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I just choked on my lunch from watching all the kissing. I'm not going to lie, it's pretty hot. Oh, yeah, and progressive too.


very interesting!


Are you going to put a download link in case it gets taken down?


I was surprised when I was in India at how many straight male couples walk around town hand-in-hand or arm-around-shoulder. I guess not a completely Muslim phenomenon.

cutsleeve boy

Educational and entertaining at the same time! But in all honesty, I think the US is the only country that is really backward in their ideas about male bonding and masculinity. In other countries that I've visited (China, Japan, Malaysia) this kind of affection can also be seen and it's socially acceptable. I'm not too sure what each of those country's views on homosexuality are, but as you mentioned, this aspect of their culture and the other ones I've seen is very progressive indeed.




I lived in Saudi Arabia for six months during my military tour and that sort of behavior is everywhere. Like you say Rich, they don't even see gay with that stuff because to them gay doesn't exist. I've also heard that consensual sex between young men is very common there because of the gender separation. That is also not seen as gay because they have no access to women. Much like prison sex isn't necessarily seen as gay in the US prison system.


Omfg cute! <3 Thanks Rich!


I have to cop to being a little disconcerted when the GIANT FREAKING KNIFE showed up at the 2:24 mark. Yikes.

I love the guy's desktop when he's talking about the Britney song.


That used to be the norm in England and America, but died out when most people became aware that gays, like, existed. So we can count on this dying out in Muslim countries as soon as gays become more visible in those countries. It's a little sad that it seems like it has to be that way.

However, it's fun because you can read older books like Nicholas Nickleby and they seem pretty gay to a modern reader.


It is really common in Tanzania and Africa too. It is weird, you do a double take at first because you just aren't use to it. Although I didn't notice girls being any more touchy-feely then what we have in the States.

Personally I never saw this in Japan though, but that could be in public the Japanese aren't really demonstrative of anything.


Thanks for that interesting footage.

I highly recommend this slideshow from Magnum Photos to you and your readers. Amazing story and images.


the funny thing is that it mostly just reminded me of how I am with all my girl friends here. And it's not like America doesn't acknowledge the existence of lesbians. It's just one of those weird lingering double standards.

Donny B

Aaaaand it's gone. That was fast, although lately, Rich, I haven't seen any of your videos, even if I catch it on the same day you post it. Stupid YouTube. They must be on to you.


That kissing isn't even remotely gay. Everyone in Europe does it--girl/guy, guy/guy, girl/girl, whatever. It's just a greeting or parting gesture.

Maybe I just had weird friends, but all that tomfoolery was totally normal for us in middle/high school. Still, an interesting montage. The small chubby kid is cute.


Korean culture also essentially denies the existence of homosexuality, but Korean men are very touchy-feely with each other - I work for a Korean company and my Korean male colleagues are often arm in arm, or giving each other shoulder rubs in the office.

progressive.... yet so totally not. So oppressing women brings about a broader view of masculinity? No thanks.
(By the way not in anyway am I criticizing Rich! I'm just commenting on Iraqi culture.)


I spent quite a bit of time in Lebanon about six years ago (my step father is Lebanese) and I noticed a lot of this open affection between men. Things like, kissing each other on the cheeks and holding hands.

My step father, even though he had lived in the states for many years, never quite left this kind of behavior behind in Lebanon. I have a distinct memory of my family being at a car dealership and my step father taking my sales man's hand and holding it as he escorted him over to the car he was interested in. As a twelve year old I found this to be one of the most mortifying experiences of my life.

And about the anti-gay sentiment in the Middle East, I remember by step father saying that there are no gay people in Lebanon.


The US dropout rate is actually pretty much the same.

Girl With Curious Hair

I haven't seen the clips above, but being from the Middle East I can say men holding hands or hugging is normal; just as my girl friends and I held hands and hugged. It was platonic and non-sexual. The funny thing is, people there are shocked that Americans are so sexual and forward. When I came here, I had a hard time adjusting to the no hand holding social rule, and was very uncomfortable when male friends tried to hug me or kiss me.


"I'm going to ring Lutfi's bell and see if he comes out"... made me choke on my frappacino PAHAHAHA! BEAutiful!


The 3rd point is completely fascinating! But I don't know why it hit me like that since I have worked with men from Middle Eastern countries and they were like other commenters have said, do not acknowledge it exists at all.

Sort of like pro sports.

That's probably not the best analogy.


The 3rd point is completely fascinating! But I don't know why it hit me like that since I have worked with men from Middle Eastern countries and they were like other commenters have said, do not acknowledge it exists at all.

Sort of like pro sports.

That's probably not the best analogy.


Some youth with middle eastern backgrounds but living in Sweden just stabbed a gay man or two gay men (sorry, can't remember the details as it was told to me) during a Gay Pride parade within the last few weeks. Afterwards, they shouted horrible things at the poor man/men while they lay on the ground writhing in pain. Sadly, you probably didn't hear about this in the MSM.

One lebanese man told me his parents would rather he come home and tell them he's a murderer than that he was gay.

Gay people in that part of the world have to hide for fear of being hanged. Sure, lots of them indulge but probably only with the idea that nobody talks about it and it is assumed they'll get married to a girl eventually.

Don't forget the politician who's up on sodomy charges, I believe in Indonesia.

If you want progressive, come to northern europe where gays and lesbians can be and are openly gay and lesbian. The only people who taunt them are....nevermind. :-(

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