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July 30, 2008



this is my first time commenting. i've been reading your blog for a couple of years now and you never cease to amaze me. you are absolutely hilarious. i too laughed at the exploding bunny. that shit is hilarious. but anyway...thanks for keeping me entertained for these past couple of years.l


HOly shit, YES. This is awesome.


I wasn't sure if I wanted to see this movie or not, but you're making me think it could be fun. Thanks!

John R

Exploding bunnies, hee hee!


no really rich, i love this movie so much. Sol was the shit, his civilization as rad, like all my gutter punk fantasies come true, just with some extra crazy on it with the cannibalism.


i love gif heavy posts. ::is in heaven::


I'd be willing to see this just for the exploding rabbit. :D


OMG rich I totally agree with you review!!
ahahah, that movie was so funny!!


This movie is in my Netflix queue. Cannot wait!

BTW, have you checked out URLesque's 20 Bloggers They're Mancrushin'?


Although I appriciate your well gif'd review, I'm going to have to pass. For one you loved The Ruins & that kinda scares me. But also I don't want to see animal death. Slaughter people all you want but kill an innocent bunny & I can do nothing but hate the movie. But I do love your post :)


Saw this opening night. It surpassed my expectations for awesomeness. I'm glad someone else recognized its gory glory.

However, total tease on the bitch-goddess gif! I so wanted a pic of her severed head riding shotgun with Sol during the final race.


I'm going to start sending letters to Tyra's production company demanding more representation of Post-Apocolyptic girls next cycle.

Brilliant recap, Rich. I only watched the first half of this, originally. Must definitely check out the DVD.


If you really thought about it I think you would realize that your laughter at the sight of the exploding bunny was actually forced laughter. I saw that scene too and naturally I didn't laugh. It wasn't original nor funny. In fact the way you find it funny over and over again makes me wonder if you're sick


Please write a book.... please?!

john Taylor

loved this movie, rented it last night, saw u had recap today, so i made sure to watch it before i read ur recap, haha, the "youtube" scene was definitely the part where i fell in love with this movie, and the naked shot-gun girl, but youre right about how universal had no clue how to market this movie. i would've seen it in theaters if they showed all the glory this movie has to offer


For Bob Hoskins, you forgot his greatest other movie: Spice World!


Spice World? Now THERE'S a classic!


Boo at not being able to post comments with images.

This guy:

Favorite part in that clip.

I can't tell if he's dancing or if he's just not all there.

You are hysterical.


I just don't understand why ever fucking action movie has to have women writhing half naked, getting slapped/spanked/etc. Seriously, I'm getting tired of it.

Look at Iron Man. Was the scene with the stewardesses dancing half naked on the stripper pole, necessary? Absolutely not. I'm guessing all the shit in that video you shared wasn't necessary either.

Great write-up though, I thoroughly enjoyed it.


loved the road war at the end. really good. thx for this review.


I did enjoy tattoo bitch riding shotgun and getting an arrow through the head, lest we forget about her.


loved it.
wanna have babies with it.
love you for loving it.

I'm actually planning on running around with severed heads in my backyard to try and impress some of the harder gangs out here in the suburbs.



Just watch the premier in Cape town i was the lucky one that got to stick the meatbombs "stunt guys and girls" back together it was an awesome project sorry guys the bunny was just not not meant to make it LOL never mind the cow.....

Bradley Burnie

I saw that scene too and naturally I didn't laugh. It wasn't original nor funny. In fact the way you find it funny over and over again makes me wonder if you're sick. I did enjoy tattoo bitch riding shotgun and getting an arrow through the head.

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