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Rich, I love you. Everything you write about is so intensely well thought out; it's like being enveloped by your brain every time I read your blogs.


Wait, I thought you liked Celine...
I was seriously under the impression that you thought she was genuine, in her own daffy, cheesey way. Now you're saying she's "totally false, on stage and off"?

Or do you mean to say that that was your impression of her before you watched her concert DVD and attended her show?

It doesn't matter to me one way or the other, since I've never paid much attention to "adult contemporary" music, but I thought I was paying attention to you, Rich.
Did we get our wires crossed somewhere, heh?


of course it was no surprise to anyone, but i was hugely shocked that he actually did come out. after all, he is not promoting anything now, so there is no need for publicity, and to just give in after all those years of denial really says something.
i always felt so bad and sometimes even angry with him for the vehement denial, but honestly if i were in his shoes 5 years ago, i don't know if i would have been much more "out." sure i'd like to think i would be, but you dangle enough stardom in someone's face and watch how quickly they change their tune to guard that new fame.
i think the best statement you made here is really that the best weapon against homophobia is association. i was just talking at work today about how i wonder if clay's coming out managed to change the minds of any of his fans. SUre theres probably some anger but those conservative fans should get over it and get back to the claymania... once they realize that nothing has changed in their beloved Clay.
ANYWAY i wish clay lots of luck now and am sure he feels a huge weight has been lifted off his shoulders.


Underneath, I'm probably betraying an over familiarity with the Harry Potter books but I don't see how any one could read the relationship between Dumbledore and Grindelwald as anything but gay. So I don't really see the "cowardice" there.


When I saw the People cover I couldn't help but feel really happy for Clay. Finally, he can just be himself. And I know that this is a superficial thing to point out, but for the longest time, Clay Aiken had been looking hella bloated and creepy, and now that he has his baby and he's come out, he looks cute again. Good for him and his son.

And I agree wholeheartedly with this statement: "mere association can work wonders on curing homophobia".


auntie tom! loved it.


Excellent post. Well written as always.



I've not read HP, but if a 'gay' relationship was truly present in the text, then any need to declare the character gay after the fact would be superfluous--right?


She outed Dumbledore to the filmmakers first because there was a scene written for HBP in which he was reminiscing about a lost love (a woman), and she informed Steve Kloves that she always felt Dumbly-dorr was gay.


I've always been interested in the subject of artists who happen to be gay and whether or not they make a big deal of their sexuality. Bob Mould (of Husker Du, Sugar, and now just his own bad self) basically got outed by Spin magazine, who told him they'd publish an article about his homosexuality with or without his help. (A**holes.) He's had a lot of interesting things to say about how he views his sexuality and what it's like to be in the public eye like that.


Maybe it's just the quotes you picked or maybe it's what BradOFarrell said and you had to hear his tone when he said it but none of these quotes read like he was disgusted at the idea of being gay. Angry and offended yes, but not disgusted.

Then again, if he was denying being gay because of his religion, isn't he supposed to act disgusted? If your church says that homosexuality is a sin then if you're pretending to be a straight member of the church you're supposed to act all horrified when someone accuses you of being a sinner.


JKR was answering questions at a book reading. Someone asked "Did Dumbledore ever (get married/find love/have a wife -- I forget which it was)?"

She was asked a question. She answered it. It wasn't PC or cowardly at all.

Oh, and I agree with Nicole: If you were paying attention while reading the last book it's obvious he's gay.


I've been conflicted since the Birth of the Claynation, because while I identified with him on too many levels (North Carolina gayboy, Christian, showchoirfag, late bloomer, good with kids) I couldn't help but resent him for his bullshit evasions once he got so comfortable being a superstar. (Please don't write a damn autobiography and then act all offended when people ask you personal questions!) At least he didn't feel the need to talk about his beer drinking, football watching, or straight-acting-ness like fucking Lance Bass in his People interview, bless his heart.


Somehow I missed this bit of news. The link to the Radar article was a little bit of heaven too. Mocking his fanbase is too easy to the point of being redundant but as you say, if only a few of them can be cured of their homophobia, indeed it is worth a lifetime of hearing Clay Aiken butcher Elton's classics.


Gay marriage can affect children as well. If a gay couple is married, and they have children, and one of the parents dies, the surviving partner will not receive any benefits and might have to give up the child as a result. I'm sure there are other reasons why gay marriage is beneficial to children as well.


*is not married


*is not married


well said rich, well said!

Amy J

oh rich. this was such a wonderful article. i don't even think about, or care about clay aiken too much so this was an enlightening read. it's good to see your own thought process and change of heart through the blog.

excellence!! probably one of the best you've written.

kudos my friend


See, I don't think he's gay either. He's an asexual vanilla blob. This is more of an image upgrade. Who comes out to a magazine?.


You are so on point Rich. This well written and articulated. Clay has been so soul-less and contrived that I've always been annoyed with his closeted "playing the straight game" shenanigans.

It's like he was insulting my intelligence with all of this tomfoolery.

We'll see if he becomes less cookie cutter and cardboard like now that he has come to terms with a major part of his identity.


LMAO the ending was SOOO cheesy!!


"They don't want stuff like that pushed in their face." I guess he didn't mind pushing it in people's faces for $500,000.00.

el smrtmnky

whatever, gaykin. i know people who have worked with him tell me that he was nothing but mean and nasty. perhaps coming out will make him a better person; perhaps not. when all that hoopla with kelly ripa happened, i for one was siding with kelly. she's never been anything but cool with the gays (watch her talk about trannies with felicity huffman). gaykin probably messed with her in his nasty way and she responded as best she could.

otherwise, as usual, you do great work rich.


wait--rich, you're gay?!


Great post Rich, you're on a roll.

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