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September 05, 2008



Okay, I'm an idiot...or possibly just naive...but are the actors eating actual shit? Despite how disgusting THAT is, I was equally amazed by the guy who just dropped his pants and took a dump in a room full of people. Kudos to that guy.


I saw this in my teens, and for the longest time I thought it was a documentary! Your taste in movies is impeccable.

Michael Morgan

Salo is perhaps for me one of the most challenging films I've ever seen. I find it interesting that you really like it but then kind of parody it with the vid? Back then you couldn't control and manipulate film to your own liking or rewatch it over and over in snippits until it loses all its power. You could only sit in a theatre and experience it.
To me the homosexuality line dates the film. I wonder if Passolini envisioned how accepted it would become because based on this film I dont' think he did.
Also, the editing and camera placement are so dry and detached and brilliantly done that they place the audience on the side of the sadists implicating us. The rape, murder, etc, are not heighted or sensationalized [or eroticized?] with camera trickery. Also the victims are nameless and give stale often lifeless performances.
The passive audience spectators could be a telling metaphor for how the events of WW2 came to pass. In that fact, the film is slightly elitist. To know the history behind the film and director greatly heighten the effect of the film which would be lost to the casual or uninformed film goer.
I guess one of the themes of the movie is that nothing is sacred and in many ways its an EXTREMELY dark comedy, another brilliant aspect of the film, its not easily categorizable. So why shouldn't you be able to poke fun at it? TO me your vid comes across like the two stoned dudes who are sitting behind you in a theatre while you're trying to enjoy a serious film.


Supposedly their "feast" was concocted using chocolate and orange marmalade. At least that's the word on the street.


I've heard of the film, but never seen it. I've always wanted to, but never remembered to look for it.

And that was a chocolate covered banana, right? *lol*


gabe: You should write Paul Newman.
gabe: QUICKLY.

I can't read any farther than that, it's making me laugh so hard. I'm...sure the rest is good too.


eww sounds gross. where can i find it?


I have to agree with Brad, it does feel a bit like a concentration camp allegory. What amuses me though is that supposedly A Clockwork Orange is shocking but I couldn't have been less shocked by it. This movie, though, taps into some of our deepest rooted feelings of disgust. It'll probably always be shocking.


My dad is a professor who specializes in Italian cinema—when I first heard about, I had to ask him what he thought of it. And he said he didn't find it at all shocking. Which I found shocking, because even though he has a stomach for horror films and such, he doesn't really enjoy them at all. "But don't they like... eat nails and shit? And shit?" I asked.
"Yes," he said. "And it's a good movie." And he left it at that.

I think that it's interesting seeing how he views it in terms of his professional background, as an unquestionably "important" film made by a master, and how this basically eliminates all of the disgust for him.

I'll ask him about it again today.


I love the joy on Rich's face and the absolute horror on Gabe's


While I totally don't have any interest in watching the film, man to be a fly on the wall with you guys. I love both your writtings.


Damn, I always enjoy your reviews. I think this movie is brilliant. A shame he got murdered after this one. I fell in love with his point of view of life after watching his trilogy of life and this one had to be seen. He truly was way ahead any other at his time.

Also, thanks for the laugh. I really enjoy watching my friends reactions everytime I make them watch those fucked up movies I like :P


Salo sucks not because of the raping and the shit-eating but despite the raping and the shit-eating. Pasolini was a fraud, hailed as a master because a) people don't realize that, shit-eating aside, his whole "decadent fascists as symbols of the depravities of the upper class" was a pretty common European arthouse convention at the time (Visconti anyone?) and b) because he had such a perfect last name for a cinematic master.

Pasolini. Paso-LINI. PASO-lini.



Ok I had to comment because at the last place I lived this movie randomly showed up in the mail. It was for a past resident who had moved out awhile ago so we opened it up to see what it was and we ended up watching it. This was in 2007 so the funny thing is the movie was hard to find then and it just showed up at our house. We had no idea what it was. It was pretty messed up, but I watched it all!

Miss Lisa

The whole post reminds me of the GOP Convention. Can't say why.

I Just had a dream with shit in it last night. Not the eating of shit, but shit was present. I could SMELL it in my dream. Yuck. Must check a dream dictionary on that one.

I'm hoping Ken Russell's "The Devils" is released in its entirety on DVD some day. That's the disturbing film I've been wanting to see. But it kind of looks like a walk in the park compared to this...


Damn you, Netlix! "Very long wait" indeed!


You should try Serbian Dusan Makavajev's "Sweet Movie" (also on a Criterion Collection propagandized DVD set) next. Not only does this movie have one of the most ridiculous golden shower sequences ever, but it features a dinner/orgy sequence (one of many sequences that mixes food, sex, and bodily substances that should never be mixed with either) that essentially is an extended "Two Girls and One Cup" with more people and dudes. Not to mention its opening sequence which is a bizzaro "World's Prettiest Vagina" beauty pageant.

I think Sweet Movie is trying to say something about Marxism and the Soviet Union's betrayal of Marxist Ideals or something (certain sequences are intercut with footage of the mass graves of the victims of the Katyn Massacre) but the message was muddled by all the weird food sex.

Makavejev's "W.R. Mysteries of the Organism" which is a pseudo-documentary about Wilhelm Reich who was a crazy protege of Freud who moved to Maine and was convinced that he could make it rain by harnessing the power of orgasms or something (he was also the subject of Kate Bush's classic single/video, "Cloudbusting"). Anyways soon it becomes clear that once again its some muddled commentary on communism, but at least it's not gross and unwatchable. And you get to see how dildos are made.


I first saw this movie as a young teen then did a viewing with friends years later. I've only found one other person who didn't vomit besides myself. Trust me, I thought about it though.

It cost a ton to buy back then though (I'm 32 so yeah, that's back in the illegal vhs days). God bless the internet for bringing out the wonder that is Salo to the masses and making them vomit in mass.


Somewhat disturbing, but I guess I'm jaded (or have seen way too much on the internet) because I've seen worse than that. And the poop did not look real in the least. I guess if you had to watch 2 hours of people eating (fake) poop it might wear on you, though.

Chantal Goya

Can't wait to see it. I fucking love Criterion.


Mmmm...that poop sounds delicious.

Count me in with Bapril at being amazed at the guy who took a dump in a room full of people. I think I would be stricken with horrible performance anxiety if asked to poop on the floor in front of a crowd. ("OK, wait, I think it's coming...oh, sorry, false alarm, that was just gas...give me a minute...hey, where are you guys going? You're going to miss your feast!") Obviously I am not cut out to be a sadistic, torturing libertine.


i bought this vcd in china (counterfeit version) just because i was buying ANYTHING in french and lots in english because they were so cheap. I ended up SOOO shocked and disturbed.



You should make one of the children on all 4s eating the cake filled with nails .........or candles burning genitals?


I'm pretty sure Criterion put out Armageddon and The Rock as a conditional thing after Michael Bay and/or Jerry Bruckheimer gabe them a shit-ton of money for film preservation. Maybe "shit-ton" is not the best unit of measurement here. Or actually, maybe it is.


I hate you both. I had this on the top of my netflix queue for weeks and its still a VERY LONG WAIT. Ugh, I feel I will never get this movie, and may just have to buy it.

As I've read 120 of Sodom this summer (ahh, beach literature) I am anxiously awaiting this feature to see how it compares.

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