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September 08, 2008



I wish I was that articulate. I love you.


YES, YES and YES. Russell Brand is actually funny when his balls aren't on lock-down and he's allowed to mention other things besides The Osmond Brothers. Errr, the Jonas Brothers, I mean. (Nothing against being celibate, Jordin Sparks!)

It truly was the worst VMAs ever, and this is coming from someone who is addicted to The Hills and VH1 trash TV. Clearly my bar isn't set as high as most people and even for me, the VMAs felt like punishment. I wanted the elephant from the original promos to come out from backstage and trample everybody, starting with Rihanna. Except for LL Cool J, who still looks delicious.

Did you catch the Sears commercial he was in? Yes, LL now sells clothes at Sears. What happened to our world?

House of Jules


Maybe they used everything in their power to keep Britney on camera as much as possible in the hopes that she'd do something crazy?


i was most offended by mrs aguilera's performance... seriously bitch, do you really think your diffrent? i swear i thought it was lady gaga covering xtina's song at first, and towards the end she looked just like britney spears... booo

having said that, i love fanny pak and i want t.i. to touch my t.t.'s


Your verb agreement with the conditional in the first sentence made the tip of my dick drip.

Matos W.K.

I didn't even watch this shit and I agree with everything. (Well, I like Kanye, but beyond that.) Pop culture is definitely on some "let's blow everything up and start all over again" shit right now, innit? Great job, of course.


Holy cr@p! Yes. Exactly how I was feeling. WTF? I feel like this was their last chance (atleast as far as I was concerned) and they blew it. Not even big time. Like the popping of a balloon when it was already semi flacid before you pricked it. Shame.


excellent capture of jordin sparks' prissy bitchface. she can give me that look if and only if i'm suddenly eaten up with regret over my sluttiness when i have to confess to my pure-as-the-driven-snow betrothed, or whatever it is that these people think happens.


where did all the talent go?
glad i stopped watching.


when jordan sparks is the most controversial part of the VMAs you know that we're fucked.

the end is nigh.


Ok, I don't keep track of what The Kids These Days are listening to, but didn't 'I Kissed A Girl' come out, like, ten years ago? Is this Katy Perry person pulling a Black Crowes and getting famous by debuting with a cover? Gah, I hate that. Not that anyone actually writes all their own songs anymore.

I must be old, I'm shaking my virtual fist at pop music and MTV....


I'm just glad I wasn't sitting behind that hat.


"remains sexy while doing so"

I see what you did there...I read ONTD enough to know... :)

But, um, yeah, the VMAs sucked for every reason you listed, especially the promise ring sect invading the show. The problem is not only do they have promise rings, they're, um...not that talented. Yet.


Jordin Sparks' statement really made me angry. You have every right to save yourself for marriage, but to call people that do not "sluts" is fucking ignorant and moronic. Not every unmarried, sexually active person is sleeping around willy nilly (I'm not even going to get into the fact that I think that even if someone is doing that, they aren't a slut because I hate the whole societally imposed concept).

Statements like that always make me think of the song "Jesus" by Semi Precious Weapons, though, and that always cheers me up.


ha! i was spending so much time complaining about how xtina, pink, katy perry, and fall out boy all bought the same beat from gary glitter (to cover his court costs?) that i didn't even realized that she was singing "genie in a bottle".

i was also dozing off at the time.


Also, did anyone else notice how uncomfortable that dude presenting with Jordin was after she made her little declaration? Dude looked like he couldn't wait to get off the stage. And Jordin was a complete bitch about her little statement, too.


I'm curious what you thought about Pink's performance.


This is part of the reason I don't have cable. I didn't watch it either and completely agree with what you said. The current state of pop and hip-hop is really uninspiring.

I'm glad you mentioned the Katy Perry thing. It reminded me of your Tila Tequila post a few months ago. She may not necessarily be toying with girls' emotions (that I'm aware of) but she is using the notion of bisexuality to make herself interesting. It's kind of insulting, I think.

And speaking of insulting, didn't Jordin Sparks inadvertently insult part of her core audience? Not a good move.


I've never been a huge BritBrit fan (I KNOW), but dangit if I don't love Piece of Me. I think I loved it more after Danny Noriega sang it (I know, shut up!) and made it all sassy and what not. I think it's a brilliant song and if she weren't so coked out all the time it would have been even better.

It was such a pity award anyway and she knew it. She needs to just hanker down and come out with a country album.

Sarah G

Thank you - I couldn't agree more! How can you even have an awards show when it's the same five acts nominated over and over again? Russell Brand totally sucked and I couldn't listen to "G-d bless 'em" one more time. Also, pairing Jordin Sparks up with the diminutive-seeming John Legend wasn't very nice, until she deserved it.


stephanie -- I thought the exact same thing, but the Katy Perry version is, save for that one line, entirely different. It's less "turns out I prefer my female friend to Fabio" and more "omg guys I was soooo drunk last night guess what I did", more's the pity.

John Taylor

First thing I thought when Rihanna came out for "disturbia"...... tyra finally got her "horse-mane" weave on someone else


that was john legend, and he just got himself a new fan for that reaction. i especially loved how he showed his hands as if to say "fuck that shit, i ain't got no damn ring...what's this bitch babblin' about?!" jordin needed to stfd with that noise.

yup, the awards sucked ass, they were quite boring actually. only things that were remotely entertaining was russel brand (he was completely sarcastic and his 'fuck this shit' attitude completely won me over) and the audiences non reactions to the various performances. the artists were more into it than anyone else, sadly.

oh and the anime character from tokio hotel--he's a fierce bish.


How far out of the loop am I that I really don't know ANYTHING about the Jonas Brothers? I know they're from the Disney Channel and now I know they wear purity rings...should I care about them otherwise? Were the people running madly for them paid actors? I'm underwhelmed

I miss the days of Madonna and Prince and comedians being allowed to piss off whomever they want, I know MTV is now trying to appeal to the 12-16 age group but I mean this was one step up from the Teen Choice awards...is someone going to get slimed next year?


I stopped paying attention to pop music around the year 2002. so i literally know almost no-one that you posted about. that's so strange. i know who britney spears is. but that's pretty much straight up it. pop music is beyond horrible at this point. thank you for posting about this and reaffirming that i am not missing out on anything.

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