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a few hours of your life that youll never get back, and for that i am very sorry. :(

Jelena Vukosav

I completely agree with this Rich. I watched last night over a stream (it was early morning here) and it was the most boring show ever!!! I suffer from insomania and it was putting me to sleep....aghhh
great review


I just want to say thank you for that Rihanna comment. I thought I was seriously the only one taking crazy pills or something, because I truly believe that chick can NOT sing.


Thank you for confirming everything I thought about the show. All the hype on Brit's opening made it seem like it was going to be something worthwhile. I thought it was vapid and pointless - kind of like the rest of the show. I wished with all my might that Lil Wayne's pants would just go ahead and fall down so he would learn his lesson once and for all. And I actually felt sympathy for Kid Rock b/c you could tell he was the ONLY person in the room that was into his song...and he even seemed to lose interest half way through.


What fucking authority does MTV have over pop culture anyways? They play shitty videos as filler at 5 AM. They don't even play the whole video on TRL. The rest is The Hills and True Life: Jersey Shore Time Share 2. It makes me sad that it's still a conduit of pop culture, corrupting today's youth with this milquetoast, whitebread, boring-ass music.

and also fuck Katy Perry, or rather fingerblast and scissor Katy Perry. Don't tell me how you're kinda bi casue you kissed a girl, come back when you've face planted in some vag. Until then stop using someone else's sexuality to sell your music.


I am going to suggest that whenever you are linked on another blog, you also get the honor of remaining sexy while doing so. It's maybe my favorite ONTD invention. It deserves its own wiki site.


Like Cheryl from upthread, I'm also hopelessly out of the loop. That's one reason I love your pop culture coverage.

Amazing how these people are famous for just about anything you can think of besides any discernable musical ability.

Seriously, the one dude is mostly known for his low-hangers, half the others would be nobodies without reality tv or the fucking Disney Channel, most of the women are contractually obliged to be pantiless skanks, and the remainder are either has-beens or hangers-on. Incredible.


I could not agree more. I do have to make a comment on several things that did make my stomach hurl while attempting to watch the VMAs. I had to channel surf during any moment of Russell Brand on the show. He was spastic and a moron. I loved how he had to bring up the fact that he was a "really big celebrity in Britain" and repeated himself. As much as I loved Britney's album, we know she didn't deserve any award. Rhianna's intro, I had to turn it once she opened her mouth. I was afraid I was going to go into an epilleptic seizure from her banshee singing. And I couldn't agree more on Paramour's singer. I loved how the camera/editors kept trying to cut out her crab-crawling snatch scratch fever, on second thought, perhaps it was ode to MJ.


Love you, Rich, and I love this recap, as per usual.

I'm a little surprised, though, that you made no mention of P!nk's performance? I'm really curious what you made of it. (Apparently it didn't make enough of an impression to get a mention?)

Love or hate her, for me she was sort of the highlight of the night. She sounded awesome, and she sang live (unlike, say, Xtina, despite giving her high-and-mighty attitude about always singing live in, oh, every interview of her I've ever read). She looked better than I would've thought she was capable of looking. (Killer hair, guurl.)

All that, and I think she's the only one who actually utilized the "Hollywood movie studio back lot" to any degree of effectiveness. Sure, breaking glass and pyrotechnics were cheezy, but it was the VMAs for g-d's sake.


John Legend's uncomfortable look reminded me of Mike Meyers when Kanye said that George Bush doesn't care about black people. Russell Brand doesn't care about virgins!
And John, some of us girls DO want to be sluts...mmmm...


actually lil wayne is jesus


yes yes yes! ...i love you and your witty, insightful commentary. That whole mtv smothered production was a joke!

You eloquently say everything that my mind would like to but my mouth(or fingers in this case) fails to do so. Thank you!


Your review plus MichaelK at dlisted's liveblogging means I don't have to watch this garbage. And for that I thank you.

MTV bites great big fetid donkey balls.


I couldn't summon up enough interest in Jordin Sparks to even form an opinion of her until now. So every girl that doesn't wear a promise ring is a slut? Now at least I have an opinion of of her: douchebag. Why do I or you or anyone besides their parents know who Spencer and Heidi are? MTV you are dead to me-er, except when True Life is on because that show is occasionally cool.

I remember when the VMA's were appointment television. Of course, that was about when our current crop of ANTM hopefuls were in Pullups. Oh my Hell as our mutual heroine might say.


Damn....I was afraid you'd cover this garbage instead of doing the ANTM recap after your post last week.

Yes, this show sucks every year now. It's the people's choice awards now, and the peopl evoting are 15. Trust me, leaving this show in the past and never looking back is the best medicine.

Wow - I haven't caught this show for a while and it was painfully bad, and I know it's not because I'm nearing my late 20's and feeling out of touch. Jokes sucked, music sucked, stars sucked. What happened to rock stars? Or even pop stars??

Haver Cole

Jordan Sparks can suck it.

There is a middle ground and when you get older and have lost your real virginity after using your ass for most of high school ( I knew a girl who did this) you will understand...


Rachel D.

"No, the fault rests on us, or what's left of the music-buying public, who seem content with the blandification of our pop culture."

Yes. THIS.
I've never been able to decide if I resent MTV for pandering to the modern "music"-buying public or whether I resent said public for forcing MTV to be what it is. All I know is that whatever integrity the channel had back in the late-80's/early-90's is long, long gone and never coming back.

And don't get me started on the pointlessness of holding a Video Music Awards ceremony on a channel that rarely shows music videos anymore. Or - at least - good ones. I mean, Britney bringing home three awards for a video that amounts to a bunch of gyrating and costume changes? Really?


They were background noise, but I enjoyed them. I thought Russel Brand was pretty funny. Kind of the male Kathy Griffin. Plus Britney looked good.


God fucking bless you for this review. You hit the nail on the head with every critique.



ms shai

Ahh Rich, Lil Wayne was the best performance of the night. He was the only one at this clusterfuck that seemed genuinely happy to be there, and genuinely happy to be performing. Can't you see it, doesn't it warm your heart?


Well, if the blind item is true... two of the Jonas brothers have already wet their whistle. I guess that means their ring finger is still pure.


I really did LOL when I read what you said about Rihanna. While, I do enjoy her music, she really shouldn't be highlighting her inability to sing live. Seriously, record that shit, and lip sync like Janet and Britney have been doing for years! Learn!

Miss Lisa

I avoided this like the plague, so thanks for the wrap-up. I used to worry as I approached my 40s that I would become a moldy relic and miss out on new pop culture excitement but I can honestly say: I'm glad I'm not young today. I hate most of today's music culture and its vapid, commodified imagery.

It's like that episode of "The Jetsons" (or was it "The Flintsones"?) where the adults travel to the distant future where all teenagers are well-mannered, dance the fox trot, and only listen to adult contemporary. I may be a moldy relic, but I can now find relevance in cartoon satires of the 60s.

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