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July 21, 2008





She looks so Vamp meets Children of the Corn...

I was gonna run to buy the dvd, but maybe I'll just download it...


I just wish that her voice was better, not that I'm not a fan. Rihanna is getting the attention that other artists deserve(Amerie,Jazmine Sullivan)


This was a pretty funny post! her hair was all over the place! I thought there was going to be something similar when Danica Patrick got into Milka's face at the races! That would have been something to see too! If you don't know who she is just check out www.motodanica.com the one in the blue dress


i was more mesmerized by her hideous outfits


The hair, the outfit, the makeup, the goody two shoes image (here's hoping there's a reality show down the road - Being Chris Brown would have been awesome, and could still be, considering). Everything but the voice. I. can. not. stand. her. voice.


Rihanna makes no sense. She can't sing, she doesn't have a personality... and yet her songs are so great! Every last one of them. Except for that appalling Unfaithful shit.


I was wondering if you'd ever comment on Rihanna again. One of my favorite post of your's was your review of GGGB which convinced me to download it. I loved it. it was a great pop album.

But she ruined all that potential with the most horrible single picking ever. Good god. Her album was full of great singles that could of made her even bigger but she chooses the shittiest songs and new songs that suck as well. I was excited for ehr but now she's just riding off Umbrella.


When I first heard Rihanna I thought she was a white teenage girl (ala JoJo) because her voice was so whiny and untrained..no depth. The song was 'Unfaithful'. The race thing is hard to explain but I have a feeling you understand. Anyway, I think I was the only gay person in my world of friends that didn't like listening to 'Umbrella' 50 times a week and it's aggravating to me when someone uses Michael Jackson to secure a hit. I mean, it's Michael Jackson..if you sample him like that there's very little else you have to do.


I have been making this point ever since she got bangs for the S.O.S video. She was nothing before it.

witness before (cute, but unimpressive):

then after (on her way to pop spectacledom):


But she's cut her hair off... She's just got these Pete Wentz-ian bangs now, and it's uber-short on the sides and in the back. You know, the '80s California skater look.

As a qualifier: I've never seen her live, nor watched any of her videos, so I don't know if she's still a head-flinger.

Those are some crazy eyes, though.

Miss Lisa

Young hair-tossah
She's a young hair-tossaaah
Sally Bowles hausfraaauh
Eyes like sauceaauuuhs

Sorry--trying to come up with some pop-diva lyrics. Am I "out there" enough?


it's official:I love you

this post+pot psych on the beach=AMAZING


whoa. you are definitely onto something here. though i gotta say her haircut was totally made for that brand of flippin.


I don't know much about dear Rihanna except that I love her pretty senselessly. She's so not my thing, but me and "Umbrella" spent some magical time together when I first heard it. My primary interest is how incredibly beautiful she is, especially since she's always so painted up. Watching that video she did with Maroon 5 was pretty awesome on mute.

Or not on mute, I guess. The effect is about the same.


HAHAHAHA, i've been playing the remix to that whitney song over and over again all week.



this kid i used to know from boston is her guitarist, so every time i watch a video of hers, i don't even notice her, i'm always looking for him. i've concluded ... she's a camera whore.


The dress is a full length maxi and is made of stretchy fabric. http://fashion.postedpost.com/2008/07/19/measures-how-present-image-terrific-every-day-investment-you-2/


That flinging about made my head hurt. I kind of wonder if its a 'i'm still sexy even though my hair is short' thing - some women who have long hair and cut it seem to regret it (I know I did at first)...


Yeah and Chris Brown's mom thinks Ri Ri used roots voodoo to secure the love of her bird-like young son. It's the crazy eyes!


She needs to be careful that she doesn't give herself brain damage, flinging her head around like that. Do you think that her hair might have developed independent thought? That might be why she keeps it so short nowadays, to stop it from flying around and strangling innocent bystanders. Oh. and I'm suprised to learn that she can open her eyes that far, since she always seems to be pulling the 'glam smoky-eyes' thing almost 24-7.

All joking aside, however, I still can't help but love her. Love how gorgeous she is, love the outfits, completely adore her music. I just can't help myself :)


I read an article in some chick magazine a few years back about a Jewish woman who paid big bucks to have her hair straightened (some Japanese method-which, I still don't remember why anyone Japanese would have to worry about that but anyways.) She said that she and her family had mocked Streisand for constantly touching her hair in Prince of Tides, something I noticed but never really thought about as I was too busy thinking about what an egocentric shitefest it was. But having her hair straightened, she now understood Streisand's obsession with petting her newly straight smooth hair.

Maybe it's a similiar thing with Rihanna? Strictly from a hair perspective I mean that. Not in a duet with Don Johnson kind of way.


Riri had obviously just bought that hair and was testing the hair operators claim that 'That shit will stay on no matter what you do, girl!' Er'body know you got to stress test a fresh weave.
As for approaching the throne of Queen Crazy Crackhead, Rihanna has a long way to go and many obstacles in her way *looking in the general direction of the City of Houston.*


My god I love those highlights. I can attest its a hair straitening thing. I have curly as F hair and when ever I flat iron it all I do is touch it and flip it nonstop. A guy friend and I even have a running joke about how much I flip it around when its strait.


I didn't much care for her until I heard SOS. First thought: Tainted Love! Second Thought: Again! Play it again! Umbrella's ok, but I prefer Mandy Moore's version.

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