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July 01, 2008



Maybe you on Xtube would be better. seriously.


AMEN! Why would you look for an Xtube alternative? It's God's gift to the horny masses. It's all there for your smutty enjoyment. NOTHING is better. :)


I fucking love it when you do shit like this.

Love. It.




My hypothesis (and delusional hope) about all the kiddie porn searches is that there are a lot of bad-spelling sickos out there who are actually really turned on by Winston (i.e. kitty porn).


Funny--I was thinking about this the other night, the fact that you probably check what your clickthrough search terms are, as I was searching your site.

See, I was telling somebody about your site, and said something like, "Rich lives with his cats and his boyfriend.... his boyfriend.... whose name I don't remember." And then I started trying to figure out: have you mentioned your guy's first name on your site? So, when you see all those clickthroughs with search strings like "boyfriend named site:fourfour.typepad.com," know that it's not a personal-life-stalker, just somebody who couldn't decide whether she was just forgetting, or if you actually (intentionally?) had never mentioned it.

But now that I've asked....?


Winston as boner killer just made me get the giggles in front of my CEO. Thanks.


No, let's not have Rich on XTube. He'll get into fights with Perez Hilton about being misappropriated on the site a la Johnathan Jaxton. ;)


youporn.com and redtube.com aren't half bad.

Miss Lisa

The most popular search item on my blog is for an image of "cholas and pregnant teens." Go figure. I finally created a post called "bad search Amsterdam" for all the freaky, porn-y, scary searches I get. Cathartic!


Wait, how do you know Winston is a boner killer?


Its funny you mention this because thats exactly how I got to this post.


That's hilarious. And I agree with above--since when is Winston a boner-killer? You're making assumptions I don't you think you can support with facts, Rich. On my old site, I noticed a lot of people came around when searching for "vibrators," but on my newest site, the searches revolve around Heidi Montag lyrics and "small penis jokes--enlargement." Which is why I probably don't have a lot of returning visitors.


There seem to be an awful lot of dudes on X-tube showering with all or some of their clothes on.

Am I missing out on something?

And regarding Christin's post: I'm pretty sure Rich's bf's name is John. And yet - I'm not sure why I think that...

is rich on xtube??


rich you inspired me to stop smoking! this is very on-topic.


If they are into Kitten Porn, they will be very happy hear. Winston is a stud!


happy here, not hear...it has been a bad day


I think my head would explode if Rich were on Xtube.


Dude, Winston makes it throb.


Wow. The above comment just made me laugh so hard...no pun intended.




I got here by typing Xtube Alternative in google. Awesome. I also got a torrent for the Barenaked Ladies new album. They're canadian right?


hahaha. I constantly go to XTube and when I get bored (read: spoiled) going through the insane amounts of hot porn I sometimes go to Megarotic (which is good the first month but then not so much when you realize very minimal amounts of content get added each day..gay porn is even more barren with a few clips per month). Long live XTube and Wintson.


xtube, redtube, boysfood, spankwire, shufuni, pornhub, (all .com) are all pretty good.
(yes I know I may have a problem...)

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