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August 13, 2008



Rich, I can't believe you didn't say anything about Elina's stomach tattoos! She's obviously the best girl in the bunch...


Sheena Easton is better than everyone.

Fake Janice Combs

Is Tyra gonna get Isis some corrective shoes? Because if memory serves, homegirl/boy is so bowlegged you could throw a hog between her legs.

How'd ol girl swing this? My guess is Jay Manuel is kicking it with one of the house fathers/mothers and put her on. Werk Ms Isis!

John Taylor

I'm so glad Isis got in, we need someone to make the show a little crazier. I'm surprised you didn't rank Lauren Brie higher though, I think she looks like a hotter version of Sarah from Cycle 6


Are there no plus-sized girls this cycle? Has Tyra like paid her dues now and does not have to have plussies on anymore?


I'd fuck Clark. And is Joslyn's face photoshopped onto Atalya's body? I swear I've seen that outfit and pose before.


Is Elina the girl from a few seasons ago who had that "that which nourishes me destroys me" tattoo like angelina jolie? Or is she just another girl with a horribly placed tattoo


Team Elina!

Brittany, somewhere a preschooler is naked, give her back that romper!

Sheena is cycle 6's Gina with attitude issues.

Marjorie is the love child of cycle 8's Sarah and Jael.

Clark, why aren't you on the set of Gossip Girl?

Finally... I live for this


The other day I was going through SYTYCD withdrawl thinking "What's the point of a TV if you can't watch a good reality show?" Hallelujiah ANTM is coming back!

Steve Abramson

OK I really don't know where I stand on the Isis fence. Sure transgenders need jobs too - but apparently the girl was an actress when she was "cast" as a homeless girl in the C10 shoot - so not only was she faking the homeless, but she got onto C11... another Tyra string pulling...

Isn't it bad enough we have ANOTHER Saleisha in this batch of girls? Fuckleisha? Fakeleisha? Whatever...

I'm SO over this fucking crap - why bother having auditions anymore? The best girl won't win - and the girls who are non-models will progress further because they're psychopathic cunts (in otherwords both Isis and Saleisha Pt 2 will make it overseas no doubt)

Just hope they make Isis check her manhood in the overhead compartment LOL

***If I had to root, I'd go for the redhead and the Asian; both very "low" on your priority list Rich, so hope you're wrong - no offense***


Normally, I'd go for slutty over demure any day but Sheena's slutty is kind of boring. And how come I had no idea Sam Fox was a lezzie?

Elina and Sharaun are gorgeous. Samantha looks busted. Why do the girls always have the most terrible outfits?


Elina is trying to hard to be Angelina Jolie, stomach tattoo TOTALLY included.


Rich, was that an intentional quoting of A Nightmare on Elm Street 4?

If so, I love you even more!

Miss Lisa

I had a hard time getting past Tyra's bracelets. Demure! I'd go for the Ukrainian for the win. Just because I have a lot of Ukrainian neighbors and I'd like to see a lot of Ukrainian modelling pride around here. But the Irish in me is drawn to McKey. Or is that a Scottish Mc? No matter, McKey for the McWin.


The best is Sheena, a Punk Rocker.

This Sheen seems a little stumpy for a model, no?

Sharuan makes me think of Shazaam.

They're all boring.


I hope Tyra give Nikeysha "ethereal blond waves"


It looks like Marjorie is from France, according to the ANTM lj. Could we really be so blessed as to have 2 Natashas this season?

Oh, a girl can dream! ^_^


It must be real, my Ukranian grandmas said Pittah-heh too!


If your competition was people named Nikeysha McKey (...I'm sensing a 'key' theme here...and I'm sure there's a penis joke in there somewhere,) and fucking CLARK, you'd append a cheese to your name, too. Once upon a time a girl only had to be tall and trashy to get onto this show. Now she's got to have a make-believe name, too! Tyra's standards are clearly on the rise.


they forgot to airbrush tyra's arm. her fat is popping over the sleeve.


Also...kinda ironic that there's a chick with a dude's name this cycle, and she's NOT the tranny...


Holy hell. Why are half of them scrunched up like they're trying to fit into the frame?

Wait, is that Tyra's new theme? Like, America's Next Top Giantess Model?


who else saw this on livejournal and started the countdown to Rich's countdown? AWESOME

wow does Marjorie ever remind me of Shael, must be the 'do' and the outfit. I can't like McKey because I keep thinking she squeezed 2 names together like Melrose did, and anything Melrose I can not support.

Isis's shoes look like cartoon shoes, I want them. I have the worst balance and I bet those would be a lot easier to walk in then stillettos

If you ever watch Entertainment Tonight the preview says Tyra is gonna give us a 'sneak peek'! (Wednesday night)


^Actually I just stumbled across the photos on Facebook and wondered the same thing.

Oh yeah, team Sheena all the way already!

And I personally like Prince's Sheena Easton, if only because of the awful high note she hits on "Sugar Walls."

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