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September 22, 2008



first! i love marjorie!

Steve Abramson

I stayed up all morning waiting for the update... what would Monday be without it?

I probably should now actually READ this... but I saw zero comments and had to be the smartass that says "first?"


Am I the only person who had "Filthy/Gorgeous" running through their minds when reading this recap?




I actually quite LOVE Elinas hair!!! I want it my damn self, it's very sexy on her

Megan J

first? tee hee

Megan J

nope, more like fifth ha!

Megan J

Isis spread-legged did totally freak me out. Ewwwwwww.

Also, I was completely pissed off that Miss J. wanted to see more of Marjorie's swimsuit, but then Elina gets called first and you can't even see hers. The hell?

Steve Abramson

Now that I've read this...

A few people over at IMDB have been poking fun at me since I'm crushing heavily over Analeigh (what kind of gay man AM I?)

And OMFG @ the Hannah/toothy blowjob comment - nothing worst than having your cock chewed off. At least Joslyn was wise to remove her teeth before making an offer (seriously, where ARE her teeth in that shot?)

Yes Elina looks busted, but at least we now know what happened to the weave they removed from Britt back in C8... they were just waiting to torture someone. In my opinion Elina is the model to beat with Samantha and McKey rounding out my top 3... But is it me or should a photo shoot that teaches the girls how to pose in swimwear actually FEATURE the bathing suits? Seriously, as great as Elina's picture was, it was a fucking beauty shot and I find it incredibly moronic on Tyra's part to choose a picture that didn't show the damn suit.

And Snow White? I used to have fantasies about the seven dwarves and now Tyra has ruined something else for me... the bitch!

Great recap (and good for you on feeling the Hannah love!)

trick please

Wow, I have been waiting for this. That whole Snow White thing was cringe-inducing.

If the contestants ever questioned the efficacy of this show getting you a modeling career (which should be evident by the meager success of past contestants), I'd say that this was the final nail in the coffin because it should have become exceedingly obvious that Tyra & Co. are just f-ing with them


Psssht, McKey looks like Stephen Baldwin.

See? Twins. :D


Lauren Brie is definitely the hottest girl there, but she looks like, reddish-embryo colored some times.

trick please

p.s. I Love Sutan! He can do no wrong in book. And his haircut is cute


McKey actually looks like Jeremy sisto in that "looks like Linda Evangelista" screenshot up there...


um. does anyone else out there have a problem with Tyra/Sutan's description of Elina's curly auburn weave: "it's a Makeover FIRST in the HISTORY. OF...."

shyeah fucking right. check out cycle 8's Brittany (aka Brit-tit-tit). it's the SAME DAMN CURLY WEAVE. a top model "first"??? i dont think so. RAGE!

Maybelline Jones

I'm just thanking whatever higher power is out there that these bitches stopped reading Tyra Mail in unison. I wanted to rip my ears off my head every episode - multiple times! Alleluia!


Not really enjoying the jelly bag... why sully the genius of all-Rich posts?

Although I feel like I have to throw in my own at some point. Elina's likeness to late 80s Billy Corgan is just too striking.

Daryn B

The Ramona/Hannah comparison was BEYOND brillant!! But, Rich, you missed the bus in not doing a comparison between McKey and Macullay Culkin (or whatever the hell that Home Alone kid's name is). Does anyone else see it?!? Bueller?


Thanks to Hurricane Ike, I have not been able to record or watch ANTM. Thank you so much Rich for your as always amazing recap. I really needed it!


Sigh. I really need to go back and watch the first part of the episode without the annoying, random blackouts I had to suffer through due to problems at my local station. That said, I thought the make overs were rather disappointing this year. It was kind of the usual. Cut the blond girl's hair really short. Give McKey the "Liza" cut that got Janet eliminated last year (which doesn't bode for for her.) And the only thing that I have to say about Elina's "first in top model history" make over is Brittany cycle 8. I wonder how long it'll take before she looks like a bath mat died on her head. And while Lauren Brie does take incredible photos, she makes me want to take a nap. Sheena FTW!

John Taylor

im so glad you came around about lauren brie, always thought she was the prettiest from the initial group photo, and i literally laughed out loud at the ms. jay/wicked witch gif, so funny


Sheena and Lauren Brie rock. But not as much as your Elina's night terrors, Full House: Life On The Streets and Kthxclose'embye.

You need to work on getting a Rich into stores. Maybe Walmart. I'd fucking buy one in a heartbeat.



"Sutan, if you ain't ever been to the ghetto, don't ever come to the ghetto, 'cause you ain't understand the ghetto. And stay the fuck out of the ghetto."

"It's like, bitch, you ain't Storm."

I love you.


Oh you guys are funny who want Tyra to do something that makes like sense. Yeah, Elina's beauty shot was not about the swimsuit and probably shouldn't have been called first but consistency and sense are not Tyra's strong points. I can't believe she made Mr. Jay pick her up either. As for Elina's hair, I don't understand why Tyra gives the girls weaves. There is no excuse for them when she can give them extensions for the duration they're on this show, ugh. I think she just wants tears and pain because she's silly like that. I hope someone told Elina how to care for that thing since I don't think they told poor Brittany that. Worst makeover has to be Clark though. It's too dark and just draws more attention to her new nose (large) and lack of lips. Also, all the post-makeover shots of the girls suck and that has to be the worst group shot ever as well. I still want Hannah off my screen pronto. McKey, Lauren, Elina, Sam and Marjorie for overseas. Joslyn is now almost guaranteed a spot overseas since she's the only black girl left but why has no one commented on the fact that they Photoshop her into someone else after every photoshoot? As for Whit's MLAACG spots, well this week there were no moments like underarm stains or chin zits but she's still doing that "duh" open mouth pose of hers. I wish this girl would learn to model.

p. potter

i love ramon quimby, age 8. it was my favorite childhood book.

i also loved the short-lived television series featuring Sarah Polley (Indie Actress)as Ramona.

compare ICFAST's makeover to this http://images.tvrage.net/shows/5/4942.jpg


All of this is hilarious, but...RAMONA!!!! I love Ramona! I can't believe you referenced Ramona! SO AWESOME!!!

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