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August 22, 2008


Jennifer Noland

Wasn't sure if you knew, but you inspired someone else to create a t-shirt, too!



Argh! I won't be back in America till Christmas. Will they still be there?


I really want the smile with your eyes but it doesn't look like they ship to Canada. Boo! Anyone travelling north across the border soon?


I want the "smile with your eyes" shirt just so I can refer to the picture while I get smiling with my eyes down before the next ANTM auditions!


OMG JOan is so right. I heart the tees so much, but I think you totally should have had Florrie up in there. That would have been perfect.

mike @ MAO

I so need to get Rocco one of these!!
Do they come in XXXXL ?


thank you, thank you, thank you for making it possible for me to own a stevie b sweatshirt.

miss r

Sweet Jeebus! Winston looks like Aku from Samurai Jack!!!



Those T-shirt eyes totally belong to Britney, don't they Rich?

Joe the Dog Lover

I love the graphics.


I just got my smile with your eyes shirt and have discovered an added layer of unintended awesomeness. Now when some creep stares at my boobs, they stare back. Thank you for making that possible.

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All designs are good. I love printing designs in my shirts. I think those designs are going to be perfect in my shirts and I know that my friends will going to love it too.


I realize this post is really old but there is a detergent in China that looks just like this rendering of Winston


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Too often journalism is nothing more than a yammering of suppositions, innuendo and rumor mongering. Kudos to you for doubting yourself and checking further.

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There are probably thousands of people who live as you do, as someone who tries to sell items in this economy, I've found the need to tighten my belt as well.

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Great story and insight! I am in the beginning of my second career, and beginning to wonder what my third career might be. Teaching, writing, traveling? I don't know, but I am glad I have such a role model to inspire me.

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