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I completely agree with your new favorite Winston photos. Very cute.


The poor thing looks like a bent q-tip.

I agree with the new fave pics although there are quite a few cute ones to choose from. Aww Winnie.


Sleep with one eye open. I'm just sayin'


His facial expression is not unlike the one I imagine Wilford Brimley would make if you told him he couldn't get discounted testing equipment for his Diabeetus.


Thank god there's no Smell O Vision for that stinkeye!


a wet winston may have been the funniest and saddest thing ive ever seen.


I see Caesar Milan in the background pic..?

Driver B

I think my fave pic is the one for 'moral support'. Two sweeties!

Also, Winnie is quite trim under all that fluff! His sloppy diet must be keeping him in tip-top shape.


The last picture gets me - the way he sits, totally Winston!

Sounds like you picked an awesome groomer, I couldn't imagine someone taping my cat to get that 'perfect' look. Beauty is in the flaws.

Stay cool Winston!


Poor Winna Poo! He'll be more comfortable but still feel like a hipster doofus.


At the end of the video Winston looks sort of like the close-up alien from Close Encounters.

Then again so did Fatima from ANTM, but I couldn't find a picture anywhere back then.


When I moved to NY 7 years ago, my roommate started dating a girl who was really allergic to cats. The solution? We got the cat shaved. I didn't even know it was an option. At first, I went to a professional, but after that time, my roommate at I did it ourselves. We bought clippers and would spend a hour defurring the cat. We got really good at it. I would hold the cat down and my roommate would shave him with clippers. Then, all three of us would get in the shower to rinse off. Fun times.

Seven years later, I'm still shaving the cat--it REALLY helps for summer fur and shedding.

Thanks for sharing your super cute Winston pics!


why does winston get shorn and not rudy? is it the breed?


Poor Winnie! I always feel so bad for cats when they yowl during a bath as if somehow pleading for someone to help them. Tough luck, cat! That'll teach you to smell like feet!


Win looks like he's wearing awesomely fierce thigh-high boots! (Tell him that, and maybe he'll cut you guys some slack?)


His giant lollipop head and pantaloon butt are killing me.

Holly B

Oh god he's so cute. You're so lucky though, my cat loses her shit when we have her shaved, to the point where we have to have her sedated. Winston is so cute and calm!


Winston is the only cat that could make this non-cat person a TOTAL cat person. Love him.
House of Jules


"His facial expression is not unlike the one I imagine Wilford Brimley would make if you told him he couldn't get discounted testing equipment for his Diabeetus."

Yessssssss. That is who Winston reminds me of. That big dude on the horse with the mustache talkin' about his Diabeetus.

I didn't know Winston was so skinny! I guess he really was just fluffy! (Unlike my cat, who is not fluffy at all, and just fat.)


Oh dear, he was so distressed during that bath, under the water pressure. It broke my heart to hear him scream! That was so different from the gentle baths you give him at home, where he seems to get used to it and perhaps enjoys the experience after the initial shock of getting wet.

I know he was only freaked out, but poor adorable Winston!


Winston kinda looks like Dianne from Fat Camp in the last two pictures.


So cute!! He looks like he's wearing assless chaps.




Winston sets NEW trends.


Haha that is the cutest video ever! I love the "sniffle pause" hahaha :D

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