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September 03, 2008




I'm not sure if I'm glad I missed it, or sad I missed out on what appeared to be a whole episode of WTF.



I'm not sure if I'm glad I missed it, or sad I missed out on what appeared to be a whole episode of WTF.


I am SO glad you wrote this because you're saving me 2 hours of wasted time. WGN in Chicago aired the Cubs game right when 90210 was supposed to start. The game went into overtime, taking it to nearly midnight, and then they did the news, all the while with teaser crawls that read something like, "90210 is coming right up! Don't move or Brenda Walsh will kick your ass!" This insanity went on much longer than even I could handle, so I got disgusted and boycotted the show at the last minute. Now I don't feel so bad. Thanks, Rich!
House of Jules


Like you, I bailed on the original when Shannon left. I debated DVRing this stupid thing and figured, if it was craptacular than I could just delete it five minutes in, like I do so much of the horribleness that I record. You have just saved me that 5 minutes! Okay, you saved me more than that as it looks to be a total train wreck, and we all know how hard it is to pull our eyes away from that. I mean I was expecting it to be cheesy and bad, but wow, that is straight up Limburger right there.


holy shit, AGREED. and that commercial was actually definitely the high point of my viewing experience as well! i felt awkward & embarassed throughout the entire episode.


I usually love your videos, and I agree that the premiere wasn't too awesome, but did you have to call out the Jessica Walter moments (aka the only truly awesome moments of the entire debut) as ones that sucked? That made me sad.


Right after she said, "This ain't Kansas no mo'" he bitch slapped her. At least that's what happened in my head.


Blogisode. That got the biggest groan out of me. Still, I'm going to keep watching this show for the next few weeks just to see Kelly's mom in action.

Jessica Walters is obviously channelling Madame (of Waylon Flowers and... fame) in her portrayal of sexy grandma. It was kind of creepy. And what a waste of a truly fantastic character actor. The worst part of my evening was that I had watched a rerun of Arrested Development immediately prior to 90210 starting. I felt so sorry for Ms. Walters' for the quality of the scenes she was given to work with.


I couldn't get over the lead girl - she's from Degrassi which is a staple in every Canadian's diet. Also, Naomi was way more awesome as Eden in Nip/Tuck...the guy that plays Dixon is brutal.

I felt old watching last night, when the original came out I think I was in 5th grade and everyone at West Beverley seemed so cool and mature - this new batch feels like kids pretending to be older then they are with a script written by older people who are trying to be 'hip' with slang and so forth...oh and Aunt Becky from Full House, ya you can go now - you're god awful.

P.S. Thanks to that show I can't get Viva La Vida out of my head =p


I hope this is cancelled immediately.


haha! The show wasn't great but have you watched re-runs of the original Bev Hills? It's pretty lame viewing once you're over 20. My only gripe was the girls were TOO skinny for thier 10yr old target audience.


Jessica Walter is a treasure...she is wasted here!


What song is being played in the "this sucks" clip? I must hear the rest of it, immediately.


ugh, i sat thru this dreck last night. you summed it up beautifully, rich. i wish i could get my 2 hours back now. i can't believe it's so poorly written and acted...then again... oh, btw, did anyone else catch the sly joke about the andrea character? when that chick was anchoring the news the teacher who's crushing on jenny garth said, 'how old IS that girl?" or was that my imagination?


I thought it was a lot less treacly than One Tree Hill. It dragged a bit, but that probably had a lot to do with the bloated running time. I bet subsequent episodes will pick up the pace better.


Oh, it was SO bad. But at least they brought back Joe E. Tata. The man could use some work.


Not going to lie, I loved it!! It was pure and utter trash and I laughed through the whole episode. Felatio only a few minutes into the episode, I don't know what else you could ask for! I'm sure it will dissapoint me in the long run, but I'm a 90210 fan for sure!

My girlfriends and I have been watching re-runs so we were super excited for the new show. It's all major cheese!


the "this sucks" in the video is way too long to be funny more than three times. it's so annoying and distracting! i coudn't watch it. sorry :(


i agree with sara
it was complete crap and i loved every minute of it.
seriously? a pentapus? SERIOUSLY?


Uhg, I don't know why people have to bring the hate on your hard work. Like any of use fools could string this together with your technical or editorial skills.

I digress at any rate. Thanks for the warning. I was wondering about this. Oddly, I stopped watching the original when Brenda left which means I didn't see much of the original. I think with Gossip Girl on the air, a reboot of 90210 is kinda pointless. It also reminds me of the huge crush I used to have on Luke Perry and thus shames me slightly.

Miss Lisa

If there's no David Silver, I want nothing to do with it.

Unless they bring back Brenda's fake French accent, then I'm watching, religiously.


BRILLIANT! not that i'm surprised at all that the show sucked. for those of you that live in LA it looks a lot like those LA county fair commercials that parody the LA stereotype.

loved, Loved, LOVED the video. and i love you more, rich for saving me the two hours of my life that i would have never gotten back watching this bull$hit!


i can't decide if i loved or hated it. i thought it was really good in some partss, but terrible in others.

loved the grandma and her 'iced tea' though. she'll probably be the only reason i keep on watching.


Dandy Darkly

That was YOUR best blogisode ever!


I am! I was so mad that the CW took more time and expense out to promote the 91210 remake than ANTM.

Speaking of, I saw about a minute or so of 91210 yesterday..."it sucks." I knew this show would be bad when I saw, um, "PH" on TRL endorsing this. I wasn't surprised.

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