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September 09, 2008



I am afraid if I stare at Marjorie's pictures much longer she will jump off the screen and bite me. Serious.

Sheena Beaston

the calcium gif is priceless.

i immediately fell in love with Sheena, for most obvious reasons!


See now I think Marjorie looks like Justin Long. I kept thinking she should use ANTM to springboard into acting and make a mint acting alongside Justin in some kooky twin hijinks movies. :)


Awesome. Not only did I get a long-awaited ANTM recap, but a House of Yes reference right in the middle of said recap. Today will be a good day.

c. rob


Thank you thank you thank you...

Marjorie is kinda psycho scary. It's almost as if she's one second away from slicing one of the girls to ribbons with a dull kitchen knife...


Glad to have the recaps back. :-)


I am so glad your recaps are back,I have been waiting forever for them! They are more fun than watching the show!
I can't wait for Clark and Hannah to leave. I swear if I heard about Alaska 1 more time...


"It's a good thing that making ignorant people more visible in Alaska isn't Hannah's platform, for she'd be mighty pissed off that Sarah Palin's stolen her thunder, right about now."

Couldn't have said it better myself Rich. Hahaha thanks for brightening my day with this ANTM fix.

Steve Abramson

I have NO idea where to begin...

1. Crying Count #11 - Nikesha doesn't look like she's smelling something funky, she looks like she's holding in laughter (but HEEEEEEEEEEY that's me)

2. Tyrabot - If only Tyra WERE a Fembot; then maybe she could peel off her face - we could finally understand what's going on beneath that thinning veneer

3. Isis - I still have no comment on Isis - I think Isis has a great spirit, but I have no problem with people bashing Isis as Isis does NOT belong in the competition (and I'm still one of a small minority that will refer to Isis as "he")

4. Hannah - I like her. She's so simple-minded and appreciative - she's Anyway but with better English skills

5. Sheena - Hand her the title now.

6. Marjorie = Amélie + Scared Mouse. "She's different"? How. She's got a cock? No wait, that's Isis. She's a cunt? No, that's Clark. She eats cunt? No, that's Elina. OK, I'm out. Seriously, she's hiding something and it's irritating me to no end.

7. Lauren Brie - good call on the Tums

8. Brittany - I don't see HBIC, and since she's from my town, I am rooting for her somewhat (and she's right - Vegas really does NOT feature black women at all... and as a cocklover myself, I REALLY hate going to the casinos and hearing COCK... followed by "tail" followed by a pair of boobs in my face)

9. Elina - Several people referenced Björk here - if only a paparazzi gets in her face, maybe she'll get all Kung-Fu Fighting in her ass... but seriously, Clark??? Please - anyone but Clark!!!

10. Samantha - Any 80's reference is fine by me... sadly it's her I.Q.

11. Whitney - I love that she won (I hate hate hate Anyway), and I think she looks incredible in the gif (I didn't watch the episode on TV so I didn't see the commercials) - after she lands and she's smiling on the pillows, I thought she looked great. That lasted 5 seconds. Then I realized she looked like she was getting fucked. Hard. So that's what it takes to make her look great.

12. Just 'cuz I like even round numbers.

Good job

P.S. I should probably watch the Margaret interview (saw her here in Vegas), but her tattoos royally scare me - she went from Sheena beautiful to (I'm not as good at these as you are)


Oh, the wait for this is like waiting for dessert after dinner.

Corn chips! yes! Again monday is my favorite day of the week!


Re: Lauren Brie as Heather Chandler. GENIUS!

I also think that if anyone will put drain cleaner in Lauren Brie's drink, it will be Clark(e).

stompie smax

jay looks like a member of takarazuka, i'll tell you what. here's a good one: http://www.tezukaenfrancais.com/TIE/TakarazukaBJ.JPG


I loved the Ralph Wiggum reference. Haha I like samantha too. She seems like fun.


Loved the recap. I really can't stand Clark-without-an-E. Hope she gets eliminated next time...


I love your recaps so much! I can't even imagine ANTM now without them. And this was brilliant:

As someone who's unemployed, Joslyn has a leg-up on the other girls: she already knows exactly what it's like to be a winner of this show.

Because it's true...it's funny AND true.


Marjorie in that turtleneck reminds me of Charlie in the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I don't know why, I just see it every time I look at those images.


Your description of Nikeysha spoke to me. I have had to shut out the woman on my block who sits in her front "yard" (concrete) all day, but it is because she came out with a knife and kept yelling "bicycle" at us the last time we had a BBQ. She only speaks Italian.

Great recap!

p.s. I kept seeing a bit of Claire Danes in Marjorie


Thanks Rich! I missed the show, but I knew there would always be you, better than the "real" thing.


Steve: are you fucking kidding me? Isis is a fucking woman and it is horribly disrespectful of you to call her anything but. You can't even imagine the pain and hardship people born in the wrong body have to go through. If you could, you would respect the way they feel and call them what they would like to be called.

And Isis sees herself and wants to be called "she." Therefore, she is a woman. That's all it takes. Who are you to define someone else's gender?


I love Whitney and thought she looked majorly hot in her covergirl spot.

Sheena looks like she will be all kinds of awesome.

Marjorie makes ME nervous and uncomfortable just watching her. But, if she makes it that far, I am curious to see what kind of hair Tyra is going to give her, considering she already has the Agyness hair.

More power to Isis, she is holding it down (literally and figurativly).


You had me at HBIC.


Mr. Jay totally looked like an Anime character.


Dear Marjorie,

I understand you're trying your very hardest to be Agyness Deyn, and Agyness is British. However, this does not mean you have to attempt to look British by showing off your snaggly, terrifying teeth. Smile with your mouth closed. And when you guys get around the makeover episode, ask TyTy to spring for veneers. If you ask for braces, she'll slap that Tootie hair on you, and no one wants that. (Honestly, she'll probably slap it on you anyway. Your hair is your trademark and Tyty just loves to rip girls down a few notches.)



I love Sheena. Love love love her. I'm so over Elina. Although, I do feel bad that the judges (I believe it was Nigel and probably Tyra) claimed that she wasn't attractive or photogenic. I think she's both. She just lacks a personality.

Also, did you notice that they overloaded Whitney with "trendy" fashion items? Like they do to every plus size girl? She had the skirt cut at the natural waist, the jean jacket, the dangling earrings, and to top it off a hat. And not even a cactus hat either. Way to make her look plus size, Tyra.


Okay. Had to answer Rich's query. Who does silver-haired Mr. Jay look like?


Yes, the singer responsible for the execrable "Neverending Story." (Oh, and he's apparently the former lead singer for Kajagoogoo) Check it from this link: http://kissmusica.com/Imagenes_Cantantes/limahl.jpg

Anyhoo, to overdo a cliche, Sheena is a punk rocker. Team Sheena! Team Elina! Team Anybody But Clark!

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