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July 03, 2008



love the track selection--downloading now. armand van helden's ghettoblaster is a great work, in my opinion w/ 'i want your soul' as its apec. haven't heard the dirty south rework of john dahlback--but and really looking forward to hearing it. i couldn't believe the dirty south remix of 'higher state of consciousness'--that's the same dirty south, right? like the aaliyah 'are you that somebody' dirty south?
also--and i realize those pesky canadians think they rule the school, but you should check out rex the dog's 'circulate' on kitsune. that's the type of "old skool rave/nu-rave" i'm talking about!
it came out awhile ago, but damn if that's not one of the best tracks i've heard in a while.


oh, and because i like you so much, here's vivien vee's 'remember when' (which you probably already have)


THANK YOU RICH! You work so hard for us. :) I looooooooove your mixes and they really are awesome to work out to.


I read fourfour religiously and am always excited when Rich posts a fabulous new mix like this one, but I can never figure out how to download the tracks! Help please!!

Keep the good stuff coming Rich!

Kevin Neal

great songs!!
love it long time


love, love, love the mix. we seem to always be in synch, musically. which begs the question; what, Rich, do you think of Hercules & Love Affair? i've been dying to know your take.


Fred Falke's Sanctuary saved me from turning my French house into Freedom house this year. Fuck yes to filters. Thank-you for the mix..


LOVE this mix...
But it opens in quicktime... how to I download it to my machine??


Is that David Letterman?


For those wondering how to download...right click on the link and then click 'Save As' or 'Save Link As' (depending on your browser). Then you can pick a filename and place to save it on your computer.


for macs, press control and then click the link to bring up a download menu!


As always on top of things with the track list
digging the fake blood and lopazz tracks.


good track selection


Thanks for helping the less technically gifted! Much appreciated.


Most of the music on my ipod is stuff to work out to, otherwise it just gets skipped over. Your last mix was SO AWESOME and I love that you posted a new one. You're the best! Thank you Rich. :D


Almost as good of a July 4th present as the death of Jesse Helms!


big fun is an awesome song.


My fave Rich mix has to be that New Jack Swing mix from awhile back..the one with Janet and Jade and Whitney and Bobby and inexplicably, Nivea feat. Jagged Edge all blending together in harmony. I wild out to that sucka on my iPod with much regularity. But this new mix surprised me with how good and consistent it was. I just sat and listened to it for the full 66 minutes straight while editing some crap on my own blog, and not once did i think 'what the hell is this sonic aberration?!'.

Know why? Rich is a fabulous mixer DJ person. Samantha Ronson WHO? Jazzy Jeff WHO?



Yes! I was just thinking the other day that I needed some new work-out music. This is exactly what I've been looking for. You're some sort of God.


Are you shopping at my store? Etherea 66 Avenue A NY? If not, you should be cuz you'd like it.


Firstly, in a blatant plea for tech. assistance: I recently made the switch from a PC to a Mac and cannot for the life of me figure the fuck out how to download from links like that! There's no right click...there's nooorightcliiiick.

Additionally, your banner is fucking gorgeous. I am an America-hating Fourth of July-disliker (I'm like an old person or a dog, I cannot stand explosion noises) but that still is so gorgeous and evocative, it makes me want to cry for obvious reasons.


This mix kept my sanity as I waited for SIX HOURS as I got bumped from a flight at Newark. THANK YOU. I would have gone completely insane without it.

Anyone care to link to Rich's other mixes? I've been reading for awhile, and had no idea! My life will be officially complete once I get my hands on them!

Stephanie in Ottawa


I was taking a bath this morning and I thought to myself, "it would be nice if Rich had a new mix soon, I sure do love them." Well, I could have been knocked over with a blow of Bey's breath! There's a new mix, and I didn't have to wait on it, 'cause it's been there since July 3rd! Woo-Hoo!! Thank you kind sir. And just to let you know, there's no correlation between my taking a bath and your mixes. My mind tends to take me places, and I just go with it.
Oh, and for the Mac person above, if you haven't yet downloaded the mix, just hold the control key and click on the link, you will get a drop down menu and you can "save link as" or "save link." You can choose where to save it as well. Quite simple once you get the hang of it. Enjoy your new Mac, I love 'em!

Dandy Darkly

Uugh. I think I saw that bitch at Blowoff...


This mix is the hotness! I love you Rich, seriously, I have been going thru a bit of a house revival that I blame squarely on your posting of the Jomanda video a few months back. This mix is amazing. I don't know how you managed to top yourself but you do every time.

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