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I'm not here to make friends. This is FourFour, not FriendFriend.


Oh Rich. As soon as this started the first thing that went through my head was 'This is not America's Next Top Best Friend!' Hilarious montage. I loved it.

You know I half expected a Mary Cherry Clip from Popular Season 2 episode 1where she says 'This is Show Business not Show Friends'. Or when Nicole says the same thing to Mary Cherry earlier in the episode. I don't know why, being as Popular isn't reality TV and you probably didn't watch Popular. It still fits the theme. Oh well I still loved the clip.

It made my monday.


college humor AND gorilla are stealing your shit, man!! (that is of course, unless you write for them too)

Coming next - the "They are threatened by me" montage.


Okay so did ANYONE win that has uttered that phrase? I haven't even heard of some of these shows in order to know this. I agree with above comments... they should have a show where you're secretly supposed to make friends and the first person to say they aren't there to make friends gets voted off immediately.


Well, considering how ruthless some of the people who uttered this phrase are/were, I consider "I'm not here to make friends" is actually a euphemism for such thoughts as, "I don't care if everyone dies right now; then I would be the winner by default."

Also, I tend to believe the people that utter that phrase are placating themselves of any guilt/remorse over pissing everyone off. "Hey, everyone hates me but that's okay because I'm not here to make friends."


Brilliant, absolutely brilliant. How else do you capture the ultimate thought of reality shows? I'm not here to make friends, I'm here to fourfour.



I can only hope you follow it with a "stepping it up/stepping up your game" montage.


Rich, they just aired this on Attack of the Show on G4! Congrats!


This is your masterpiece!


I'm not one to leave gushing comments on blogs. This is an exception: AMAZING.


Jade's "America's Next Top Best Friend" followed by Pumkin's "This is 'Flavor of Love,' not 'Flavor of Friendship' was the most beautiful climax I've had in a while. Thankee.

TyTy Baby



you win the internet


Hey, just so you know, this was picked as "today's big thing" for whatever that's worth:


I'm not here for friends, I'm her for flav. Who would ever want that?


hey rich - someone posted a link to your video on fark

also, i hate fark


Awesome montage --- You know how they always feel like they have to remind us that this is "A COMPETITION"? That's funny too.


I heart you a lot right now Rich.


What happened with the video? Taken down so quickly... : (


FourFour is mentioned in the Scoop on MSNBC! All the way at the bottom in the Have You Heard? section:

I love it when good blogs get noticed!


Congratulations, Rich. You are still in the running towards becoming America's Next Top 'Mo!


OMG, I wish you would've included the scene where Lorelai Gilmore gets drunk and pretends she auditioning for ANTM "I'm not here to maaaaake frrrriends!"

Fabulous though.


Damn - this video is being linked everywhere! In fact I spotted it while surfing for porn earlier.

Nice work! I was hoping for some Amazing Race love. And you delivered.


Hey your video got mentioned on too...with of course the witty comment 'this guy must watch a lot of reality tv'

Thank god you watch so much reality tv - you let the rest of us know what is watchable!

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