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August 04, 2008



I don't get it.



That is all.


Random! I'm sure we'll hear more about this over the next few days (and on the Tyra show, no question). The video camera lady keeps it real though; she not about to miss her flight.


I bet I can imagine what Bianca said to Nicki during all this.

"Check ya thighs in the mirror! I'm done!" *punch in the head*

The woman's commentary is priceless. "Is that my airplane?"


Bianca/Nikki showdown on the Tyra show?
Also, the Cycle 11 advert has just been released!

The cycle 11 promo pic with all the girls have been released!

Apparently tyra is now pro-marijuana


Damn, the video is not available anymore... :(

Tyra's face is horribly... happy?

Steve G

That poster is all sorts of wrong.


The fucking video is gone dammit! I wanted to see Bianca in action.

I say the black girl with the sun flower in the promo ad will win.


WHY is the video gone!!! I really would have liked to see Bianca punch a bitch.

In other news, is Tyra now Ronald McDonald?

Other notes: They finally got another Asian contestant! Although I fear she is possible Kimora Lee Simmons. And also, that girl on the far middle left... is that Saleisha? and the girl third from middle left... is that Sutan? I am totally confused.


Is it just me or is the girl on the left hand side of the page that is going to eat Jay Manuel's nipple a spitting image of Saleisha with her lame weave?!?!?


"Bianca sat and listened and tried to ignore it until it got too much for her"

I cannot possibly believe this.


For those that never haven't seen the vid, it's actually the aftermath of the fight. According to the fierce commentator on the vid, biancas' family was the cause.

At one point the mother of blonsky walks over and starts saying something to the lady that is shooting the video about how they just got up and attacked them..not too sure of what exactly the mom said cuz my memory sucks, but she was def saying the goldens were at fault


Oh god...That picture. I can't even say anything else. Just that picture.


Tyra lookin a bit downsy.


Rich, I LOVE the new banner.

the maljax

About that picture:

Jesus = Love

Tyra = Jesus

Tyra = Love

Feel the Jesus?


i cant see it!! nooooo.
also - is that beyonce hosting antm?? what horrible photoshopping!




In regards to the promo picture, I think it would look so much better if it was 'shopped to have Austin Power's body in it with Tyra's face plastered over it.

"Do I make you randy? Do I? Grr, baby, grrr!"


@ MmSm

I don't know if anyone else caught that, but I see what you did there and it's fucking hysterical!!! LMAO (for real!)

And wax that stashe!

Bianca had a chip on her shoulder anyway. This does not surprise me. I'm sure she got to the level of entitlement IN HER HEAD that she should be treated like a queen. Girl, sit yo' ass down...


Damn the video is gone. It really doesn't pay to be late to the party.


FEEL THE TYRA! i love how tyra is ginormous in that pic. it's like attack of the 50 ft. tyra. hahaha!



Bianca makes black people look bad? Um, no. BET does that on a daily basis.

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