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michael seth novick

i got to see isaac hayes in prospect park a few weeks ago. it was good. the highlight was walk on by. it's also sampled in one of my all-time favorite songs, 2 wicky by hooverphonic. check that out if you're unaware of it.


i vote for terribly depressing... however Walk on By is such a classic, his version was also on the L word (last seasons final episode)... his work varied from soulful to cheesy but either way he definitely left his mark on this world..

if you see me walking down the street..and i start to cry..each time we meet..oh man gets me EVERY time!

Ms G

Hyperbolicsyllabicsesquedalymistic - From "Hot Buttered Soul" does the trick for me every time. It's been sampled over the years in the hip-hop world, but the original is always the best. R.I.P. Mr. Hayes and Mr. Mac.


I was just listening to this CD. Best version of Walk On By ever recorded. I am just so fucking sad today. Bernie Mac, Isaac Hayes, WTF? I am ultra sensitive to people dying lately. My mom died Jan 19th, my grandmother Feb. 18th, sometimes life is just so fucking hard.



That's rough, Julia. :-(


I have to concur, his version of "Walk on By" is superb, as are the rest of the songs on "Hot Buttered Soul". Absolute genius. The soundtrack to "Shaft" is very good too. I hate that countless television shows have parodied the title track. Rest in peace Mr. Hayes and Mr. Mac.

Julia, my condolescences go out to you girl, life is pretty rough sometimes.

Miss Lisa

Thank you for posting this song Rich. It truly is beautiful. He was such a maverick and role model, along with Bernie Mac. My skinny, red-haired, Irish-American friend always wanted to be Isaac Hayes. That's how influential the man was. We will miss you, cool, cool guys.


They're here!!!

Cycle 11 gals


Hold on a minute. I just read that his final role is in a movie called Soul Men. With Bernie Mac, spookily enough.


Final role with Bernie Mac and Samuel L Jackson. Is Samuel in hiding?


That is an incredible song, and here I thought that "2 Wicky" by Hooverphonic might have been an original beat. Don't I feel ignorant...


thanks you guys, I do not mean to be Debbie Downer, but it just gets to me sometimes.




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