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September 04, 2008



I can't wait what you say about Tyrabot.
beam us up fiercely?


Ha! Last night I was just thinking about when the new recap would be up. I was also marveling at all the blood, sweat and tears you put into to this and how complainers can just SUCK IT!

Can't wait for Tuesday!


you are so awesome!


I imagine that last clip is what people in The Ring suffered through before kicking the bucket seven days later.


I had an asthma attack I laughed so hard at that last one.

"For real?"


And here I was wondering if you were even going to write a recap. What do you do with that material. Is there really any way to make it funnier (I trust you Rich but it seems like a chore)! But seriously, where do you go with that? I spent the entire 1st hour of last night laughing hysterically, which is what your blog is supposed to make me do, not the show itself! I don't know if I can hold on through Cycle 11. SPOILER ALERT i was ready to commit tyracide when she said plus size chick was to skinny and made her wear a f***ing towel under her shirt.....seriously...


That episode was amazing and horrifying all at once! I loved it and all I could think about was I can't wait until next week when Rich recaps it.

I know it's a lot of work, but you seriously make my day, my week with that hilarity! I have all my friends anxiously awaiting your recaps too!


I think that I might have had an epileptic seizure...and I don't have epilepsy.
Cant wait for the recap.
Sorry gotta run...beaming up fiercely!


that first video had me CACKLING!

i love the fact that there were so many of us watching last night that had your recaps on their mind! i absolutely did! CAN. NOT. WAIT!

looking forward to the vma wrapup too!

have a great weekend & thank you for all of your hard work amusing us!


NO! Not "never!" Please, not NEVER!!

It's telling that I haven't even seen the first episode, but I felt compelled to see if you'd written anything yet. :o)


Can't wait! I will be F5-ing like a madwoman. It was so over-the-top theme-wise, I almost couldn't hang. The whole time, I was thinking about what you would say. "'Beam me up fiercely'? Oooooh, I hope Rich has a megamix!"


please dont say never rich, please!!!

i cant wait, but take your time hun!


last night's episode was practically MADE for you to recap! I was dying watching it.

"I'm FROM ALASKA! We Don't Even Have BLOGS!"

Miss Lisa

Those videos. So insane, yet meaningful within their context... I need a tonic now. Thank you. As always, I need to see more neck.

echoes of david lynch in that last one? i do think so. ^_^


like aphex twin and antm had a 3 headed baby


Tyra-bot, Alpha Jay, and Beta Jay. That's all I have to say.

I still miss Natasha. "I'm seein' Jays, and I'm skreamin'..."


Colleen, same here. I ALWAYS say "I can't believe I'm seeing them alive!" whenever they first appear.


I ran out of crackers there was so much cheese last night. Monday (!) can't come sooner.

Elina is my Katarzyna for this cycle so she has my vote and Analeigh/Michelle Trachtenberg.


I don't know if anybody noticed last night, but I thought it was hilarious when Tyra said "Alpha Bay, Beta Jay" followed by her completely nonsensical pressing of the buttons on the console.


these video's made my day


Why no Whitney and Ty-Ty photo in the house this season?
And WTF with Mr/Beta Jay's wig?!







Henry Evil

I was only ten minutes into the premiere when I thought to myself "This is going to give Rich material for YEARS."

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