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i, for one, am glad that you did not get a dog. winston's well-being is my priority.


My Shih Tzu likes to hump my cat (they are roughly the same size) and he just ignores her, or flops to the ground in order to get her off. I cannot even imagine the carnage if she tried that with Winston :)

spoil sport

Your cat looked so bored hissing, I don't think his heart was in it.


I'm allergic to cats but gotdamn that's a cute one. His head is so big.

Dogs totally make you feel more loved than cats, all the time. I'm a dog girl. But I have a Jack Russell and your sister can have that crazy bastard.


Winston looks like a snake when he hisses!


Winston angry = Cloverfield

spin sycle

Winston's even more adorable with his hissing! and I love his vapid curiousity of Wallace...."I don't like you" *sniff sniff* "i don't like you" *sniff sniff*


I am IN LOVE with your pets. All three. Fo' shizz.



Winston totally does look like he's not all that into it, lol. If that was my cat, there were would have been blood drawn. Although, if a dog was friendly like this one my cat probably would have been okay with it.


Is it just me or did winston sometimes purr while he was hissing ;O


My persian kitty has almost the same menacing, doom inspiring hiss that chills me to my bones! maybe it has something to do with the smooshed in nose? He's so cute, and whoever said cloverfield was spot on.

Driver B

Oh Winnie! Even your hissing is cute.


where was ruby in all this anyways? Perhaps rudy would have been able to scare away this lil tail wagging monster!


Thank you for the new Winston video. I needed a smile this week and Winnie never fails to deliver.

We came home to find my daughters 9 year old cat dead last Sunday. A neighbors pit bull had killed him in our yard.

We need fluffy reminders that kitties are awesome. Thank you Rich.


Who does Winston think he's kidding with that lame-ass attempt at hissing? I bet Rudy can handle Wallace with one paw tied behind his back.


Winston looks so pathetic and nonthreatening! And the way his mouth opens reminds me of Predator.

Nikita Tinypaws

I like how you can hear his mouth open up pre-hiss.


Awww bless, Winston just sounds like he has kitty asthma. Jack Russells are totally awesome, especially when they haven't had their tails docked.


DJ lazy rage


TOTAL Predator face! Too funny. And so very half-hearted. When you know you're superior, why put out more effort than you have to?


Poor Winston having his space invaded, and by a dog no less. Alas, he sounds like he has a hairball more than he sounds mad.


If you like cats but want a "doglike-cat," get a manx. When I got my manx I quickly found that a manx cat is JUST like a dog- and this comes from a person who previously preferred dogs. My cat follows me around, never leaves my lap alone, and meows at me nonstop when he feels that I'm not giving him enough attention. :) There are cats who are still kitties but act like dogs- the best of both worlds.


Oh Rich!

Don't tell me the honeymoon is over with Winston! Don't get me wrong, the dog is adorable, but Team Winston for me.

Honey B Fly

Winston is hissed off!


I love Winnie, but the true gem in this video is the last shot of Wallace lounging back to the Maino song "Hi Hater", with a bish please expression. Genius.

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