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August 07, 2008


Don't worry, from that ANTM promo ad I predict that the upcoming cycle will be endlessly GIF-able. So that's something.


You're not missing much, though I am missing your recaps. :(


See, I must have missed that when it orginally aired because they can repeat 3-4 times a night (like they did last night) and I won't even have a clue who got auf'd. This season is THAT forgettable.

I had to sit down and force myself to watch the marathon on Saturday (The bf is in the Navy, I had nothing better to do, literally) and it was like I had never seen the episodes before. It's so odd. I shouldn't have to work that hard, Rich!

Moral of the story: You're not missing a damn thing.

Jen Katz

Hey Rich!

I saw Project Runway last night for the first time this season, in part because of Anderson's comments. It's a snooze-fest, EXCEPT that there is this fabulous 49-year old lady (who looks 32) named Terri - totally slammin', incredibly talented - who has won my heart. You'd love her too. I'm sure of it.


i would only watch it if you did recaps.

Jen Katz

Okay -- I messed up. On the Bravo site, it lists Terri as 39 - not 49. But I SWEAR it said "49" on one of those screen shots last night.


Well, if you stopped watching it because it had minstrelized gays, then you are best off NOT watching this season. I am pathetically credulous when it comes to reality show contestants, but even I feel like several of the people on the show this year are doing their best Flamboyantly!Gay! performance art piece. Also, the show absolutely reached its nadir when one of the contestants got Tim Gunn to say, in complete seriousness (or not...? this is when I begin to wonder if the contestants this season are actually doing spot-on parodies of Reality Show People), "Holla Atcha Boy!" Run away, run far, far away from Season 5.


Another thing about her that you would love is that she did a whole set of interviews dressed like an extra from Doomsday and they were all over last night's episode! She was wearing some leather vest thing with spikes on the shoulders and down the middle. It was GLORIOUS. I was quite stoned and had just finished rewatching Doomsday with my friend before Project Runway and then Stella came on the screen and we got so confused.

Stella is seriously my new love and the only "crazy" person who is GENUINELY insane as opposed to just mugging for the cameras.


You are so missing out on a trash-i-licious season! Yes the people are poseurs but their is a bitchiness and kitchiness quotient that is there that was missing from last season that I think you would love!


You're not missing much. Tim Gunn is trying SO HARD. It's sad when he tries hard. He doesn't need to try hard. He's already awesome.

You ARE missing the leathuh lady though. Best part of the whole season so far is when Blayne goes "My television is made of leathuh..." mocking her. Very funny.


Considering the almost blinding lack of talent (save for maybe 2 or 3 people), Stella (gif lady) is a comedic gift from God.


I agree that it does, indeed, suck. I stopped watching last week b/c of Stella's leatha, Suede's third person references, and the unnaturally tan kid's hollah atcha boy moment (among others). Did they fire their editors?


So here's the thing: this season pretty much blows, EXCEPT for the woman whose image you've posted above. While immersed in a season (cycle?) of shit, Stella (who is the "leatha" woman) is just...amazing. The hair and makeup she has during her talking head segments just have to be seen to be believed. But seriously, don't watch this season.

Honey B Fly

Egads, Rich. I am a hardcore ProjRun fan, but this season is as bad as the season of Sex and the City that Sarah Jessica Parker was pregnant. Both shows just should have gone on hiatus until things went back to normal. The fashion challenges are boring and almost all of the contestants, save Terri, Korto, and a couple of others - just want their 15 minutes. The only thing I miss this season is your recaps.


Stelluh. Leathuh. I love huh.


Funny that you just posted this blog today because I was just thinking about how hilarious your posts about Vincent and Angela were before I clicked the link to your blog.

Stella (leathuh woman) was dubbed Cheroin by another blog I read and I think that suits her perfectly.
Some of the stuff this season is obnoxious as usual - they always have the gayest gay ever which drives me crazy. ANTG should be hosted by bravo, I swear to god...


Something's changed. Everything's changed. Nothing's changed. All of that. From the obnoxiousness of the person trying to be the biggest smartass to the boring monotony of Heidi's SOS shtik - it all feels so forced. I feel less entertained than ever (tho last night a decent challenge finally emerged).

Anyway, it's just off, and they better tweak and/or fix it before the move to Lifetime or no one will be watching (IMO).


One of the things that annoys me the most besides that disgusting tanorexic attention-seeking lizard boy and Suedes moronic 3rd-person references is that it just seems like Bravo wants to destroy PR because they lost it to Lifetime. There was hardly any promotion, they spoiled every episode before the season even started and they reveal all the surprise guests/judges and the top/bottom 3 in the promos for the following week.


Rich, you know it's a sad season when the only reaction I had to the original airing of aforementioned GIF was, "Rich of Four Four would love that and "make it work." I'm so delighted you did!


Agree about the lack of real talent and have to say that there's an almost lack of real personality as well this season. I'm only going to finish it because I started it but I plan to continue fast forwarding A LOT. :-)

Noel Brinkley

I started reading your blog through your posts from season 2 of Project Runway. In fact I had stopped watching ANTM and only started watching again because your re-caps were making me laugh so much. I realized I was missing Tyra too much. So I beg you to watch Project Runway this season. I HAVE to know how disgusting you find Blayne! If your reason for loving ANTM is it's endlessly gif-able characters and the hilarity that ensues then this is the season to watch Project Runway. I swear, I've never felt such an embarrassment transfer from the television before. Yes the cast is mostly annoying, but it's the closest to ANTM this show has ever been.


Stella is BRILLIANT. I'm obsessed with her. She's better than every contestant from the last two boring seasons put together. (Although I must admit she does not hold a candle to anyone from Season One. Still love her to pieces.)


Terri is a fellow Columbia College Chicago alum, so - go Terri! Stella is far more interesting in animated gif's than she is in video. Suede talks in the third person. "Suede is gonna rock it!" "Suede is going with satin" Joe is gonna stab Suede in the neck. Blaine has a touch of the Down's, I'm convinced. Not full-on Corky from Life Goes On, just a smidge. All the girls look alike. Almost everything designed has been trash. Love Korto, the cocky Nigerian. Your recaps are what made most of Season 3 worth it anyhow. If you ever tire of ANTM, I will, to quote Mariah, hunt down.


She's from Liberia, not Nigeria. Also Keith's hot, tatooed, urban, muscley, completely not over the top gayness is enough to keep me watching, at least until he gets aufed (hopefully never!).


I can't not watch it, it's like a train wreck. I agree...it has lost some of it's sparkle and magic, but it's P-Ject, for god's sake, and I am forever it's girl.

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