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Hi Rich, I used the first video in my blog, crediting you. Let me know if that's not ok. Thanks.

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hahaha, that's completely true, in fact, there's a lot of place when you don't want to make friends...

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I felt related with that because as the title says is difficult to me find friends for that reason it was a perfect moment to think a little bit about my situation.

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That was hilarious, man. Thank you for sharing it. Great way to see just before going to college with a smile on my face.

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Projects are generally characterized as being the product of a few super-contributors and a mass of people who contribute some minor bits. I've heard this called the "dirty little secret of open source," the fact that most of the heavy lifting is done, not by the crowd per se, but by a few select individuals from within the crowd.

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Continue by helping your child come up with untraditional ways to make music like flipping pages in a book, shaking a bean in a can, or zipping a zipper. These are ways for your child to create music without any training and to start them on the road to becoming little twenty-first century composers.


I got here from This American Life.
It's fascinating that it's almost all women in this montage. Is it mostly women that say it, or mostly women that were captured in this montage saying it? Either way, interesting to consider. Are you (we) singling out women who openly declare hostility in competition? Is it mostly women who say this? If so, do women (apparently) feel they have to openly declare this type of hostility, in order to compete in this way?

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Idealism, optimism and a chance to influence a better tomorrow are all here with our remarkable students

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You are spot on, people forget this. The whole net is about people.

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As for the content, I am not a control freak. I do not wear Birkenstocks. I do not tsk-tsk either. I have become fatigued with people accusing me of "hand wringing." Hand wringing seems to be the de rigueur put-down of the day to the point that it has become a cliche.

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I am glad I read this, because it reminded me too of the fears of Kruschev's "We will ury you!" burned into my psyche. Tho I still doubt that I would have reacted like these ids...

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I think you will actually find quite a few adults (even baby boomers) who were celebratory as well. It seems that you are dismissing this a youth/college-student phenomenon, when really it just wasn't. I am not of those who were thoroughly disgusted with the celebration.

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The greeting card is a good idea too.

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That's pretty funny mate ;)

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lol, this is my favourite things or what?



The greeting card is a good idea too. Something you can do yourself.


The greeting card is a good idea too. Something you can do yourself.


he greeting card is a good idea too. Something you can do yourself.

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I wanna go on a reality tv show just so I can say those words.

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