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September 08, 2008


The Big Cigar

I hate this fucking music! All these mouth-breathing morons sound the same.

And Li'l Wayne looks like he has denture breath and crotch B.O. - I don't even need to know what he sounds like other than the man wears black undies so his bacon-strips don't show. Hydrocodone cough syrup plugs you up and the going gets BAD, trust me on this.

Rihanna? Why is she famous, for having a plastic face and a plastic voice? Who buys her records? Surely you can find another CD cover to snort blow off of?

Who is the brain-stem who told Christina Aguilera she could sing? How can she look in the mirror and think she looks good like that?

Why did this show give make-up awards to Cheeto-Frappacuino Spears for last year's most stellar performance? I watch that shit on youtube at least once a week.

VH1/MTV are irrelevant and prove it daily.

I never heard Kanye West sing ever. Don't want to.


Is the VMA conservatism an indication that McCain/Palin are going to win? That thought seriously occurred to me during the whole purityringate.


HA! very well put, i was totally disapointed.

And for the record, i like russel brand. Most of the time.

That shit was disapointing.


my bfs best friend is dating this girl who says she is Jordin Sparks cousin and the only thing i could think about during that was how i cant mention the only funny thing about this years VMAS to her in conversation.


oh yea, its my birthday today.

that is all.


Oh my God, your Björk comment made me lol forever. Thank you.


i personally enjoyed pinks performance the most, i adore that song...although i maybe biased due to fairly recent divorce...plus i wanna be her girlfriend. But it was a good show, with the pyrotechnics and all.


shame on jordin sparks. she should know better than to even USE the word "slut". plus, if you can't take a joke in this Business, you'll be eaten alive. and you make music for OLD WOMEN. that just really chaps my ass. i'm not a slut. fuck you. your music sucks, and now you ain't even cute.

ANYWHO, thank you also for talking about rhianna. i am still less than impressed with her. also, in the beginning of p!nk's performance, she looked more like that lady who sings "i love the night life, i got to boogaay..." than ever before!


I was immediately unhappy that I missed the show when I found out that it had played last night. Then I remembered last year's show and said to myself, oh yeah, it probably sucked. And, by the apparent agreement of everyone that has reported on the fiasco, so it did. Risk something, you assholes!


Rich you are PERFECT, never change! Love it!


Rich you are PERFECT, never change! Love it!


sorry, my bad...

eric mathew

i blogged the whole night as well. we should exchange notes.


I would like to see britney succeed again but DAMN her piece of me video is so crappy. When it came out, everyone was saying how bad it was and now she gets 3 awards? If she won an award for the song, thats reasonable because its catchy and stuff. But for the video?? thats just stupid.

xtina....lady gaga? well...they both have bad coreographed posture. it's SO electro of them!


i'm not in the US to watch the MTV music awards and i was a bit disappointed so i was going to look up some performances on youtube. now i know not to bother. the US is so lame these days. i'm glad i don't live there.


God. This is just fucking brilliant.


Speaking as someone who was 16 when MTV started, people like Jordin Sparks and The Jonas Brothers would've never gotten near Radio City Music Hall where the old VMAs used to be held, let alone been given awards. There's plenty to joke about regarding 80s music, but the VMAs used to give awards to the likes of The Police, Duran Duran, Robert Palmer, and Bruce Springsteen. I don't see anyone possessing nearly that level of talent here. I don't know why young people accept this garbage.


This show needed a "Trapped in the Closet" installment to salvage it from total ruin. I want to know what happens to the midget and the cop!


OMG, Rich, you're the Oscar Wilde of the 21st century... clever, quotable, merciless, absolutely right about everything.


"Katy Perry is nothing but Diablo Cody with an actual stripper's body, instead of a former stripper's body"

I fucking love you.

Green Is Good

Hilarious, excellent recap!

But I'm still glad I missed this lame ass "awards" show.


Rich, you nailed. Just nailed it. Thank you.


"And don't even get me started on the "Numa Numa" shit in the T.I. duet. I mean, really, guys? In 2008? Is the Star Wars kid going to be in that video? Will you premiere it via Napster? Perhaps you might promote it via the fresh concept of social networking? Please send the answers to these questions to my AOL address. In other words, get with the times!"

You make me cry with laughter!!


I walked away from the TV ten minutes in. Bless you for watching. I admire you long time.

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