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I could not wait to hear your thoughts on this album. I lisetend to it quite a bit last week on a long road trip and at times I was floored by Wayne's genius. But then I would filp back and think he can do better that than that.

But honestly, his answer to Irreaplaceable was the best for me. And to use Babyface instead of someone like Trey Songz or Lloyd made it even more real to me and not just "good for radio". Which of course let me forgive him for using T-Pain.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Reed Fischer

Ain't "a milli" seven figures (a one and 6 zeroes)?


I try to avoid weezy as much as I can but there's no denying his success. Even though I cringe every time I see his face on the cover of a hiphop magazine, at least he's working. To me, he's a musician's musician.


what is this "comfortable" of which thou speakest? i am off in search of it, but if you would be so kind to link to it, forever grateful i will be. :)


Weezy F.Tatface does my city proud. N.O. stand up!

Anywho, blogosphere love for Wayne has become truly tedious, yet I understand the praise. When he spit that Beetlejuice line I thought to myself, "Why is he repeating it 3 times? That's weird." Like 3 bars later it dawned on me. The little pothead "prettyboy" got me on that one.

I feel you Rich, no homo!


aww Rich, how sweet.

while I tend to beleive is slightly over played, i enjoy the mans rhymes. ::shrug::

Better than soldier boy, yes?


When asked whether or not I bought the album I feel the need to get indignant like, "Yeah I bought the album, don't fuckin' judge me."

And by the way that damn Nina Simone sample is SO serious. "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood." Nina is more gangster than a little bit.

A great written review, especially the "teachable moment" focused on straight male sexuality. No hetero.


i've been a weezy fan since he guested on "back that ass up." i actually skip through most of the song just to hear his 30 seconds of song time. he had me at: "na na na after you back it up, then stop..." that's charisma right there.


it's interesting to me how, when 50 and 'Ye sold hundreds of thousands of CDs, the rumor was their beef was a stunt and the label bought stacks of copies. but Wayne? he just plain earned the sales.


"There's no logical answer," says Universal Motown President Sylvia Rhone.

Ain't THAT the truth.


Sara, can you explain the Beetlejuice thing? I don't get it...Thanks! (or anyone else)

I love "Tie My Hands," especially this line:

"My whole city under water, some people still floatin/ And they wonder why black people still voting/ cause your presidents still chokin/
Take away the football team, the basketball team/now all we got is me to represent New Orleans, shit/ no governor, no help from the mayor"

This is an interesting read on the beats of Tha Carter III, apparently Tie My Hands is old, from before II (I wonder if it was made before Shooter?)
Also, he's apparently a fan of Babyface. Along with his love of Robin Thicke (No homo!), he has better taste in music than a lot of rappers.

Finally: Lil' Wayne has a "pro-sharing" mentality, or at least that's what I like to think, given his many many many mixtapes. Leaking his music didn't seem to hurt his sales any. From Rich's link:
"Labels sources suggest that heavy Internet piracy of the single cost Universal an additional 800,000 to 1 million download sales of the song. However, the label has also benefited from leaks related to the record as well, execs acknowledge."

I think a lot more people bought this album because they discovered they liked his flow and style from downloading his material. I don't think downloading "Lollipop" hurt Lil' Wayne at all.


One more link, on Lil' Wayne and piracy not hurting sales:

Also: I've been meaning to ask for a while, but what does the "H.E.R." tag mean? And how is it different from "Are and be"? They both seem music-related to me...

And I've liked (not loved) Lil' Wayne since he guested on Nivea's song "Ya Ya Ya":

the soviet

ever wonder if he wrote "no homo" as his attempt to curb the gay rumors about him and baby?

not buyin' it.


did someone really ask about why one says beetlejuice thrice?!?! WELL DUH it's to summon/banish beetlejuice!

did you see the jeopardy a couple of weeks ago when he was the answer to one of the questions? no joke.


Johan, I'm too young to have really watched Beetlejuice. I mean, it was on TV when I was small, but I didn't watch that show. So NO, I had no idea what the summon/banish thing is.

Seriously...Jeopardy? Maybe you saw part of it, Rich, while channel-flipping, and that's why you dreamed of Alex Trebek...


Rich you forgot to mention how a man that says "no homo" has the nerve to make the gayest song of the year "Lollipop"...seriously all the homo thugs (hold the thug), DL guys, and queens love that shit.


the phrase "No homo" just means "i don't mean it in a gay way." It's not meant to be offensive to gays. like, for example, you can say something like, "i got in his @ss. No homo"
Get it??
Weezy's album was pretty good but not better than some of his mixtape stuff. I love that guy tho. He's frickin nuts!!


Love your blog btw!!


Wayne's success reminds me how out of touch and how happy i am to be out of touch with mainstream hip-hop. I've never understood his appeal. The voice? Unbearable. His looks? Enough to turn a gay man straight. His lyrics? Clumsy.

But in this culture of low standards, i'm not surprise everyone is tripping over themselves to give this little troll some undeserved shine.


About your comment:

" And yeah, I know it's trite as a white blogger to be big-upping Wayne. I'm joining a years-long chorus. But I don't give a fuck: I'm happy to be part of the group. I'm happy to be one of a milli."

I beg to differ. It's not the least bit trite, Rich. You are fabulous...and a "witty, cultural(ly?) savvy" Wayne fan to boot!


Kanye sampling his own previously produced song on "comfortable" = cocky, lazy or genius?

worst rapper ever lyrically weak got to give it to the corporations they can fool dam near everyone and make this idiot a star


If you are a gay man that is your problem. weez is making sure you don't get him caught up in the gay mess... I never liked his style in the past but I must say he has some genius on the CD. The guy has talent.... Now his buddy birdman has none what so ever



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