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August 25, 2008



Re: Joseph Julian Soria- yes, please!


I am so excited to see this movie. I'm jealous you've already had the pleasure! I have to wait like two weeks.


I'm convinced Steve Coogan is pretty much the funniest man alive. I can't wait to see this.


everything ive heard about this flick so far has been along the same lines of positive. your entry is the final straw-- im pretty sure i need to see this.

steve z

I am going to have to go see this movie, if just to see Joseph... He's a hottie and he reminds me of you Rich!


Wow - high praise indeed. The reviews I've read have been inconsistent but you've convinced me that I must go see this movie.

Oh, and the Rudy shirt design wins, paws down.


Rich, this guy looks just like you!


IMDb: Always great as a constant source of stupidity.


thanks for the movie tip, and you're SO right about JJS--smokin'!


Damn. He's sexy.


Glad someone else likes it as much as we did. Flashback to my high school drama teacher who WAS talented but also insane.


This is one of the best movies in years...I'm just afraid that people won't get it.

Miss Lisa

It's gotten such mixed reviews, yet it sounds hilarious to me. Thank you for the recommendation. High school drama, insane drama teacher, Steve Coogan--a recipe for excellence.


I'm so excited about seeing this movie, and seeing that you were also excited about it makes me even more excited. Also, did I mention that my husband recently finished his Hamlet webcomic? www.stickfigurehamlet.com


Don't listen to the negative reviews. It's somewhat uneven in parts, but this was the funniest sweetest movie I've ever seen. I laughed so hard I cried and I had a stupid smile on my face the rest of the day.


I am so frakking jazzed to see this movie I can't even describe it.


Yeah, but have you guys seen "Jesus is My Friend" by "Sonseed"?



I just saw this last night and it was awesome- if only in part because I was a serious drama nerd in high school and I knew actual people like the ones in the movie.


So SO excited to see this. It's Waiting For Guffman, meets Life of Brian, meets Spinal Tap, meets The Comeback, meets Porkies 2, meet Arrested Development? SIGN ME UP!

I just HATE that they are selling at as The Next Neapolitan Dynamite. Seriously? That's the best you can do? One is a over the top satire and the other is, quite frankly, "quirky" (I hate quirky.) I wish something could just stand on it's own. But I guess they had to do something as it was not "from the guys that brought you..."


As Cricket Feldstein says in the movie, "those bible thumpers can suck a bag of dicks".


Ok, so my partner and I saw Hamlet 2 this afternoon and I'm here to say that Rich only speaks the truth; the movie is among the best comedies I've ever seen. Catherine Keener and Amy Poehler steal every scene they're in. Elizabeth Shue is just perfect and the kid who plays the theatre critic is brilliantly cast. This is the movie that Strangers With Candy wanted to be but never came close to.

The songs are sooooo good - make sure to stay until after ABC's Look of Love finishes because the best original song in the movie is played over the credits. Makes me wonder what scene that song was supposed to be used in...

Oh, and the cat in Hamlet 2 looks just like Charles Nelson Reilly.

Can't wait for ANTM11 posts!


The kid looks like you.


I loved this movie and I can't wait for your recap, you do it the best.


This movie was amazingly funny. I haven't laughed so hard at a movie in a long time.


I have to disagree. I thought this movie was off-note in every way. I don't think a single one of Steve Coogan's jokes landed, and Catherine Keener's character was awful and unlikable (actually, all of the characters were unlikable in this movie). Also, why was David Arquette in this movie? He must be hard-up for work to accept a role where he has literally three lines.

I think the idea behind this movie is good; if the writing had lived up to the promise, I could have enjoyed it. Instead, I left the theater feeling like my time had been wasted and someone had raped me...in the eyes.

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