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Oh God, how did I not notice how adorable Annaleigh looked when she said "Yo"? *can't stop looking at that gif*

Eeee, and there she is again! I love how she keeps popping up. XD

As I believe I mentioned in the previous post, I FUCKING HATED that fairy godmother sequence. SHUT UP, TYRA.

she probably thinks she controls the weather

Oh God. I just had this mental picture of one particularly devoted hamster turning up late to a shoot dripping wet saying that it's sandwich day and they have to take Tyra Banks a barbecued rib sandwich every Thursday because Tyra controls the weather.

I really hated McKey's new hairdo. It looks like a helmet. And Elina's immediately made me think of Mallory Pike from the Babysitters Club.

DAMN IT, there she is again! *watches Annaleigh for ages again*

OMG that person was so right about the Samantha/Hannah Spearritt thing. Also, now I think about it, I'm pretty sure there was a scene in the S Club 7 in LA series where Hannah and two of the other girls try out to be models for some Xena-like video game and Hannah does a pose that the others describe as looking "like you've got trapped wind". Sadly I can't find it on YouTube, but someone seems to be gradually posting the series, so it may be up in a few weeks. I'll try and remember to link to Hannah et al's fierce go-see scene when/if it's posted.

Eh, Icfast still annoys me, ignorance or no ignorance.

Oh God, I hope there's tension between Paulina and Tyra too. Where can I get a Team Paulina T-shirt?

Holy shit, Sheena smiling with her eyes is hot too. <3 And while I wasn't much of a fan of Lauren Brie's shot last week, I do love this week's.


Someone asked about Elina's tattoos. No, I don't think she's Jewish - she's Ukrainian and her tattoos are either Ukrainian or Russian (probably the former but I just can't tell). If anyone has a decent picture of them I can translate.... I had a friend who had an American guy tattoo a verse from Pushkin (in Russian) on her butt and I didn't have the heart to tell her that it was unfortunate.


Will someone please fix Marjorie's teeth? :(


I have to say, once Elina's hair calmed down I loved it. I would love to have hair naturally like that. But I just can't imagine that it will continue to look good...especially on someone whose never had a weave before.

That whole poisoned apple skit was beyond ridiculous, and not in a good way. I wish ANTM would just stick with the unintentional humour.


References to Poochie AND Ramona Quimby in one post?? Is it possible for these recaps to get any better? And I just realized... Quimby, as in, Mayor Quimby? Coincidence? I think not.

Is it sad that the only reason I watch ANTM any more is to know what's going on in these amazing recaps? I hope not, because its true...

@Anna... it was a spoof of Snow White... I think you're confusing that story with The Wizard of Oz


Elina's hair looks better this way....FOR NOW! But I'm so afraid of the festering scalps they all may be facing; I actually don't feel good seeing anyone cry...especially the underage. BUT: McKey (who now resembles Courtney Cox) is my fave, followed by Elina (whose features remind me of Ava Gardner) (or at least Kate Beckinsale AS Ava Gardner), Samantha, and the doughy but surprisingly tasty Lauren Cheese. SORRY IF I POSTED THIS ALREADY. Either I did and it disappeared, or I dreamed it :(


PS: Why would anyone name their child after a cheese? Did her parents meet over a fondue pot?


I actually snorted from laughing so hard at the Storm comment, yo.


Now that I've experienced them, I can't live without your ANTM recaps. They might even be MORE entertaining than the actual show. And this is the best thing I've read in about a month:

"Like some Carrot Top-Bernadette Peters test-tube baby shit, as cultivated in Angelina Jolie's baby-making laboratory."




thats a classic



For some reason I immediately thought of Saffron Burrows with Elina's face and hairstyle. Anyone else?



I also love that Isis can now have that long rapunzel hair without the ponytail.

This cycle isn't impressing me.


...and WHY does Tyra insist on cramming Mr. Jay as a masculine icon down our throats? Mr. Jay is a gutter gay. He guzzles. He will sit on everything. He is not male!


I agree with you on Lauren Brie. She's like a good Caridee, with a less legit problem (though what was hers? Some weird leg shit?).

My top three are Sheena, Marjorie, and Lauren Brie. And I LOVE Elina's carrot-top!

And your Icfast shit craps me up! Priceless.



I'm a bit surprised about your take on the whole Elina/Brittany mom thing, and how you didn't mention Brittany's warped perception of love. I really think it isn't beyond this show to edit Elina to look like she's randomly walking into a room and making such a declaration. I don't know, the whole thing really bugged me, especially how Brittany just kept pushing.


Damn! That's Paulina? I thought it was Marsha from the show Spaced!


I've said it before but I'll say it again: Elina looks like the mom from Requiem for a Dream... after the fridge started talking.

"Harry! We're gonna be on television!"

Yes. You. Area.


i think that Hannah looks like Marisa Berenson

Some little hoodrat

Wait, wait - so it's OK for Sutan to say "a little ghetto, a little hoodrat" at the Walmart shoot and the week before this, Hannah gets labeled a racist because she's from a small town in Alaska and admits she's sort of white?

Anyway, glad Frito Bandito Brittany is gone.

Clark-without-the-e is Kyle-with-the-e (cycle 5).

Also, why does antm need the toot hair cut? She misses her lover so much?


I really think it isn't beyond this show to edit Elina to look like she's randomly walking into a room and making such a declaration. I don't know, the whole thing really bugged me, especially how Brittany just kept pushing.

Agreed. I took it to mean that some people had been having a conversation about their mothers or something and Elina was adding to that. And Brittany's attitude really rubbed me up the wrong way too.


Yes! Analeigh was so having a Full House moment. Spot on. And thank you for calling attention to the dangers of glaucoma.

Also, about the Dropped on the Head Players and their production of Snow White, do you think they told the girls to act concerned when Tyra slobbered all over herself eating half an apple in one bite and then pretended to pass out? Or are they really that dim?


the first thing I thought when I saw samantha's makeover was ellen barkin.

I don't even know what to say about tyra.


The inspiration for elina's makeover must have came while Tyra watched Bette Midler on Hocus Pocus... And I almost sure that it unfortunatellly will become another Brittany Hatch's Torture Wig Scandal.... Poor Elina

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