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Clark looks like Anya's long lost twin sister...

Marjorie probably drinks her own breast milk...

Samantha looks like Scrunchy Face from last season...

Tyra's picture made me realize how much I miss New York bagels.

and... Topanga? *dies*


You're ukrainian?? REPRESENT


I went onto the CW site and there's another set of pictures of each of the girls doing poses in their hippie garb. I have to say, they are the WORST MOST HORRIBLE PICTURES EVER. You'd think since this show is so popular, women who are decent models would apply. Wait, I just realized that what I said didn't make any sense, because any woman who was a decent model would be a model already!



Wait...where is the fat one?


you have horrible taste.


Are they serious with this cycle? they are ALL HIIIIIIIIDEOUS except elina and mckey. what are they doing to my showwwwwwww!


Samantha seems very top heavy, she's got too much up there, then she's all twig.

and anyone who has ever watched 'House M.D.' knows that its never Lupus. ^^ (in reference to your comment on isis)


Out of these photos I would pick Elina as #1 and Isis as #2. I don't give a flying F if Isis was born with the wrong tools.

I just wish everyone would stop using the word tranny.


Oh, God yes. Elina is GORGEOUS. Can't wait for this cycle. Should be...interesting. >)


Bless you for referencing my most favoritest female singers in the world (Liz Phair and Samantha Fox) in one post. Naughty girls need to fuck and run, too, after all.

I'm already in love with Elina, which probably means that she'll be the first one to go.


Isis' picture makes it look like she doesn't have real knees. Like a Barbie, kind of. Does anyone else see that?


Oh man, how cheeeesy was the robot/technology theme of the first episode... especially the "special effects". I mean, it's always cheesy but man!
Rich, I can't wait for Monday (it will be Monday, right?) so I can read your thoughts about Beta Jay's long hair, the number of times we had to hear that Hannah grew up without running water, and so much more!


You know, my Mom used to pronounes pierogies pittah-heh too.

Maybe they were right.



Nike Shox Rivalry

The weather is changeable, invariable forever forever love, let light wind is brushed, warm sunshine exhaustion of you pass my sincere blessings every day happy, concomitant! Through the happiness!

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