and I also wrote a letter stating my displeasure with their choice to remove the ad. More straight people who support all lifestyles need to silence those Christian shits by calling and writing as well. 200 people pulled an ad? What if 2000 of us called in to say put it back on damn it! I'm just furious, I don't know what to say. Love is love is fucking love.. My heart is breaking it's 2008 - Enough already. Get married, get your rights, adopt babies, love love love..

Lyn Rex

I agree wholeheartedly.

From the editing perspective, very well done.

Beyond that I am speechless from the power of your message.


Szilvia well said on every point!!!

I myself will be spending Sunday afternoon at the Gay Pride parade in New York waving a sign that proudly states MY MOM IS GAY, AND THAT'S OKAY!!! I hope you will all join me, at whatever comfort level is right for you (my boyfriend stays for the outreach and political organizations and leaves when the leather daddy floats go by).

Hugs for Rich!!! We're not allowed to sick Winston and Rudy on these people, are we???

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