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July 11, 2008


La N.O.

Somewhere, Chad Lowe is counting his alimony.


Yo, and I can tell you, The Purple One approves all of his film and tv requests! LOL, she must have known him or he did her a favor, that's the only way LOL.

Seriously. Get off...the mike. Not even if she was done up in full Vanity 6 drag. No.


Seriously. Get off...the mike. Not even if she was done up in full Vanity 6 drag. No.


lawd, i only made it 55 seconds in. i'm embarassed FOR her. no no no! no one else (not even people that can sing) should be allowed to do prince songs. or aretha franklin. or sam cook.


Ouch, man. That was painful. Somebody let Hilary know she better start running if she hears the click-clack of purple suede stiletto heels behind her. PRINCE IS COMIN' FUH DAT ASS.


On another note, have you checked out Grace Jones' latest song/video, Corporate Cannibal? Nobody does weird like Grace. Hilary shouldn't quit her day job and Prince has to make money just like everyone else. I mean, he can't buy his clothes off the rack.


ok ya that was bad
but how charming is he? jesus

laurie Viets

I can't decide what I find more horrifying-her singing, her scrawny body or the fact that Spike is in that movie.


Ha! Seriously someone in that movie must have slept with Prince or done something to please the great purple one.

On another note, how sexy is Gerry? I sat through that whole movie just for him!


Prince aside... Hilary, ScarJo and Jennifer Garner will never be sexy to me. It's just impossible.


This is just so sad. My eyes and ears are burning.


Wait...you watched a chick movie?

Jelena Vukosav

i think the purple one loves the smell of green....

Oatmeal Cookie Guy

Oh my. Hilary...get off the stage!


Million Dollar Bummer.
House of Jules


more like "Shit Off"

I never saw that shitty movie, but based on that clip, her character should have died.

Audrey C

His magical cover of "Creep" from Coachella was yanked off of YouTube in a day, but this is OK?

Pumpin' Irony

Yes, but if I turn off the sound and stab out one of my eyes, I can pretend she's Kylie Minogue.

I know, right?

So, Rich, are you aware of Neal Medlyn's new show at PS 122, UNPRONOUNCEABLE SYMBOL? Maybe you'd like to check it out:



Ugh, weird.

But I mainly wanted to tell something. I subscribe to the x-play daily video podcast, and who pops up in his own podcast than none other than the king of kong, Billy Mitchell. I remember you writing an entry about that and felt you should know, it's called "The Philosophy of Billy Mitchell." and is good for a couple of laughs.


I hope that the pitch to Prince made this sound better than it turned out to be. That was embarrassing to watch! I'm not sure what was worse, her singing or his reaction (which was reminiscent of Zoolander's montage before the gasoline accident).

mighty undies

this movie is horrendous


P.S. stop that


i still say prince never made a more shameful mistake than letting jordan knight cover "i could never take the place of your man". WHY!?!?!?!

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