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September 08, 2008



last year i claimed that pop had eaten itself. this year, i am proved right.


"Please send the answers to these questions to my AOL address."

The sad thing is, people like Jordin say things like that and then go back to their little friends and pat themselves on the back for being bitchy in public in the guise of standing up. They'll never get how bitchy they really sounded.


You summed up exactly how I felt about the show. I kept watching in hopes it would get better...only to be utterly disappointed in the end.


I always look forward to the VMAs, but the combination of Britney's awkward intro, Russell Brand's cringeworthy monologue and Britney winning a VMA for a shitty video made me switch over to The View. At least I'll know what to look for when I Tivo that shit later.

Chuck Bastard

You sound so bitter and retarded. Waawaawaa go read a book or listen to more Bjork. All Bjork fans are the same: gay and pretentious.


The comments by Jordin Sparks don't even make sense.

Sparks claims that sex before marriage makes one a slut, thus the promise to avoid premarital sex is what purity rings signify. She goes on to defend her purity ring by saying not everyone wants to be a slut, i.e. have sex before marriage. This is where her argument falls apart! If in fact, not everyone wanted to have sex before marriage (how she defines being slutty), what is the point of the ring? Is it a token of avoiding something that is utterly meaningless to her? A celebration of not doing what she doesn't want to do? If so, whatever, it's a free country, just don't be militant and bitchy about it. Unless she actually does want to have sex (ie wants to be a slut (as she stupidly defines it)) and is repressing her inner slut by releasing her inner bitch.

Therefore Jordin Sparks is definitely a bitch or a slut, maybe both.


Your indictment of the music buying public is so spot on. I don't listen to pop music, but I don't want it to die! I want its stars to be crazy and trashy and interesting and at least a LITTLE bit talented.. Anyway, I like "Piece of Me." That's my only criticism.


The VMA's were last night? Shit, does that mean I've missed the Blockbuster awards?!?!


Rich, Rich, Rich. You are truly the bomb.com. Everything you say is spot on. I love you and your sexy brain.


I'm so happy I have no idea who 90% of the people above are.

Maybe everybody should stop paying attention?


The endless appearances by people from The Hills was good enough reason not to watch. Seriously, who are the people who actually CARE about Spencer and Heidi? Gah.

I still have this dream that one day we will watch TV together.


I said the same thing about that Björk kid. Three things disturbed me about the show:

1. Russell Brand's "beating the Jackson 5 with a belt" "joke".

2. I don't know if this ran in your area, but the "Full Bar" commercial. Marketing weight loss products to Jonas Brothers fans? Are you kidding me?

3. "Piece of Me" was made during the height of Britney Spears' breakdown. Reportedly she was so messed up when they ffilmed that bathroom part, when she returned to restaurant a few months later she insisted that she had never been there before. Why reward her "comeback" with that?

HOWEVER I sort of loved Katy Perry's banana-peeling outfit.


Is it sad that at the age of 22 (wait, no, 23 in a couple of days), I already feel too old for this shit?

I only watched the VMAs this year in an attempt to distract myself after going into a batshit crazy crying fit over the ending of United 93 on TNT. The damn thing looked like it was held in my living room. Seriously, were those cafeteria chairs they were sitting on?

I really wanted to dislike Russell Brand, I really really did. Yet dispite all the craptacular jokes, there was still SOMETHING that drew me to him.

Oh, Jordin. Poor, naive little hypocrite. For a minute I thought I was in Williams-Sonoma, because I swore I saw a pot next to a kettle. Tell me, does my getting married cancel out my slut status, or should I keep looking for that scarlet letter to pin upon my chest? The sad thing is, no one in the mainstream media will call her on her own bullshit - she'll probably be considered a hero, because dammit if those slutty whores don't deserve what they get! Now on with the abstainence-only education!

And where did Perez Hilton get off being so high-and-mighty in the post-show? At least I can take comfort in the fact that the windbag will probably be irrelevant in a few years.

Overall, everyone looked like they were in pain from just being there.


I showed your post to my boyfriend this morning, saying "OMG, look at Bjork" and we talked about the picture a little bit before I scrolled down and you finally wrote that it's not her. You got me. :)


First of all, I don't believe that the JoBro's are virgins. They're hottie teens with screaming girl fans. I bet they shared groupies with Tokio Hotel after the show.... that is unless they were just sleeping with Tokio Hotel after the show.

I love how BritBrit "deserved" to win because she's finally back down to the size she used to be, and Mtv is going to use this in order to talk about how they "re-started her failing career" in VMA and Britney specials for the next five years.

And finally, Jordin Sparks hasn't given us enough singles to be a slut, anyway.

PS why does Katy Perry wear so many acrobat costumes? Is she doing a side project with T-Pain?


Did anyone notice that even ANTM6's Kim Stolz--apparently now a MTV correspondent--was hesitant to offend by strangely acting straight and flirting with Russell Brand in the post-show? Perhaps I'm looking a little too closely into what was probably a joke on Stolz's part, but all I know is something's messed up when Perez Hilton starts defending promise rings.


I only saw Jordin Sparks promise ring comment (nothing else) and I had no idea what she was talking about. I thought promise rings were what horny teenage boys gave their girlfriends to get some pusseau, like a pre-engagement ring... one step above the letterman's jacket.

Shows what I know. Thanks for clearing that up for me.


I just like Jordin Sparks' assertion that she's celibate by choice.


re: the Xtina (LOVE calling her that) performance/songs: I agree that neither is original, but are you also saying you don't like them? I actually thought the revamped "Genie" sounded MAD good (albeit unoriginal) and I am obsessed with getting the full version now and/or hearing it on a dancefloor.
I also think her new "keeps gettin better" is good and, at the very least, shows she doesn't mind going melisma-free for a song (more or less).

I agree that Jordin Sparks needs to lose the 'tude, and yet I am somehow oddly glad that she said what she said, if only because Russel Brand was just really disappointing and un-funny nearly the entire time.

great review otherwise. I'm just sad Britney didn't actually perform a banging number.


Excellent review, boring show.

All I could think during the T.I. song was, yes, in fact, he DOES remain sexy while doing so. No matter what he does. Who knew.


when 'touch my body' lost to 'piece of me' in the first fifteen minutes, i knew this whole show was going to shit on my face.


now that this horrid stench is past us,
let us rejoice on a full on beaming fierceness recap of ANTM.


Jordin Sparks is just pissed because there are very few guys who want to fuck a Wookiee. She should never go sleeveless and strapless if she wants to avoid this comparison. Especially when standing next to John Legend. Fugly always hates on Slutty anyhow, it's a total jealousy thing. The only way a promise-ring can keep your virginity pure is if they have to fuck you through the middle of it.

You are a rainbow light from heaven, Rich, and I love you...

love, J-Mo :)


So Rich, the VMAs were wack. You're absolutely right.

Can we have our ANTM post please? Pretty please with a Jonas Brother cherry on top.Kthxbai :oP

Spin sycle

full of WIN

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