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Re: Josey's comment.
I think by "Cinema-goer" he meant "uptight movie nerd"


My friends and I all bust out laughing for "Oh, Cheese and Crackers!" from the army dude. It really was a total B-movie.

Dandy Darkly

@ekar: Exactly!


I'm SOOOO sick of hearing people bash this movie. It was awesome, and if you didn't like it, you weren't watching it right. It obv had its flaws, but overall it was funny, disturbing, and funny. And made me fucking jump a couple times. Ridiculous and inexplicable? Yes. Bad or stupid? No.


Oh, and "Exorcisty" is officially my new favorite word.


This movie's greatest sin was that it was completely BORING. 90 minutes of complete and utter nothing. It's second greatest sin was that it was trying to be a B movie in a Hollywood shell. If you want to make a B movie, then make one...for a couple hundred grand.


Hmm.. I'll still rent it when it comes out on DVD.
I think the thing that's wrong here is that M Night is just so damn full of himself that he thinks he can just shit gold and we'll all gobble it up like mindless consumers.

I'm not totally putting the movie off though. I don't expect anything great, but I did personally like Signs and Unbreakable. I also didn't think Lady in the Water was all that bad either *shrugs*


What I love is people who say the movie sucked but the acting was good...had to be watching a different movie. Man the story was interesting but 90 minutes of it was just ridiculous. I think if they brought aliens into it or a magical fairie it would have been a bit more interesting then just being scared at the wind.

Then the "shocking scenes" weren't really....shocking. Nothing new if you've seen one of the million or so horror movie torture porn Hollywood thinks we like.

This movie along with Battlefield Earth were the only two movies that I have ever walked out of.


once i figured out what was going on, all i could think of was "boy, if the trees aren't pissed at us before, they sure will be after all those fan machines during the filming of the movie."

poor leaves.


Thank you, Rich, for giving me a place to remember all the hilarious dialogue.

This synopsis is funny too.


Oh Daniel, how wrong can you be? This movie blew!!!!

Saw this last week. OMG, but was it bad!!!! Seriously, it was plain awful. No suspense, no logic, horrible writing, mediocre directing and easily some of the worst acting by A List actors I have ever seen. EVER! When I say that Elizabeth Berkley´s acting in "Showgirls" was Academy Award worthy compared to most of the actors in "The Happening", I am not exaggerating. A week later and I´m still trying to digest how bad this movie was.

From someone who has liked/loved every one of Shyamalan's movies (with the exception of the also awful "Lady In The Water"), I now think he may not ever get another chance to make a big budget film in Hollywood after this craptacular failure. Avoid this one like the plague (or at least an extremely potent suicide inducing airborn bacteria that comes from evil plants and the fierce winds that they have the ability to control). It was bad in a way that makes my teeth hurt.


I gave up on M. after Unbreakable (and I still saw Signs which was sorta ok.) I have to say the previews tempted me but I'm glad I resisted. I realize almost any movie can be made to sound dangerously stupid by quoting out of context and yet lines like, "It makes you kill yourself. Just when you thought there couldn't be any more evil invented!" couldn't possibly be improved by context. And to think we mocked Showgirls once.


Oh, what a Twist! A Shyalaman Movie that sucks, what a suprise.

Seriously, who of you retards thought this Movie would be good? Anyone? Thought so.

It's your own fault if you want to waste good time and money on his crap.


The best line of the movie was "You don't want to miss the first day that schools are open."


I actually couldn't accept that I was not watching some SNL parody of an M. Night Shyamalan movie the whole time I sat through The Happening. Because me and most of the audience were laughing a whole hell of a lot. Did Mr. Shyamalan really direct Mark Wahlberg to act like a sing-songy spazz the entire time? And is Zooey Daschanel really just a Keane painting come to life? I must know the answers to these questions.


Shyamalan really has been riding on the wave of success from the 'The Sixth Sense' for a long time, hasn't he?

I think it's about time that we put a stop to this. Just because someone makes one great movie, that doesn't mean that we should stand idly by and let them make as many crap movies as they want.


I went to this Sunday, just to see how bad it was. The dialogue/writing was really horrible, but comedic after I read this. Was that supposed to be some political message from the trees to cool it on global warming? All of the special effects were so aweful....






Joe G.

The Happening is a big ball of dumbness wrapped with bad acting. The only good thing about the whole movie was the old lady at the end because she was crazy and hilarious. M Night needs to be fired from creating films. At least we all knew Lady in the Water was going to be dumb.


Yea, this movie was unbearably bad - all the way from the concept, to the dialogue, to the execution. I hated this film so much that I went home and made a parody. You can watch it here:

If you could guarantee that there'd be viewer shout-out's while watching, I absolutely would go for the crowd entertainment. Nothing tops off a bad movie like being in a responsive crowd. I miss the old Ontario theatre in D.C. where movies were at midnight and babies in drooping diapers were running up and down the aisles with Pepsi bottles turning their one tooth into a brown stub, while the air was blue with weed smoke.


Ugh. This movie wasn't just bad... it was sick. The idea of making suicide into a spectacle for entertainment made my absurdly large and garish mood ring glow a rage-y orange and made my stomach wish I hadn't gone in for those peanut butter cups. And wasn't the film supposed to be MNS's nod to his Christianity and belief intelligent design? I heard he cast Marky Mark on the sole recommendation of his Jeebus-loving ways. Judging from his performance, there wasn't much else to recommend him. Well...nothing says Jesus loves you like close up shots on two thirteen year-olds getting their heads blown off. Huzzah!

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