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Two of my favorite people being amazing together.

Driver B

Margaret Cho is the fucking bomb. And I'm a straight white woman!

Jelena Vukosav

US only....damn you VH1 :)


VH1 needs to throw you in front of the camera for reunion shows, you could be a color commentator.

And who doesn't love Heather?

Rich, I really wanna buy your "smile with your eyes" shirt from neighborhoodies, but I'm color challenged- what do you suggest?


Black Metal Mansion

video only for U.S residents. what about the rest of us? don't leave us out of the fun.


"They never give you the chance."

"They do the cocaines, and the d and the s and l...
lsd mom.
how do you know?"

You did great Rich, love her, thanks for sharing.



UGH! US only! :( But congrats Rich. I'm sure it was both a great experience and a good interview! :)


I would do the sample color but I have no idea


please put this on youtube! canadians love you too.


So if I don't live in the US I can watch the AD but not the actual video? Fuck you too VH1


Just one more outside of the US voice in the chorus!


this upsets me a lot, because only american internet users can see it!
it will not play for my canadian browser


what's going on here, I just get a flippin' ad playing? Stupid.

If someone were to upload this to YouTube or something so that international people could watch it, I would love said person.


and i too would love said person ;)


love love love MCho and it's awesome to see you doing cool things like this rich.


OMG. Someone get M.Cho on Pot Psychology! MAKE THIS HAPPEN! Then I can die, and bury me in my "Team Rudy" shirt.


What a bummer I can't see it! Plays the Mastercard ad just fine though pfft.


Rich you give good interview. And "what IS the point of straight guys if you can't suck their dick." Lovely, funny interview.


As a lot of people have commented, the video is available only in the US.
If someone would be kind enough to compose a text version of the interview for the rest of the world, we would be truly thrilled.


Stop Swearing, Rich!


I effing hate streaming videos, I always end up with the whole thing being all choppy and whatnot... you know what I love though? Singing "Proud Mary" in my hair brush before work. But you know what I love more than that? Margaret Cho.


Congrats on the interview, great questions and you have a natural presence, where is your show already?


Any other versions?
The video doesn't work in Canada :-(

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