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MIke M

Isn't that Paul Simonon of The Clash at the bar...he sure looked good back then. Now the typical working class teeth of England have kicked in and years on the rock 'n roll treadmill really show.


This movie is awesome! Got it off bootleg a few years back before it came out on DVD. Fee Waybill from the Tubes should totally have been in more movies - he is hilarious in this. And Diane lane? Swoon : )

FYI my cat is Fee, named after him. hehe


That is Katarzyna in the Bust article; I was all nerdy-like and actually checked the credits. Small, small world. Shit, I can see Russia from my house!

/still funny, yes?

Regal Stretch

Fee Waybill IS great; I used to have a clip of an interview that Rodney Bingenheimer did in '77 that was like a conference call with Fee, Sid Vicious, Siouxsie Sioux, and Johnny Rotten. Fee was totally smarmy and hilarious and just taking the piss out of those too cool for the room UK punk rockers in a grand manner.


I think the best moment happens at 3:39 when we suddenly transition to backstage at "Cats"


Yeah, I added this to my netflix after I saw this post, and now I'm about half way through it.

I can't stop laughing at all the white bred kids being so angsty and ~punk rawk~. It's actually not a poorly done movie, I think (so far), but the characters are so wrong. Thank you for turning me onto this gem.

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