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June 30, 2008



I think it's so that you can insert yourself into the video (or whatever you want).

Strangely enjoyable.

Jelena Vukosav

omg someone has WAAAAAY too much time on their hands. The proces - rotoscoping (used here) must have taken fuckin ageeees to finish this shit. its basically cutting out mattes almost frame by frame...like fo real...and someone did that for 5 min video???for free???
whoever did it-make a reel dude,send it to a post house and start making money as a roto artist,400 a day.for real.


I especially love the one sided conversation at the beginning. I bet that's what every conversation sounds like to Mariah.

Washington Cube

I actually like this better than the original. It makes more sense....and "no," Mariah, that wasn't a compliment.


This goes along very well with what I've been saying to my friends: the Touch My Body video would have been even funnier if she was singing to a mirror.
House of Jules

blanca estela

The Colbert Report just got a new green screen challenge.


But Kenneth is GONE!!!!! :(


Love, LOOOOOOOOVE the amputee look at 2:53. Jealous?


Props to the Dr. Katz reference.


Loooove the Dr. Katz! I am so Ben in a human girl's body.


so i started mocking up a version with just Jack in it. Not Mariah.


It's simultaneously exactly like and exactly the opposite of this:


which is to say I LOVE IT!



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If you have to do it, you might as well do it right.

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Carey is not so impressive looking.

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For art we have to describe what this quote means and we need some help. any ideas?

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Its basically cutting out mattes almost frame by frame...like fo real...and someone did that for 5 min video???for free???

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Yay!! They look awesome. I love how you framed them up. I'll have to do some on paper.

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Isn't all art and beauty in the eye of the beholder? If I think Magritte, Dix, Van Gogh, Monet, and Raphael are great and Harring, Pollock, and Warhol are totally over-rated, how is my opinion worth any less than someone who has taken lots of art appreciating and art history classes?
Who gets to determine what is great and important art and what isn't?

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Incidentally it was on the door side and I was standing right by the door. It took good 5 minutes before we managed to shift bodies enough for doors to open. A lot of fun!

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Carey is not so impressive looking.


ich kam durch Zufall auf diese Seite und möchte einen netten Gruß hinterlassen. Ich würde mich freuen, wenn ihr auf meiner Homepage auch einmal vorbei schauen würdet! Vielleicht wollt ihr einmal auf Sylt Westerland oder an der Ostsee Urlaub machen?! Wir haben dort sehr schöne Meerblickwohnungen. Vielleicht bis bald einmal!
Herzliche Grüße


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Viele Gruesse aus dem schoenen Fischerdorf Greetsiel.

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