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July 31, 2008



Excellent post.

You should definitely see the movie "Bigger, Stronger, Faster," which is primarily about steroid use. It also touched upon these before-and-after pictures and how, through Photoshop, many of them are shot in the same day.

Also, the pictures where the after looks pretty much the same as the before? If you look closely at the ads, those are for supplements that supposedly have a (subtle) effect after 30 minutes or so.


When you talked about your weight loss, I was preppin' for a before/after shot of you, Rich.
Maybe the former with Rudy and the latter with Winston? With a tagline that reads, "Not only will it sculpt your abs, your domesticated animals will see a vast improvement too!"

...not to imply that I like Winston better or anything.


Remember the situation with Christian Boeving?

He was a model/spokesperson for mass/muscle-increasing product (was being the operative word).

Later, it's discovered - in a documentary - that he was taking 'roids since his teens to achieve the look.


"Using his...body as a bounce horse"?

I reckon I've just found my new come-on.


What the fuckity fuck fuck? That's a psychological problem to think you look better in those after photos. And why (WHY GOD)why the Oopma-loompa look? So many things wrong...my head...


Its sad really, because those roid muscles are no more healthy than the fat (in fact worse, look at the average age of death for a professsional wrestler)...

I have lost 20 lbs in the last few months (due to health scare) and notice that as my chubby cheeks leave, I do look older... I would do plastic surgery afterwards, but fear not looking human anymore, like most hollywood actresses these days..


I I saw some of those "after" dudes coming, I would cross the street.
Tan, haircut, photoshop, check.


Agreed, Rich. Little gets me more excited than a big muscular man, but WHY OH WHY must they use the iodine orange tan? It doesn't look good on ANYONE.


Thank you, I'm applauding you from the bottom of my heart! There is hardly a person in the before shots that doesn't look way better than they do in the after ones! I'm actually really amazed that there are so many ads for this stuff in the magazine. That stuff they're hocking is so dangerously unsafe since they're not techinically steroids, and not making FDA claims, they can basically put any crap in there and sell it to you.

I hate this trend of guys thinking that they need these huge massive frames to be sexy, just be comfortable with the fact that you're average and live with it. I'm overweight and not just by a few lbs interfering with my muscle definition, and I can tell you, I'd kill to look like half the guy's in the before shots!

I am a little bit confused though as to why you say that some guys could use to lose weight. Some doctors are CURRENTLY telling us that you have to have 0% body fat to be healthy, but there are many who also say that a little body fat is healthy, and that an extra 10-15 lbs is preferable to insulate your body and whatnot. Plus, you look way sexier with some softness than you do with rock hard bodies. That goes for the ladies too!


Also, keep in mind that none of these Before shots are truly "before"...almost all of them are cut guys who let themselves go to seed for a few weeks in exchange for a paycheck. (I had gym friends in college who did this for a local "vitamin" store.") That's what let's them appear to have such tremendous gains in such a short amount of time: the muscles were just hiding under a thin veneer of temporary chunk.

(The pecs are the dead give-away in most of these shots: most chubby guys don't really have huge well-defined pectorals.)

Ewww, the veins!

Thanks for always making my day better. <3 <3 <3


Why are they holding newspapers in so many shots? Is that supposed to be like a size comparison? Aren't we already comparing their new size to their previous size? Or are we supposed to fact check with the date on the paper, and forget that a person can stash away a copy for future photo ops? So many questions.


I especially enjoy how the cinderblock wall and the newspapers in the very first set of photos allude to a hostage or POW situation. Torture porn, indeed.

Nikita Tinypaws

Johnny- I've heard the same thing. The photos are taken in reverse. The "before" is actually the "after" - after eating normal for a couple weeks and not spray tanning.


@ matty - What doctor on earth said that to be healthy you need 0% body fat??? I have never heard anyone recommend 0% body fat, you need a new doctor or something.

@ merritt - The newspaper is likely for date comparison.


Nikita - I don't doubt that there are plenty of reversed before and after shots--the workout industry is, no duh, sleavy--but I wasn't very clear that I was talking about shots that are more-or-less on the square: guys who are in great shape don't work out for a couple months, get soft, then start taking worthless supplements and working out 11 hours a day until, a month later, they're totally ripped again.

The dishonesty in this approach is bit more subtle than outright lying, but it's still there...if you were in great shape two months ago you have a TREMENDOUS head start in getting cut again despite whatever herbal garbage you're getting paid to take.

Good work if you can get it.


I am soooooooooooo sending this post to my bf, who has toned legs and buff arms but a little tummy...and he doesnt understand why I love that so much more than if he had a ripped six pack. I am all for chunk.


The shoulder area of really muscular dudes is like an optical illusion to me. Sometimes it looks like a skinny persons head and shoulders wiggling out of a muscle man costume. The best example is the 11th, 15th or 28th picture down.

Torrin Paige

Ack! Guys, guys, guys, why are you sacrificing your cute faces for visible veins!? Chunk is sexy! Do you not realize that by losing so much body fat that all the wrinkles on your face are no longer supported by an underlying layer of softness to help smooth out those wrinkles? And the tans are just alarming. You can be big and strong and have some love-handles and still be sexy. Veins are just plain gross. I prefer my man with some extra baggage, thank you very much, and I don't think I'm the only one.


I keep trying to tell my boyfriend I love his chunk, and he just doesn't buy it. I fear him looking like the freaks in these ads!! What is with the huge muscles poking out like flesh wings on their backs? Ewww. And their faces do look OLD!!


yea whats with the tanning??

i agree most of the before dudes are better looking. the after ones look like theyre ready to wife-beat.


I prefer a guy thats slimmer and slightly muscular but OMFG some of those guys are disgusting!! Like seriously, some muscle is good but when they start looking like tumors and have veins popping all over the place, that just scary looking!


Some of those look more like those Faces of Meth ads than what they really are:/


Wowza. Great post. My boyfriend is a big guy with a big gut and I fucking love it. Muscles have always grossed me out, but give me a guy who's the equivalent of a straight bear, and I'll swoon.


Ewww that shit is grotesque. Didn't anyone ever tell them that veins were supposed to be inside the body?

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