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A bowl of Winnie. Awwww!

Makes me want to chirp with happiness.

the soviet

i love winston. he sounds like the velociraptor (sp) from jurassic park! oooh!


Awww... this just makes him more Ewok/Wookie/Star Wars creature-like!


You know, I thought the weird cackling my cats do when they find a bug in the house was odd. Winnie's chirping blows them right out of the water.


This video of Winston is pure bliss. I could watch this over and over (and I will!).


The only thing missing was Winston saying, "Bright light! Bright light!" because he sounds just like Gizmo. Love it.
House of Jules

Lisa the Whinemaker

This is so funny ... my and my brother's cats (sibling cats) make this crazy chirping noise when they find bugs - my brother and I started calling this "Goin' Rikki Tikki Tavi"

Tonight when I played this clip, my cat BamBam heard Winston come in over the speakers w/ his own brand of chirping, and BamBam sat up real straight and got all wild-eyed - like "hey, we've got our own secret language!" It was hilarious!

rich too

AHHHHHHH!! This takes my favorite part from the Winston is Annoying video and supersizes it!! Toooo muuuuchhh cute
*head explodes*


INSANELY CUTE. Especially the strange ewok/alien sounds at second # 15 and 30. My cat will make chirp noises, too, usually while running.

And damn is that some loud purring.


Winston is such a weirdo and I love it.


Can we all just agree that your cat is Gollum, and be done with it?


Is it Caturday? Or my birthday?

trick please

Being a long time Rudy Stan I am reluctant to say that video tugged at my evil heart. I just want to scream 'Kawaii(sp)' like a Japanese schoolgirl.

However, I can't help feeling Rudy is the Cinderella in this household. Someday his prince will come. Watch out dey now


I agree - sounds like a velociraptor from jurassic park.

I also think in the last clip that Winston looks like Yoda, minus the ears.


I'm sooo tired today, I wish Winston could come work at my job and I'll curl up for a what looks like a wooden bowl =)

angela d

aw, he chirps because he loves you! also, don't forget to fix that smoke detector. (because I love you!)


I'm watching this on the bolt bus and I think everyone thinks I'm insane.


OMG, Winston is soooo adorable! You've probably said before, but is he a particular breed or a mix?

My cat Tiger can only be bothered to make noise when he's in distress (aka, in the cat carrier on the way to the vet, when he yowls like he's being tortured). Otherwise he basically looks at you and "mouths" his meows silently.

Torrin Paige

Ahh, Winston. Always the highlight of any day. Incidentally, Winston and my chow-mix Angus are sporting the same 'do. Although Angus seems to be a touch more embarassed about his.


Well now I know what "nom" sounds like. I am complete.


That video should be placed in the Universal Video Dictionary under the word "Contentment."

What a little happy-head!


so cute! my kitty makes funny noises when she's playing with our friend's dog-it's awkward actually.

What kind of cat is winston?!

Childfree Sexpot

I saw this over at Jezebel and figured I'd come over myself and ask if you could bring Winston to Phoenix for a playdate with my two lil purry vixens, Gigi and Mena...

These three would get along like gangbusters!

He sounds like a Spore creature!

Driver B

Winnie just made my day. Esp. the purry part at the end. wah!

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