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August 10, 2008



Should she have a doctor find out what exactly the burning is? I mean, if it's not the eternal flame, it might be treatable!
House of Jules


so is this movie good? i passed it up last year but i almost went and saw it.
wrecks like that can't get three words into a song without screwing so i call fake on that scene. movie as a whole could be good tho.

Lisa Kate

yes definately is not funny without the context...


aw, i dont agree. this scene makes me really sad both in & out of context.


Yess!! I liked this movie. That chick was so tragic!


I really, really, really did not like this movie. I couldn't sympathize with the character at all. I guess I just can't imagine Maggie Gyllenhaal as skanky and irresponsible. Sherrybaby and Half Nelson are, in my opinion, two of the most critically overrated movies ever. They were both just so...boring, but yeah, this clip IS sorta funny in a totally uncomfortable, "oh God, when will it end?" kind of way.


CRINGE! Both in and out of context; like nails on a chalkboard, that movie...'miserable' is an apt word, even though performances were great, that movie was hard to watch.


My boyfriend has a couch from this movie. It's comfy.. and dirty. That's my claim to fame. hahahaha.


Maggie Gyllenhaal strikes me as someone who is one great role away from an Oscar. I dig her vibe. I thought she was great in "Happy Endings", she's good at playing a total cunt and making it compassionate. Sorry for the c-word, but it's kinda the only accurate word to describe her character in that film. Also: I find her baby-daddy Peter Sarsgaard to be adorable and I've always felt that, despite the fact that he fathered a child with a woman, he's always seemed mega-gay to me. Like, a HUGE mo. One of the first times I saw him was in "Kinsey" as the horny bisexual who tempts Liam Neeson with his hairy nude body and I thought, "First of all, yum. Second, WOW he's a good actor because he has the femmy, lispy gay talk DOWN." It wasn't until I saw him in other films and in interviews that I realized that's pretty much his own voice.

P.S. Thanks for putting that heinous Bangles song in my head all day.


Cosign with Joe, i think this movie was most awesomely cringeworthy than Life, I remember watching this with friends and laughing extremely hard then covering our faces and watching again



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