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September 08, 2008



Tokio Hotel is AWESOME.


im gonna take this opportunity to say that I LOVE U RICHHHHHHH!!!

and winston.


So, question - Katy Perry was supposed to do "Like a Virgin" and I saw about three seconds of it, all of which were incredibly awful. Did I hallucinate that? Did it really happen? Does anyone have it on the YouTubes? Because I have yet to track it down.


You're a funny dude! Very interesting review.

You know, if MTV hadn't completely mismanaged the decision-making vis-a-vis performers for the show, we might have been spared Christina, T-pain and the Jobros, and actually have gotten to HEAR the Best New Artists of the Year - the wonderfully sovereign and musically glorious Tokio Hotel. And then you would have no trouble at all differentiating Bill from Bjork, LOL.

Other than that... Russell Brand was intriguing and somewhat fascinating, even in his less funny moments. And he had some VERY funny moments... And I liked Pink's performance. And I'm fond of Paramore and I think Hayley Williams works that look.

But you're dead-on on everyone else who was there. What a farcical sham of a goof-up. 3 VMA's for Britney? I would give her... a stuffed porpoise or something. You know, cheer her up, make her feel better about herself - that's a noble purpose and the tools of that purpose should include fuzzy things, hugs, and maybe a cup of tea. Not three of the most prestigious (well... once-prestigious) awards in the music industry. Hmph. Let's all move to Europe - like Eddie Izzard says, it's where the history comes from. What he didn't say was that it's also where the future's coming from. There and everywhere else, as America spirals towards cultural absolute zero. GERMANY HERE I COME


Rick, you rock my socks!! The VMAs were soooo boring. I had to write about it also. Britney winning 3 awards floored me to no end. WOMP to MTV!

John Mullen

I didn't even see the awards - but this is a damn fine piece of writing!


Why is (who I am assuming to be) T-Pain dressed up like Bootsy Collins?


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jhT6q5 Good point. I hadn't thought about it quite that way. :)

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