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July 16, 2008



"Cocodorm without the penetration."

Rich, I love you.

Also: Cocodorm, with even 135% more homoeroticism.

I'm upset that a group called "Pretty Ricky" would even pretend to straight. These boys need to put some shirts on.


There was some distracting beat throughout the song that sounded like an injured cat. Very Strange indeed.


You and only you are the reason I hate not having speakers at work. And I thought I would sound prude-ish to say they need to put some damn shirts on, but anon already said it so I feel better. I need some mystery to my meat!


You mean this.



Please make a moving gif of that moment. It was AWESOME.


I was just waiting for "duck walks" and the move where you fall backwards onto one leg.


Their version of the song is excruciating, much like the original. That being said, the video might be worth watching if they took their pants off too.

Jelena Vukosav



Pleasssse tell me you've seen the YouTube video of all the guys showing off their "stroke" on some ottoman in their basement...while listening to Pretty Ricky.

You probably have, but I thought I should post it for the good of the other commenters.



I actually loved the original version of this song. Seriously. It was ridiculous and it was fantastic. Also, I was in high school, so there you go.

As for the Pretty Ricky video, if I didn't know better, I would bet money that SNL was behind this.
House of Jules


1:12 is out of control! Love it. Who the hey did the choreography for this who ha? Genius.

Miss Lisa

It's torso porn as filtered through polarized camera lenses with high speed film stock. That's my educated guess. I once tried to watch that YouTube video of the stroke guys, but I started really feeling sorry for the ottoman about halfway through. I'm just not into the furniture gang-bang scene.


First things first, I never really got into this song because I was like 10 when it came out. As for this cover (thank goodness they didn't claim it was a remix due to a few lyric changes)...NO.

The clothes, the knock off Jodeci airbrushed boots, and the Hip twirkin'. I'm all for "self-expression" but being the poor man's version of early 90s r&b male groups is not a good look.

And they had the nerve to dedicate this mess to Dino...boooo.


I was hoping they meant this Dino:


Brandon H

I don't know how I'm supposed to feel about this... seriously. What an odd, odd video and I grew up liking H-Town. It's good that they're keeping the 90s tradition of ugly R&B group hidden behind shades and six packs (Jodeci, anyone?). The use of Pretty Ricky's moniker is similar to those situations where you call a big guy "Tiny."


Jess, I actually think Rich posted about that particular youtube. It may have been a wonderful dream that I had, but I think he did

And Rich, I almost missed that magical moment and then I saw it and rewound in 3 times.


I don't think they are even pretending to be straight. I think this is the coming out party, folks.




WAYYYY too much thrusting and gyrating for me, thank you.


Hmmm....I've been reading this site daily for a long time now and I don't remember a post about the ottoman-humping guys. However, I was really late to the table watching that video, so perhaps it was posted before I started coming to fourfour.

Rich, if you indeed posted about the ottoman humpers, tell me where to find it!

And speaking of weird youtube videos, (that are probably played out, but I'm just discovering them now) have any of you seen the Soulja Girl on the Marta train video? Wow.


Oh damn, I thought this was the other "Knocking Boots" (Candyman?).

*This* one (remake and the original) brings back bad memories of hearing this in the dorms, barely masking bunkbeds creaking and some hussy screaming like a porno audition. The horror. That and "Freak Me".

God, I have no problem with the next wave of SWV/EnVogue hitting the airwaves, but really? We gonna have a bunch of JoJo (as in Jodeci not the tween white girl) moaning and groaning shirtless in baggy jeans all over again? Boo, I say.

So no, I don't like torso porn. Not from these dudes, anyways.


eta: "bunch of JoJo wannabes..."


i'm still trying to get over the cocodorm reference. and yes, i went to the site. whooooooooooah.


Dearest Rich-

How are you not blogging about Grace Jones' new video yet? It's the best thing ever to happen to humankind. I'm not even going to provide a link. Just go to YouTube, search for Corporate Cannibal, and let your life be changed.

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