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June 02, 2008



Is it pathetic that the first thing I thought after paddling out to get my NY Times a few minutes after waking up and pulling out the NY Times Magazine and seeing Tyra's face on the cover was "I wonder what Rich is going to say about this?"

It's essentially gotten to the point that Tyra automatically triggers you in my head.


It's funny that last week's cover story is followed by this one. Variations on a theme?


Is that Denise Richards I see? I am salivating at the idea of a recap.

Oh Tyra. What would we do without her?


I got a kick out of how the article went on and on about Tyra's frugality (read: cheapness) and Middle America-ness (read: cheesiness).

And that although Tyra's mom comes off as a smart businesswoman, Tyra's drive to discipline her talkshow audience and ANTM contests as she was disciplined ("go to the fashion library!") seems like a drive to continue a cycle of abuse ("name five designers!").

Actually, it's "study at the fashion library before going to Paris but don't learn to speak French." Even Tyra knows she got some wacked out discipline.

But seriously I want to meet Tyra's mom. As portrayed by the New York Times.


What smile was it again that got you candy? hahaha

How am I going to make it through a summer of no ANTM recaps? *sigh*


Wow, what an article. There's a lot to say, but two parts really bugged me:

1) '“This girl is a bombshell,” she said. “Is she Southern?”

“Yes,” Mok said. “I wonder if she’s bigoted."'

I'm not even a Southerner, and I find that insulting. Hey, she's from the South -- she's probably racist! Boy, people who make assumptions about other people based on superficial characteristics sure are stupid!

2) 'She was holding a hot dog smothered in onions and mustard. “Oh, no,” Banks exclaimed on camera. “You are going to have bad breath, and you might meet your future husband on the train!”'

Now, I'm all for people being a little more considerate of others in public spaces -- I've ridden trains with people who eat stinky food on the commute. But I hate that Tyra's rationale is based on making a good impression on a hypothetical guy. She champions herself for building girls' self esteem, but she's falling into the exact same pattern that as so much of the esteem-damaging media -- take care of yourself, girls, because then the right guy will like you and make you happy!

Other than that, though, good article.

John Taylor

Did you notice how fucked up Mr. and Ms. Jay's hair looked in the first photo of the online article supposed to be for next cycle's semi-final round? I can't wait to see it in motion


I am sorry but the first thought that popped into my head when I saw the pics you posted was...
My God it is Phyllis Diller?!!?!??


I thought I posted this earlier, but damn if my Internet connection is weird.

I actually thought the actual picture from the NYT was funnier than the .gif, if only because the different poses just had to be identified by dots.


was that mr jay sans hairspray to the right???


Bears are Fat

I was really offended by the premise, that Tyra is the new Oprah. Clearly, this was just to achieve a cover-story 'rhyme' (MarthA, OprAH, TyrA). But really, Tyra as the next Oprah? Her TV presence is a real problem, she's not natural, and mainly, she's just not as smart as Oprah is (or Martha for that matter, the Wall Street thing notwithstanding). I was reminded of the Harper's Bazaar cover pronouncing Britney Spears 'Madonna's Heir Apparent.' Uh huh. We know how that prediction turned out.

I dunno. I have a visceral dislike of Tyra, and unlike many of your fans Rich, I do not come to this blog for ANTM. I never read those posts. Or 'read' them I mean. Tyra honestly reminds me of Rosie -- basically fake, and ultimately mean spirited.

Mak Ossa

I don’t understand this hype. Personally, I suppose NYTimes should have used their good ‘publishing resources’ - spent on Tyra Banks - to promote those struggling models on “American Next Top Model.” I mean, what more publicity could a power-house lady with [inter] nationally syndicated shows like Tyra needs.


Tyra Banks looks more than a little like a ganguro girl in that gif.


She almost looks like Chris Crocker in one of those photos

Childfree Sexpot

Tyra will never hold a candle to Oprah.

What initially made Oprah an icon was her SINCERITY (which Tyra lacks quite substantially), her HUMBLE, NON-SELF ABSORBED DEMEANOR (again-completely absent from Tyra's personality), her interviewing skills and the genuine compassion she displayed toward her guests, no matter their pasts or mistakes.

Oprah's shows are meant to be life lessons for the viewers whereas Tyra's seem to be all about painting people in a bad light while Tyra promotes her pristine, holier-than-thou image in comparison.

Honestly, she comes off in most interviews as having extreme disdain for people's lifestyle choices and can never seem to lift her veil of self-absorption. The conversation always seems to begin and end with HER. HER VIEWS, HER EXPERIENCES, HER VALUES AND MORALS, HER INTELLIGENT CHOICES IN LIFE...etc.

It's awful to watch.

So does it come across too heavily that I don't like the bitch?

Interesting that nobody's mentioning the most egregious problem with the article - Les Moonves' absurdly comparing Tyra's appeal, and thus success, to that of Barack Obama. WTF!!?? It's like I'm in high school again and the combination of Yo! MTV Raps and the Malcolm X movie have made all these suburban white kids be like "wow, being black is really really cool!! while trying to rock Cross Colours. It's so fucking sad that these are the kind of men who run the nation's media companies.


Sad news: apparently CariDee tried to commit suicide.

ok reposting the link:


yeah something that struck me weird was the hair of the mr. jay's lol

miss r

I love Tyra and have since an interview she did with Seventeen magazine. I was young had glasses, braces, bad hair, tons of acne and was very self critical. Then I read that article and saw the pictures Tyra shared of how lanky she was, and read about how much she disliked her body as a young girl. I realized at that moment that it was okay to look like crap because Tyra promised I would grow out of it. So I sat back and waited, sure enough a couple years’ later things straightened out, but I will always be grateful to Tyra for helping me let go of the anxiety I was experiencing about my looks.
I also took away from that article a challenge. She spoke of what it’s like to travel alone and to spend so much time in strange places and cities without knowing anyone. Her dialogue on learning to be comfortable with the discomfort of being solitary in public has inspired me to overcome those self-conscious feelings that creep up. To a little girl from Ohio, she was the influence that altered my perception of self and I am forever thankful.


So regarding the comment about the hotdog and onions, didn't Tyra up and move to New York lickety split to be with a man? Which in turn resulted in a lot of the staffers from her talk show not moving with her because it was so last minute.

Is the not with her banker anymore?

I liked Tyra at one time but at some point she has completely gone off the rails and become a self-absorbed monster. No she will never be Oprah or Martha. Not that both of those ladies aren't about the whole "ME" especially Oprah but they pull it off with a bit more grace.


So is that how you smile with your eyes?

Washington Cube

I got kit-e-mail from Winston. He wants power, too. He's had good parenting. He has visions of greatness:

His own cat food line

Environmentalism & recycling
of litter (box.)

Kit-mutilation (declawing.)

He's been listening to Miss Diana Ross on the Mahogany soundtrack for WEEKS. He KNOWS where he's going to (the kitchen...he heard the can opener.)

More importantly:

He's got the face

He can do runway...well...hallway, but it's the same thing isn't it?

And Winston can do big hair. A rat-tailed comb, some back teasing and he's ready for the NYT, Mr. DeMille or any close-up you bring his way...and he doesn't have a bad angle.


I don't know if anyone else saw this but... it's a video from the screentest for the nytm, and it is basically 6 minutes of tyraisms. enjoy!



Her pictures look too posed.

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