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August 13, 2008



Well, good for ANTM, except that I wasn't even aware of the policy until now, so it's bad PR as much as good.

But I don't understand Janice--"When she posed with another male model I had to disclose that she is a man"? That's not much less prejudiced than rejecting transsexual models is.


Not to be nitpicky but being a transsexual isn't so much one's sexuality as it is one's gender identity.




Based on the photos in your previous post, I thought this was going to be an all-transsexual cycle of ANTM. Can't wait to watch...
House of Jules


I was going to post the same thing as Fiona..."came with issues" and "had to disclose her issues" by telling him Claudia was a man?

Why does Janice need to disclose that? Especially since it obviously affected the male model's work...I guess she just wanted good TV.


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I LOOOOVE your blog. But this post was useless.


Yesssss, Fiona is totally right. Good ol' Janice trying to come off as accepting and enlightened but coming off as stupid as usual.


Claudia's walk is fierce. I think the addition of a transexual person this season will make it all that more catty and there will finally be someone to put Miss J in his place about walking! (or so I hope)


The woman born woman policy was the first thing I thought of when I heard about Isis although I think Jaslene broke this rule two cycles ago.


i actualyl think that most transexuals are much more modelesque than real women. ::shrug:: crucify me know, but she sure can work it.

I am so excited to see isis on antm

and claudia will prolly be better off with janice.

AND (last time, i swear) she does have a responsiblity to tell the male model, it is his right, whether it made him nervy or not.


and really if HE cant handle it, maybe its time to fire him.


rich, way to have the most direct post title ever. good to know you're taking transphobia seriously.

Nikita Tinypaws

I'm just surprised the male model is afraid to touch another man.


Claudia made it to the semi-finals of which cycle of ANTM? I don't remember her, unless that's some qualification round that happens first, off-air?


Ok, why would they tell the other model that she was "a man"? That's pretty disrespectful.

Driver B

Claudia is way hotter than Isis - it's too bad Tyra is so late to the party.


"AND (last time, i swear) she does have a responsiblity to tell the male model, it is his right, whether it made him nervy or not."

Why? What the hell makes it "his right?" The only person who is entitled to share that information is Claudia herself, and it's absolutely no one else's "right" to know it.


Also, I meant to add: not only was it a big fail on Janice's part to tell the other model Claudia was "truly a man" (um, no) but it's also a big fail of her to call her transgenderism "her issues." Woman, please.

As for Ty Ty, I think this is just a big reversal for the sake of adding ~drama~, just like you called it, Rich.


They deny Claudia for ANTM yet choose an ugly tranny like Isis to mend their ways?

Oy vey.


I thought the problem with Claudia was that she still has boy parts below the waist. No?


Why did they have to tell the boy model that she use to be a guy? That doesn't make any sense.

whatever, biotches

all you people complaining about janice telling the sissy model she is actually a he and people lauding her for working it better than women etc fail miserably at something:

bitch. fucking. looks. like. a. tranny. from. ten. miles. away.

i mean, come on.


She is NOT "actually a man". She's been through years of hell, and extensive surgery. The fact she's making something of herself, and so positive, is truely commendable. Give her some respect. She is not male, anymore. And Janice has exposed herself as an idiot after saying that.

Supposeably Tyra wanted her in the show but producers thought the show wasn't ready for a 'controversy' like that. Especially when the show wasn't as established as it is now.

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