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August 08, 2008


Kevin Neal

"If" and "She's got the vibe" -- Best compilation EVER. Thank youuuuuuu


Between Soul For Real, Jane Child BellBivDevoe and SWV, I'm woozy with excitement! Your mix is already blasting out of my speakers. I can't thank you enough, Rich!
House of Jules


Swoon! Every song makes me say "Ooh, that's my jam!" It's like seeing someone I haven't seen in years, makes me smile. Thanks Rich.


I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED, that 1-4 All-4-1 song, I bought the whole East Coast family for like 3 bucks just to have that song, I could mimic the whole video still to this day, I am so glad someone else realized what a GREAT song that was.

Ms G

Have I told you lately that I love you. Thanks for reminding me of how fast the time went... :-)


This is making my otherwise kind of shitty Friday completely f'in awesome. Thank you Rich for realizing the awesomeness that is (was? it'll never die) new jack swing and promoting it so.

Honey B Fly

Thank you, Rich. You amaze me with your musical taste. You and I would have had a blast being A&R during that period. Ahh, the music industry...RIP.

P.S. I was bummed that Tammy Lucas was strictly background. I would have loved hearing a solo project from her. Thanks again.
Your stan,
Britt aka honeybfly


Rich, I can never download your music!!


Rich... thank you! I don't know anyone, besides my parents, that like New Jack like I do! Have you ever seen the weekend long salute to New Jack on VH1 soul? I have watched it 3 times and I force my husband to watch it with me. Every time it's on i think of you.

Thank you for all your mixes!!

(Btw, VH1 Soul has an SWV Soul Story {showing all of their videos in order through the entire span of their career} and it just made me think of that OLD entry you wrote about them decades ago. God, I feel like such an obsessed fan.)

Michael A. Gonzales

i love the new jack swingers...black teddy boys, baby!



FINALLY Someone gives love to Mariah Carey's someday!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I love it!! Between the New Jack and Winston you are officially the most kick-ass blogger on the web.


I can't wait to listen!


Rich, I live for these compilations. All I listen to in the car right now is your 'best r&b of 2007' one. Thank you so much for all the effort that you put into sharing these with us.


just reading the song list gave me a boner. thank you.


Damn dude, you just made my work afternoon a million times better. Thanks. :)


I think i love this...a lot!!!!! Good look!




Do you have the video mix for Tara Kemp's "Piece Of My Heart", and, if so, can you build an entire New Jill mix around that one song. Because I seriously can't stop watching the video on YouTube. And, again, it needs to be the video mix, not the album version.

Here are some other suggestions for the mix:
1) Tisha Campbell - Push
2) Jasmine Guy - Try Me
3) The Good Girls - Just Call Me
4) Good 2 Go - Never Satisfied
5) Pretty In Pink - All About You
6) Ex Girlfriend - Why Can't You Come Home
7) Ex Girlfriend - You're The One For Me
8) Nia Peeples - Trouble
9) The Party - In My Dreams

Now get to work.


I just have to say that these 3 mixes are up there with the best mixes of all time. Already gave you a shout out on my blog, but when I go to make my "top 10" albums of the year, album-definition be damned, these mixes are gonna be in my list!

(keeping my fingers crossed for future installments!)


Love the mix!

Check out some new jack swing at www.back2basics.biz , we've got tons of New Jack video clips, album & single reviews posted :)




Thanks but it is impossible to download... Stop at Damian Dame.. :-(


thanks i have finaly been able to download completely.

This is a puire delight... I dream about the Jazvk'n Jill 4 :-)


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