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I heart you & your Newbery lovin' ass. I also heart Annaleigh & Lauren Brie this cycle. And Samantha RULZ!


"the Dropped on the Head Players' version of Snow White."


I agree that McKey looks SO much like Macaulay Culkin. It's kind of ridiculous.


McKey = Jared Leto in Requiem


i love how i sit here every week reading this in the library at school laughing trying to hide it but failing
all the little freshman at my school think i must be shrooming

love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


After Marjorie got her new darker 'do, her face looks even more mangled. The poor child.


Pure genius with regard to Hannah, Rich.

And yes Lauren Brie is ridiculously good.


So last night I was thinking about what it would be like to do a crossover with ANTM and some random Japanese game show.
I think Ninja Warrior would be a good choice. (plus some of the guys on that show are so hot it's like they aren't even human, so hey! Eye Candy.)

It takes something special to be FIERCE when you're dangling from the edge of a 15-foot wall.

Clark is going to leap out of the screen and eat my brains. Yo.


Poor McKey...wait, can she be brittany again since the other brit's been expelled? Um, her makeover was by far the worst idea! She looks like a really bad version of Demi Moore from Ghost...and that's not a good thing. She was so interesting with the red hair. And even though she didn't shed a tear on the outside, I think she may have shed a few on the inside as her personality was being ripped out, along with her hair.
And Hannah's hair is horrible. It's like they kicked Nikeysha off then gave her hair to Hannah! It makes her look even more ICFASTish. And I'm sorry but that is NOT high fashion! It's very much "I'm an eight year old, I'm just really tall."
And it think Elina's face is strong enough to overcome whatever hair they give her, as long as it is done by a pro...but what in the name of Carrot Top were they thinking?? I mean, come on! When did Little Orphan Annie make a comeback? Though it's a bit better than Brit-tit-tit's weave, it's still just a bad idea.
And I don't get what all the hype is about Samantha...she does have pointy bird-like features and the short hair, though nice in theory, just exemplifies the pointy-ness of her features! She's just so 80's to me. Edgy cut or not!
As for everyone else, the makeovers were pretty lame this cycle, I will concur. I mean most of them just got a fresh coat of color or highlights! WTF? Boring!

And another thing, they need to step up the editing. Last cycle and this cycle have been incredibly predictable as to who will be going home! Shake it up a little, where's the shock factor? I want to say "Whoa, I didn't see that coming!"

And the role playing needs to end, though it does provide entertainment for Rich's posts... it's horribly disturbing to watch! The space-age thing, the Snow White thing... come on, does Tyra actually sign off on these things in post? Does she not see how ridiculous they really are?

And is anyone else irritated by the double standards at panel? Tyra tells one girl, she needs to see more suit (Marjorie), then she praises the next girl whose picture doesn't even show the suit at all (Elina)! Or she'll tell someone they need to be more fierce, then the next shoot they're fierce and she tells them they need to take it down a notch! I swear she just makes stuff up to have something to say each week.

signing off, yo!



I think Hannah looks like the model in George Michael's Father figure video- but not as hot or edged out!!!



Oh, I forgot to say that Hannah is totally rocking the Blossom now!


My heart sank when the poor girls were ushered into Walmart. The hosts may as well have said, "And if you win, THIS is where you'll be spending the next year!"


My heart sank when the poor girls were ushered into Walmart. The hosts may as well have said, "And if you win, THIS is where you'll be spending the next year!"


No you did NOT throw in a Guy reference!! Do Me Right? Boy STOP! haHA


Hannah totally looks like Jim Carrey in Dumb and Dumber!!!


Its all about negresses gettin nude.

Laura @ Hungry and Frozen

I love that you mentioned Bernadette Peters AND Poochie...and of course Miss Quimby.

Lauren Brie is pretty and all but I just can't deal with her name, seeing as how I read American Psycho not long ago. And it's still with me.

Guy Deluk

Hello Rich, I do love your recap, and think you're so hot.
I thought you might want to use this- did you notice that Tyra said to Samantha she was still on the running towards becoming america's next CHOP model. Well I have to disagree with that. Isis is, obviously :) Hope you read this.
Tackily yours- Guy D.


Thank you so much for this.

you make my week.


HFS when I was reading the part about Sam looking like Bonnie Tyler plus Robyn, Total Eclipse of the Heart shuffled onto my iPod. So Weird.


ZOMG, I've been thinking Annaleigh looks just like Erica Jong as well! Awesome!


LOL you gotta watch this video starting around 2:36.

Jenni Robinson

I found this blog through here, and this post made me wish I watched that show. I only watch marathons on VH1, and I guess Tyra thinks she is The New Oprah and The Supreme Ruler of the World with each season.


You totally almost got me in trouble at work the other day. The English teacher I assist was explaining the words "myself", "yourself" etc and their usage, and I started giggling because it made me think of your post about Natasha feeling herself like a model. And this was during a serious chapter about victims of radiation sickness from the bomb in Hiroshima. Damn you for being so fricking hilarious. >_<


Amazing. I've been waiting anxsiously for the frothing tyra gif that i knew was coming. Thank you.

Also - I took it as " 'tute your booty" in a sellin-it-on-the-corner, prostitue-your-booty kinda way. We all know how much Tyra likes selling herself.

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