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You did it again, you did it again, you did it again.

/Soft Cell


lol Who does go on a reality show to make friends? You can be a decent person without the intention of making friends


So good, Rich. How long did it take you to make this?


Oh man Rich, I was just saying that someone should make a montage of exactly this, and that you would be the best one to do it!


I"ve seen 31 of those hahahaha


this was simply brilliant.

you are a masterful editor.

I'm just sayin'...

I love you and this vid, but Sarah from ANTM Cycle 4 is a glaring omission.


why hasn't there been a reality show where the purpose is to make friends? To win, you have to make friends. How do you do that! my mind is exploding thinking about it!


My favourite part is Jay McCarroll in the background saying it's so cliche. Perfection, Rich! It's all over the internet this morning!


Haha, fuck you, Wendy. You are the ultabitch, but you still blow.

Hoping you're still living in the woods,


Tranny Fierceness

Is it sad that I almost always root for the person who says this?

(Omarosa, Wendy Pepper, JADE, that blonde girl from Beauty and the Geek, Hottie, etc.)

On second thought, the fact that I watch at all is sad...


Rich, absolutely brilliant. I needed that today!

I actually just told a coworker that our boss threw him under the bus during a meeting with all of the partners. It's a phrase used frequently in an office setting, and unfortunately for my coworker, he felt all the wheels of that bus go over him.


rich - you are the hottest bitch on the planet!


So fucking awesome. I saw this on and had to come by here to tell you. Fantastic.

So I wonder...

...why do people watch so-called "reality" TV garbage when it is obviously ALL THE SAME CRAP as this video demonstrates?



QUESTION: has anyone who's ever uttered that cliche actually won?!?...


p.s. i LOVE the brokeback leaderboard!

how can you get anywhere in life without a network of friends to support you,
and on another note, wouldnt being friends with everyone give you a leg up on everyone else by knowing their weak points
keep your friends close and your reality tv enemies closer...


Your montage is the prime example of why reality shows are complete fabricated garbage. And, what really amazes me is how these contestants use this line like it's the most original line in the world. These people need serious therapy.


Found your video through Sweetney and it TOTALLY cracked me up. Hilarious.


they are ALL lying!


2:37 leading into that trick from ANTM: PRICELESS!!!

OMG, shit like THIS is precisely why i can't stand 'reality' television until Rich chops and screws it for the internet masses.

Justine Moncrief

I love the idea of a reality show where you have to make friends. The closest I ever heard of was where a bunch of a people lived in a mansion with servants and thought they were voting each other off but really the servants were.

I don't understand why people can't make friends at the same time they are "trying to win." If these are are mutually exclusive things to you it probably just means you are a bitch.



I'm here to make friends. Please be my friend even if you are not here to make friends.

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