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August 22, 2008



love, love, love the team rudy shirt. and also loved the pot psychology best of!


Please tell me the Winston shirt chirps!
House of Jules


i must have that jodeci shirt.


I so just snagged a "smile" shirt (dark grey w/ metalic silver lettering, thankyouverymuch) and I'm kinda super excited about it. Jodieci might have to wait till next pay day, but fluv it!


I kind of (really) want a Team Rudy shirt.


Hey! ^ You stole my shirt!


Could one get a shirt that had "Team Winston" on the front and "Team Rudy" on the back? Because that way, we're not forced into this awful, Sophie's-Choice-esque situation.


omg. you made a stevie b shirt?! brilliant! lol


A Stevie B. shirt! Must get! If only I had that as a teenager when I saw him at Club Maverick in good ol' Jerz. (I can't believe I just admitted to seeing Stevie B. in concert. Would you call that a concert? At a dance club? Whatever it was, it was awesome.)


Rudy and especially Winston look like the transcended offspring of Louis Wain's cats and Margaret Keane's waifs, and I mean that in all the best possible ways. I don't think you can put both images front-and-back of the same tee, either; clearly, the "Team X" means that if you've got your Rudy love on display and a Winston fan approaches, it's an automatic... well, catfight.


Rich, I heart you so much!

Just ordered my Jodeci shirt. Back in the day, my best friend at the time got this huge settlement from a lawsuit. She went and paid cash for a brand new '92 black on black 325i. And the first CD that she played on the ride home from the dealership was Jodeci's Forever My Lady. We wore that CD out!

Just try and envision two fast a$$ 20-somethings riding around looking like we stepped off the set of Salt n Pepa's Push It video, spandex and asymmetrical cuts and all!

And don't let me get started on how Feenin' got my through a long distance romance with me in Texas and him in New Rochelle.***sighs***

Smooches, your stan,
honey b


I love Rudy, but Team Winston wins.

No contest.


Yeah Team Winston!

mighty undies

I want a tee of you, Rich


very cute~!


OMG all week I was secretly praying for a Team Rudy shirt and now, here it is. I almost wet my pants when I saw this post this morning.

And I truly think everyone is on Team Winston. That goes without saying.

Rich, I love you. I really, really, really love you.


What about Florrie?


I think I want a team winston shirt... or a team rudy one.... but it's too hard of a decision! I might have to just go w/both :)


Where's the sadness in Swan's eyes?


I couldn't help it--I ordered one of each! Thanks for the link!! Love them.


You have totally made my life with the Winston shirt! I'm ordering one now.

(Not that I don't love the Rudy- I had a Winston of my own named Edgar, so he would be disappointed if I were to go with that other Team.)


Rudy is definitely smiling with his eyes.


Need the smile with your eyes shirt. I will wear it proudly.


I might get the Rudy shirt. Winston is always resting on pretty.


Winston looks like he is channeling Oscar the Grouch's eyebrows!!

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