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I refuse to believe that there was no mention of ICFAST(IA)'s crazy eyes on the photo shoot. Seriously? 'Cause I been havin' nightmares. Yo.

Soley from Iceland

Thank you! Thank you! I love your posts - this one was especially snappy!

And for the Jelly Bag I have to say that the Clark and Liev comparison is insanely spot on - I've been trying to put my finger on it from frame one of Clark!


By far, the best thing you said this week.

I'm with you. Lauren Brie?? Um, Guess by Marciano much? She's such a snoozer at panel, but her pics are out of control good.


I love the Naughty by Nature reference you used to e-smack Sutan for his fugged up assessment of Analeigh's use of "yo." LOL


That's how Paulina looked for her interview with Odd...

I still do not like Lauren Brie--it's that five finger forehead. It's...huge.

And, considering the tattoo closeup, is Elina Jewish? I would hate for her to have some Britney Spearsian error on her left arm forever.


Its like, bitch, you ain't Storm! Is what i was referring to.


Oh man, as soon as they gave her that haircut all I could think was that Hannah looks like a cross between Beverly Mitchell from like the first season of 7th Heaven and Didi Conn (Frenchie in Grease) (on Match Game)


That gif of Tyra eating the apple looks like a post-blowjob face to me. Girl, you best get that gag reflex in check! Yo!


Ok first there was this:

It's like, bitch, you ain't Storm

And THEN you name-checked Ramona Quimby? I don't know what other accolade I can bestow on you but "Yo!!"

Do you think that Snow White debacle was Tyra's attempt to makeover irony?





I'm sure I'm not alone: does anyone else hate McKey's haircut as much as I do? It looks like she's wearing an Elvis wig! Poor girl. I had so much hope for her. And her red hair before the makeover was so gorge.

And the Ramona reference was a little slice of pure genius. Why did they give Hannah such thin bangs? It reminds me of those girls in the 80s whose bangs were thinner than their eyelashes, and they used round brushes, aquanet, and blowdryers to make them perfect, round visers. Oy! (That's Yo backward, BTW)


Daryn B - I am right there with you on the Culkin tip for McKey. Its the skin tone and mouth that really make it. That jumped right out at me when I first saw her.

As many people have said, I didnt get the whole FIRST in the history of top model hype for Elina's hair, it is Britt-tit-tit's style. And I for one am THRILLED, because I loved the progression of straight busted it got, to the point where they were forced to remove it, and it still always looked super fierce in her photos, when it was professionally styled. Cos YOU KNOW Elina has no clue how to manage it, especialy, since she said that she dresses and looks the same everyday, which was shoulder length black hair, worn straight with a slight side part. She is going to end up looking so ridiculous on this show.


I'm getting real tired of knowing exactly who the bottom two are in the first 5 seconds of the show. I mean, I know Brittany was going home this week, last week, but still.

i was a bit spot on concerning the reasons for the girls to be eliminated. now after watching a few episodes, i manage to make up a whole slew of elimanation reasons for each and every girl.note that if u watch as many antm as i did, most of the lists below are cliches from previous cycles

Analeigh = have potential but dont see to be put in photos

Clark = model in person, but does not translate into a photo

Elina = cold personality, but fierce photos,

Hannah = too young and inexperience

Isis = losing her initial spark

Joslyn = same facial expression in every photoshoot

Lauren Brie = boring personality,but fierce photos. then we hear the same old speech from tyra, "it is just not about the photos, it is about your presence as well, bla bla bla". i predict both lauren and elina will end up in the bottom two sometime, maybe during go sees episode and then tyra will say "both of you are here because of the same reason, fierce photos, bad personality"

Marjorie = will do well photo shoot wise, that is until the dreaded CoverGirl shoot. like nigel said, nerves can kill you,

McKey - i couldnt tell, since we HARDLY get the SEE her confessions, compared to the other girls. Lousy editors, Mark my words, when you finally get to see more of her, it usually means she is either going home, or she is going to be call first

Samantha = Too commercial

Sheena = Hooch!


Lauren Brie=Kata cycle 10
will get the boring edit, get cut and have a successful career after the show because she's stunning and is actually a model.


Yeah it was kind of strange that some of the "best shots" showed the swimsuit and some were face shots or beaty shots. I mean the point of the challenge was to model/sell the designer's suits, right?


Elina is my favourite, but what the hell is this wig for?

I actually like the curly red hair thing too, but a first? Hell no, we've seen it all before. What is with Tyra's dress? Is she still trying to keep with the space theme from the first show?

I'm surprised you didn't mention the spot they did on Lisa, being an actual working model - good on her! And I think I saw Eugena in the Project Runway fashion week show?


Does Analeigh remind anyone else, a bit of Denise Richards?


nice subtle showgirls ref.


I was impressed Mr Jay could pick Tyra up...she's not a big girl or anything but he seemed to do it with ease!

Still loving Sheena, I fear that now they're wanting her to be more 'fierce' it's going to translate to 'hooch'


I think Sheene committed the kiss of death, which is to indicate in ANY way that she looks like Tyra. As she walked up and Tyra commented on her hair Sheena says, "I look like you!" Awww Sheena - your days are numbered now...every season the one dumb enough to call herself "baby Tyra" or compare herself in anyway inevitably gets the boot! Rich...that might be worth investigating - I'd love to the gif(s) of those!


How in name of Mother Goose did Tyra's apple-slobber end up on her ASS?

I hear the lady has IBS - that might be the culprit, right there.

Awesome recap per uze, Rich. Now I'm off to Google shirless pics of a certain dorky-looking ginger hockey player...


God I'm a retard.
(Preview...always fucking PREVIEW!)


sam is ellen barkin.

features to the coloring to the haircut.

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