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August 27, 2008



Amazon is convinced I'm a 6 year old girl. It keeps asking me to buy Build-a-Bear Workshop, the Video Game.


netflix is the devil...but i love it oh so much! can we be netflix buddies?!


I got this once:

RECOMMENDED: An Inconvenient Truth
BECAUSE YOU LIKED: Brokeback Mountain

It's the closest an automated computer service has ever come to calling me a "liberal fag."


Oh, man. Netflix knows me too well. I do enjoy "foreign steamy romance."

However, I find fault with its assumption that I like classics from the 1960s based on my interest in "Bad Girls Go to Hell," "Blood Feast," and "Two Thousand Maniacs."


You don't know how many shitty teen movies there are out there until you make the mistake of adding Bring It On to your que one night when you're drunk.


it's because your taste in horror films is congruent with metal dudes'(i have dated enough to know). do they recommend seasons of UFC to you too? i get those a lot based on my interest in john waters.


I know exactly what you mean. I've picked out like 2 foreign movies and now half of everything they recommend for me has subtitles. And just because I like the Simpsons and Family Guy doesn't mean I have any interest in Robot Chicken. And despite the fact that they probably make up half of my queue and a good portion of the movies that I've received, Netflix fails to recognize my love of Zombie flicks. I think their computer is special.


Also, some one please tell me what the Aqua Teen Hunger Force movie has to to do with The Pink Floyd and Syd Barrett Story?

Hee. HEEE. Because I enjoyed "Mitch Hedberg - Mitch Altogether" and "Freaks", Netflix is sure that I'll enjoy "The Best of Nature: 25 Years." Aha! Ahahaha! This is fun.



Based on those recommendations, you are doing something awesomely right.


Vulgar Videos from Hell hahaha


C'mon, Rich, embrace your inner hair(and/or) metal band. We just know there's a Warrant or Twisted Sister in there somewheres.


Ha! My personal favorite is the time I bought Casino Royale from Amazon, and a few days later they sent me an e-mail, suggesting that based on my recent purchase, perhaps I would like to buy a Hello Kitty dvd?

(Not, of course, that I *wouldn't* like to buy a Hello Kitty dvd, but I'm really at a loss as to how you get from one to the other.)


Mariah, Pantera, same thing.


Frankly, I think they're pointing you in the right direction :D \m/


the way I see it, you're doing something right.


I bought a memoir on Amazon once and they recommended sTORI Telling. Same reaction.


I believe Christy has called it correctly-your love of Saw et, al must be to blame although I was quite baffled when I saw their conclusion that you were a Slayer fan. CLEARLY you would a Stryper fancier.


I think that you should rent and watch those as, as you always put it, a cultural experience :) Like Klosterman and Vh1 classic, you could watch nothing but Vulgar Videos from Hell for 24hrs and see what life lessons you can extract :)


Apropos to nothing, can I just say how much I enjoy your posts on the vh1 blog? They are -- as I have come to expect from your blog -- clever & hilarious. I never post comments there, though, because I don't keep company with people who think "DIE AMBRE DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…DO YOU EVEN KNWO WHAT YOUR NAME MEANS IN SPANISH?…IT MEANS HUNGER….WHICH MAKES YOU A FATTY!…WHORE!…KRIST JO AND DAISY ARE WAY BETTER THAN YOU…GET OVER IT"*

*actual quote!


I use Greencine.com Their selection is much more eclectic. Especially if you're a fan of zombies/cannibals/any obscure horror.

Er, not to shill for them or anything.


"I must be doing something wrong"

..using netflix.

- sidereel
- watch-movies.net
- nabolister
- ovguide
- surfthechannel


Slayer and Pantera, are you secretly my boyfriend? =P


Netflix left me Ferngully as a recommendation for renting an Almonovar film. Sensical.

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