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Re: slutty vs. innocent Sheena Easton:

Slutty Sheena Easton is FAR better. For Sugar Walls, Swear AND Strut alone. Her hair! Her slightly frozen facial expressions! Her clunky earrings! She definitely wins.

I also hope Isis takes the whole thing or at least has a lot of fine television moments to provide us with. Hey, if Whitney won, who knows?


Is Tyra's stomach mirrored? It looks like you can see the reflection of her arm and her bracelet. What sort of shenanigans are going on here?


Re: Clark and McKey, I heard a rumor that there were two girls with the same name again (Olivia?) and for a new twist on the same lameness, Tyra made them use their last names. So that might be what is up with that.


Vera, I think you're right on that. I kinda remember hearing the same thing, and come on...I know there have been some funky names on this show, but NOBODY could POSSIBLY be named McKey.

Other than that...I totally called the Nikeysha thing too. All I could think of was, wow, Nik is back...couldn't they have tried a little harder to change her name??

jtalia smegma

my gma is ukranian tooooo!!!

analeigh looks like that cheetah girl on dancing with the stars, expect her to leave first i say

i swear i dont watch that show!!!


Elina is the only one not wearing something, how do I put this? - Skanky. You got to give her credit for that. (I am guessing they picked out their own outfits.)


Since when were the homeless girls from cycle 10 trannies? I call shenanigans. Doesn't that girl have enough issues without the internet deciding she's a shemale?


I didn't take the time to read through all of the comments but Tyra is soooo channeling Rihanna. Yes, I said Rihanna. follow the link and you'll see....


Hahaha! I hope Analeigh stays around long enough for more rectal jokes.

And why do so many of these girls look like trannies? I'm not even talking about Isis here. Nikeysha, McKey, and Sheena all have jawlines that make Jaslene look feminine.

Hannah, Isis, and Lauren Cheese for my top 3.


Christ, Rich - you were on top of this, weren'tcha? Usually we have to wait until Monday for this awesomeness!

First off - slut Sheena, of course.

Second - the homeless girls of last cycle's first challenge weren't billed as trannies. Just previously homeless. (Apologies if this has been pointed out already)


ANALEIGH - truck stop hooker
BRITTANY - Flava Flav baby mama
CLARK - anorexic dingbat
ELINA - hotness on a stick. *LOVES*
HANNAH - She's probably a Wiccan Priestess, however - it's not Satanic, it's about empowerment.
ISIS - Tuck it! And strut it!
JOSLYN - linebacker for the Chicago Bears
LAUREN BRIE - mmmmm, cheese!
McKEY - Love the Molly Ringwald vibe. Love the Mr. Mackey from South Park sounding name, Mmmkay!
NIKEYSHA - Saliesha lite. Or should I say, Saliesha drained of fluids
SAMANTHA - Jail bait
SHARAUN - first eliminated
SHEENA - Asian-licious. My pick to win it - she's not spectacular, but Ty Ty needs an an Asian girl to round out her multi-cultural winners. HUGE face.

I never want this show to leave me.


i cant wait! i always say that...


Where are Isis' knees?


Tapenga? Topanga?

Isis' shoes are bizarre...


Hmmm... just me or does Marjorie look like Robert Muraine, (the crazy popper from SYTYCD) in the face? Even her stance is remniscent of Robert. Curious.


Hilarious observations as always. Plus, referencing Liz Phair and The Simpsons in one America's Next Top Model post? In a scene like this you get a contact high!

spin sycle

Oh why why WHY can't they get girls with good legs? WHY????




The photoshoppery here is unbelievable - so much that they've deformed Joslyn's left thumb. Or so it seems. Maybe her thumb really is just deformed. Or maybe it's just at a funny angle.


I'm already highly obsessed with Elina. Being also of Eastern European descent (and an inch too short to participate in the hilarious glory that is ANTM for myself) I was left saddened when Natasha and Kata were bumped so unceremoniously. GIVE ME ELINA.


Marjorie is a straight-up mime, yo.

And I had to look up tapenga... thanks Rich. I'll add that to my repertoire, goes nicely with gunt and FUPA.


a weave with beer in it???!

holy shit you are making me laugh today.


Ahhhh, nice to see the "new" models. LOL And what about McFly?? As soon as I read McKey that's what popped into my head.


WOAH if Isis is a real tranny, than girl's got some really convincing hands. Usually those are what give it away, but damn. Oh, I am so looking forward to the reactions when she is "casted" i.e., planted on the damn show.

And horse mane hair?? I think with Marvita's hairdont we determined the hairstyle she supposedly invented was just a glorified mullet. Tyra loves mullets, she gave one to Renee, too...

Also, I'm CONVINCED Tyra loves weird-ass names, I mean, WTF. How many Jessicas and Ashleys and Katies have been on this show or any other common names from the '80s? God I hate this show. And can't wait to see it again.


you forgot McLovin!

As I looked at this group, I kept thinking, I've seen all of them before......and we have, in some form or another. What is wrong with all of us? 11 Cycles of regurgitation and we can't wait for more!

Elina looks the best by far - yes, please let her have an accent!

Slutty Sheena hands down.

To me, McKey looks a lot more trannyesque than Isis. Maybe it's just the angle, but does anyone else see a resemblance to Andy Samberg in drag?

Girl's going to get a lot of advice to "learn her angles".

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